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Who is this? Hint: He is amongst the top 30 on the tour. First correct answer = Honorable mention.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 9, 2009

63 Responses to “Who is this? Hint: He is amongst the top 30 on the tour. First correct answer = Honorable mention.”

  1. evie said


  2. auxdeuxcharlots said

    It’s Berdych!

  3. Vytenis said


  4. Jenny said

    BMW Open, what’s the logo on the socks? Is it Berdych?

  5. John Z said

    Tomas Berdych? I dunno really.

  6. Tom said

    must be Tomas Berdych

  7. Adrian said


  8. jennifur said

    the scot

  9. jennifur said

    wait. the scot doesnt wear nike shoes and an orange wrist band. berdych? dunno.

  10. TuckerP said

    Tomas Berdych

  11. Dan W said

    tomas berdych?

  12. Ch said


  13. ricke said


  14. D said

    tomas berdych, for sure 🙂

  15. ClayBuster said


  16. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said


  17. Evael a Ylper said


  18. Kristian said


  19. KingKong said


  20. Roberto Konishi said

    Tomas Berdych

  21. TheHumbleOne said

    Looks like Berdych to me.
    I guess.

  22. Andi said

    Maybe Thomas Berdych?

  23. Uncle Toni said

    Janko Tipseravic aka Tipsy Turvy?

  24. Hogar said

    Tomas Berdych

  25. louise said

    ivo karlovic

  26. vu said

    i think hes tomas berdych

  27. vu said

    his name is tomas berdych

  28. Michael said

    Marc Gicquel.

  29. jean said


  30. bard said


  31. joao said

    Thomas Berdytch?

  32. Dragan said

    Tomas Berdych

  33. TheHumbleOne said

    You do get some kind of sick pleasure out of watching us squirm like this, don’t you TP? Be honest… 🙂

  34. MARIE said

    Thomas Berdych

  35. hunchback said

    Thomas Berdych

  36. Benny Blanco said

    T. Berdych

  37. Philip said

    I guess’s Tomas Berdych

  38. tommy said

    Tomas Berdych

  39. FedEx said

    Tomas Berdych

  40. Blake said


  41. McLovin30 said

    Is that Tomas Berdych?

  42. Rock said

    Andy Murray ?

  43. Eksath said

    ummmmmmm………………… Andy Roddick

  44. tanya said


  45. John Gatt said

    Love your website. Had to include it in my favorites folder. I think the picture depicts Thomas Berdych about to give a forehand!?

  46. Carmen said

    Tomas Berdych!

  47. HoiHa said


  48. mariusrec said

    This has got to be T. Berdych.

  49. Anonymous said

    I think that’s Sam Querry, cutting a silhouette that looks like a Mayan cave painting.

  50. imaginaryband said

    Djokovic? The long head?

  51. Joolz said

    Tomas Berdych.

  52. Jay said

    Its Tomas Berdych.

  53. chieko said

    I can only see the shadow that he could be Step on your neck??

  54. nuubia said

    thomas berdych!

  55. Esky said

    Ummmmm……………… ANDY RODDICK

  56. TMH said

    Tomas Berdych

  57. Adrian said

    I HATE YOU ALL!!! Every time I think the question has JUST been posted, I post my (CORRECTLY, mind you!!) answer just to realize later that someone had already answered a few minutes before I did!!!! jajajajajaja

    This is fun, TP!!

    But I still have all of you! jaja

  58. Adrian said

    And I meant HATE all of you, not HAVE. jajaja

  59. Deep South Girl said

    I know you are waiting for me to say Serena Williams

  60. imaginaryband said

    Serena Williams!

  61. Deep South Girl said

    Ummmmm…….Imiginary: I already said that….

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