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Federer vs Monfils: Stats.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 1, 2009

Player Aces Ist serve
Sets lost/ Bagels dished Unforced. Errors –
Bk pt conv % Time on court. Matches played
Monfils 38 63  1 / 0  79  69  7:22 4
Federer 51  65  4 / 1  134  44  10:01 

15 Responses to “Federer vs Monfils: Stats.”

  1. overcaffeinated said

    TP, I think 6-0 in the fourth set against Haas is considered a bagel for Roger 😉

  2. Benjamin said

    Actually Federer dished a bagel against Haas

  3. overcaffeinated said

    Or are you referencing bagels dished “against” Federer / Monfils? Just not sure how to read that field…

  4. whynotme said

    I’m sorry but here the unforced errors stat is a pretty useless or even stupid one… If Federer spent 2 hours and a half more than Monfils, that’s kind of logical that he made more unforced errors. To put things in perspective, it would rather be more useful to point out the ratio W/UE, or the ratio UE/points played, or anything else, but certainly not UE alone…

    • Banti said


    • Sergeant said

      It’s not useless, Whynotyou. It takes a lot of work and time to gather the stats from several matches, and TP has already done it for us. We can easily find ratios with the stats TP provides.

      Federer makes (134 UE)/(10:01 hours) = 13.38 UE per hour.

      Monfils makes (79 UE)/(7:22 hours) = 10.72 UE per hour.

  5. Evale a Ylper said

    allllllllllllllez monfilssssssssssssssss

  6. Claire said

    IMHO I think all this stat stuff is garbage! All those stats are thrown out when the match begins. Only that moment in time is what counts. How many UFE did some of the players have and still have pulled off their match?

    Also,the Federer of the recent past would have folded and lost today. I think Federer proved to himself that down 2 sets, he came through and won! Maybe that is better than a 3 set win is some ways? Also the commentators mentioned that Federer seemed stronger in the 5th set than he did in the first. That also showed that Federer can go the distance!

    BUT, I want him to Monfils out in 3 sets! Don’t like the guy; what he does to get the crowd behind him is wrong and even the commentators said that today. Maybe the crowd will be totally behind Federer cuz Federer is a total gentleman on and off the court!

    One more thing, I hope Federer doesn’t fall for that BS Monfils is saying about his knee or whatever injury he had.

  7. jennifur said

    the ue count only insignificant if winners balance out. need that stat to really know.

  8. Bento said

    I can sort of see Monfil’s point, but what is Robredo trying to achieve?

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