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Who is this? First correct answer = Honorable mention.

Posted by tennisplanet on May 18, 2009

63 Responses to “Who is this? First correct answer = Honorable mention.”

  1. John Z said

    Mardy Fish?

  2. Eddie said

    Mardy Fish

  3. Bento said


  4. Kristian said

    Mardy Fish

  5. Dr. Squeegee said

    Tommy Haas

  6. auxdeuxcharlots said

    I’m really not sure but I would say Andreev ?

  7. Anjali said

    Mardy Fish

  8. ricke said

    Mardy Fish?

  9. TuckerP said

    Mardy Fish

  10. Jewess Newton said

    Mardy Fish.

  11. UM17 said

    Nalbandian, 5 2 years from now…

  12. Adrian said

    Johnny Mac!

  13. moosev said

    well ferrell?

  14. moosev said

    will* ferrell?

  15. Jenny said

    Tommy Haas?

  16. McLovin30 said

    That has got to be Will Ferrell!

  17. D said

    mardy fish

  18. Ch said

    mardy fish?

  19. Harry said

    Mardy Fish?

  20. Dennis Chung said

    Mardy HAIRY FISH.

  21. evie said


  22. JasonX said

    Mardy Fish. The K-swiss gave it away.

  23. madhurdutta said

    Will Ferrell

  24. Big Fish said

    K Swiss? Tommy Haas?

  25. Rock said

    Mardy Fish.

  26. Hussain said


  27. ricky said

    John Mc Enroe!

  28. Hogar said

    Mardi Fish

  29. TheHumbleOne said

    Wristbands give it away…
    It’s Svetlana Kuznetsova.

  30. Federer said

  31. Esky said

    CHeck this video out
    someone plz tell me how to send posts for tennis planet

  32. grego said

    Marty Fish

  33. Hope said

    Igor Andreev

  34. serene said


  35. Philip said

    Mardy Fish

  36. Claire said

    Agassi???? Arms look much to flabby for a current tennis player!

  37. ggglass said

    John McEnroe!

  38. Michael said

    Mardy Fish.

  39. Marcos RB said

    My guess… Nalbadian

  40. FedererFan said

    Mardy Fish – very obvious

  41. Sol said

    Is it Mardy Fish?

  42. HOOPLA said


  43. tony ireland said

    andy murrey

  44. Haya said


  45. Mike Swanberg said

    Mats Wilander?

  46. Dalia said

    you will find at the top of the page just below the “Tennis Planet” title a “wanna post?”
    there u can put it and TP will post it :D:D

  47. Rollin said

    Mardy Fish.

  48. evie said

    OK, Nalby’s wrong. My next guess is Ljubi.

    (Otherwise, he looks like my neighbor.)

  49. charlie said

    Is it Tommy Haas?

  50. Hope said

    oh no , is it mardy Fish ?

  51. ncot said

    mardy fish.

  52. Deep South Girl said

    patrick mcenroe

  53. Deep South Girl said

    Am I answering in the correct space???

    Patrick McEnroe…

  54. Jason said

    mardy fish

  55. charlie said

    Mardy Fish

  56. Jagman said

    Mardy Fish.

  57. Janire said

    Mats Wilander?

  58. Ch said

    so I guess it was Fish – but if it was indeed Will Ferrell, this would have been a very tricky competition! maybe you should do one where the answer is not a tennis player… lol almost nobody will guess it.

  59. Robin said

    it’s Mardy Fish in his match against Tommy Robredo Masters Madrid on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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