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Make this the day you make a U turn for your parents.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 10, 2009

-Resolve to set a day and time each week to either call or write to them. Make a list of things you will talk about with emphasis on listening instead of unloading on your own stupid problems.

-Take them out for dinner and movies or just plain drive at least once a month, instead of being cheap and crazy to wait for ONE day in a year.

-Buy and arrange for them to watch their favorite old movies on the best electronic equipment you can provide – at home.

-Get them a pet, if they don’t have one now with consideration to how much they can take care of somebody else. Go for a parrot or a bird in case of mobility issues.

Pet therapy is proven to help people cope with their problems.

-Buy them the top of the line mattress. That will be the best investment you will ever make of your cheap money.

-Never frown or be rude to them, irrespective of ANYTHING. Be kind to them in words and deeds.

Remember you are alive and thriving today largely due to them. They did the best they could to make you happy and healthy. Now it’s your turn to repay that debt. Don’t be cheap and stupid.

-Never EVER ask them for financial help NO MATTER what you are going through. Have some balls to deal with your stuff on your own without burdening your folks financially and emotionally.

-Provide all you can financially if they are in need. Remember the money you have today is really theirs. Why? Just visit my basement after 11:00 pm any night and I will explain it in a manner you will never forget.

-Include them in your prayers EVERYDAY BEFORE you ask for your own cheap stuff.

-Set an example for your own kids by putting your parents ahead of your own needs.

-Show immense respect and gratitude every moment you are with them. You will reap rewards you never can imagine today.


6 Responses to “Make this the day you make a U turn for your parents.”

  1. joao said

    So, should Jelena Dokic give her prize money to her father? Should she take him with her in her travels? i’m confused… 😉

  2. Jenny said

    In the main, I agree TP, with the exception of getting them a pet which I strongly disagree with.. In rescue we have far too many unwanteds come in because of a child’s misguided good intentions and a parent’s inability to cope when they may not have really wanted the animal in the first place. We had a case recently, elderly lady had lost her husband, son thought it was a great idea to get her a 6month old Labrador puppy, duh! She was a nice kind lady, reasonably active but certainly not able to cope with a boisterous 6month old. He was a sweet dog, but he took great delight in dragging her chair across the room with her in it! What happened? He was homed somewhere far more suitable, but he lost about 6months of training and socialisaton. The lady? Peace, and the ability to sit in a non moving chair, maybe the avoidance of a fractured neck of femur and she didn’t have the heart to tell her son the truth.

  3. jennifur said

    tp ur a softie as much as a meanie. i think families r there 2 help each other: parents help kidz. kidz help parents. shud work both ways whenever its needed. love is all u need… and some cash.

  4. MARIE said

    You had me until you got to the pet. Noone should ever give a pet as gift unless it has been specifically requested, not a bird, not even a fish. Not everyone wants that responsibility.

  5. bunnee said

    yes, be thankful EVERY DAY, not JUST during hallmark fantasy celebrations, ie, mother’s day, where we allow MOM a day of respite…

  6. Dee said

    Hey! I do all that except the ‘pet’ thing.

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