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Federer taunting Nadal to a fight?

Posted by tennisplanet on May 23, 2009


15 Responses to “Federer taunting Nadal to a fight?”

  1. Alex said

    this site is nuts!

    cant stop laughin my ass off!

  2. Jenny said

    lol I bet that kid wouldn’t be doing that to a Rottweiler!

  3. saras said

    Very Funny!

  4. JD said

    LMAO freakin hillarious

  5. Sol said

    LOL, you’re the greatest freak TP!

  6. Martine said


    that is so funny!

  7. jennifur said

    gr8 video. kid = chicken. chicken = winner. which is fed and which rafa?

    • Claire said

      I believe the boy is Federer! My interpretation is Federer is always ready for the fight with Nadal and Federer says he can beat Nadal. But when on the court, Federer seems to turn into a little boy afraid of the Nadal (hen) and Federer turns into a wimp and can’t “duke” it out with Nadal!
      I truly hope this story doesn’t play out this year if both of them are in the finals!

  8. chieko said

    Ha Ha Ha!!

  9. martina said

    Was that clip taken from your personal home video, TP? LOL

  10. Dee said

    Ha Ha You are something. Really funny!How do you come up with stuff like this?! 10/10

  11. Deep South Girl said

    I hope that chicken nips off the little taunter’s family jewels.

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