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Think you’re big tennis fan? Then, whose shoes are these? First correct answer = honorable mention.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 3, 2009

105 Responses to “Think you’re big tennis fan? Then, whose shoes are these? First correct answer = honorable mention.”

  1. Alex said


  2. ricke said


  3. Jenny said

    Andy Murray?

  4. Roberto said

    Andy Murray

  5. John Z said

    Del Potro? Dificult one.

  6. Lisa said

    Andy Murray?

  7. Jewess Newton said

    Andy Murray’s.

  8. ails said

    andy muray

  9. Jason said

    Andy Murray.

  10. McLovin30 said

    Andy Murray.

    The fred perry socks gave it away =D

  11. tokikot said

    andy murray.

  12. Marie said


  13. Santiago said

    Andy Murray?

  14. Jef Costello said

    Who cares… clearly not someone Nike sponsored through and through…Are they Venus Williams “EleVEN” socks?

  15. Michael said

    Looks like Andy Murray to me

  16. evie said

    Monsieur Murray.

    Though why he was wrapped, I still don’t know.

  17. anonymous said

    ANdy Murray

  18. gelato521 said


  19. tennisfan234 said

    Andy Murray

  20. Kevin said

    This is too easy. Like Rog and Rafa, he has his name on his shoes.

    These are Jose Nike’s shoes. The ‘great’ from Argentina.

    And please don’t tell me you’ve never heard of him!

  21. bodan said

    Looks like Murray’s stinky feet to me…

  22. Jodaku said

    Andy Muray!

  23. Jodaku said

    Andy Murray!

    (missed out the second “r”)

  24. bonbon said

    Andy Murray

  25. JD said

    Gael? No?

  26. JD said

    RFLMAO That was supid, I know) Ok, my next choice is Del Potro LMAO

  27. avidtennisfan73 said

    Andy Murray at the 09 French Open

  28. somebody else said

    Andy Murray’s.

    yay, I won nothing.

  29. Rambler said

    Gael Monfils!

  30. bblola12 said


  31. Dr. Squeegee said

    Gots to be Murray because of the Fred Perry socks.

  32. serene said

    Fred Perry socks… it has to be Andy Murray?

  33. Zorana said

    Andy Murray’s!!

  34. Mardn said

    Andy Murray

  35. Rock said

    Andy Murray.

  36. Anant said

    Robin SOderling

  37. enrico said

    andy murray

  38. Maxply said

    Fred Perry socks + ankle brace + snaggletooth (not pictured) = Andy Murray

  39. Aaron said

    They’re Andy Murray’s.

  40. drpat said

    murray….those socks, one and only

  41. rafa4ever said

    Could it be Andy Murray?

  42. rain said

    murray no doubt.

  43. Meshal said

    Andy Murray.

  44. Claudio said

    It’s Andy Murray

  45. Carmen said

    Andy Murray!

  46. Dénia said

    Andy-Big Headed-Murrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrray!!


  47. Marcus said

    Too Easy Andy Murray.

  48. Robster said


  49. Sol said


  50. Philip said

    I guess they’re Murray’s shoes

  51. joao said

    Andy Murray.

    He’s the only guy i know that wears Fred Perry.

  52. Janco said

    These shoes belong to Great Britain’s Great Hope.
    The drought continues.

  53. TheHumbleOne said

    Why, that’s Butthead himself,

  54. Marty Counts said

    Andy Murray

  55. burn said

    andy murray

  56. Dalia said

    Andy Murray!! finally i knew something loool
    but i saw the post really late sooo 😦

  57. simone said

    andy murray

  58. Murray Clarke said


  59. Maz said


  60. Jaebez said

    Murray look at the Fred Perry give away

  61. Veglia said

    Andy Murray

  62. Drea said

    Andy Murray!

  63. Carolee said

    ANDY Murray.

  64. Ricardo said

    Andy Murray

  65. Janco Tianno said

    Sorry if I offended any Briton, I got carried away.
    I usually get informed from the eurosport site and now it just comes as a reflex.

  66. Ch said


  67. Mulletude said

    It’s Andy Murray

  68. Chris said


  69. Paula said

    Andy Roddick’s

  70. mouka said

    Andy Murray

  71. YMD said

    Summer is here as TP’s mother discards her combat boots in favor of her summer footwear.

  72. FedEx said

    Andy Murray

  73. Anonymous said

    Tommy Robredo

  74. Rumen said

    Andy Roddick

  75. Anonymous said

    Andy Muray

  76. Kristian said

    Andy Murray

  77. Nella said


  78. FlyingDutchman said

    It’s Andy Murray

  79. Anonymous said


  80. Ange said


  81. Stilian H said

    Andy Murray

  82. D said

    murray’s. too easy TP…

  83. Marcus said

    andy murray

  84. chieko said

    Could it be Roddick san’s!? This is just a wild guess for I remember he taped his ankles.

  85. imelda said

    Robin Soderling?

  86. Aris said

    Andy Murray

  87. hugon0 said

    Andy Murray?

  88. Andy Murray said

    Can tell by the ultra hairy legs…

  89. Alejandro said

    Andy Murray

  90. tookaan said


  91. Rick said


  92. ykk said

    Andy Murray

  93. Michael said


  94. Arthi said

    Andy Murray

  95. imelda said

    ummm, ok.. let’s see.. perhaps I should have introduced myself? I am an opera singer who loves the game of tennis pasionately.
    I have been following tennis for a pretty long time. (Since the days of Conners, McEnroe, Borg and Lendl. YES, I am positively ANCIENT!) I enjoy your site a LOT and would like to be able to add my 2 cents sometimes. Is there a protocol that I need to follow to be allowed to post comments on your site? If so, what would it be?

    • Sol said

      Imelda, welcome to TP’s crazy world!
      No protocol whatsoever, just this:


      Trust me, TP doesn’t kid around with that, there’s a reason it’s there, so you just have to understand his sick humour and enjoy the ride 😉

    • Jenny said

      Hi Imelda and welcome,

      Post and say what you feel. We don’t always agree which is okay, it’s okay to disagree too if you feel passionate about something. You will also know our TP is a wind up merchant! We like to be respectful to all the players, and other posters opinions here. We don’t want to scare new commenters away. Most folk support Roger and Rafa, but don’t be put off if you support others. TP moderates any real nasty stuff which isn’t published, but I doubt you’ll fall into that category. Btw, I like opera too, love the mezzo soprano voice, coloratura.

      There’s also a thread which you can tell us ‘about you’, as much or as little as you’re comfortable with, the birthday thread too, don’t worry we’re all age groups here, nobody is that ancient, many of us remember Borg etc., we’re ALL tennis fans irrespective of age, go have a look around and we look forward to your future comments. We’re here to help, don’t be afraid to ask.


  96. Prasad said


  97. Sean said

    The shoes belong to Andy Murray.

  98. Jane said

    ANDY MURRYY sadly

  99. cris said

    It’s MURRAY!

  100. sceral said


  101. Benjamin said

    McEnroe ? (John, that is)

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