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Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


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ONE biggest by-product of Federer’s win today.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

He has achieved the minimum he was expected based on his talent and skill: Has tied No. 14.

Without No. 14 he would have been considered an underachiever irrespective what ever else he did anywhere else.

It’s like you being able to make enough money once in a while to pay all your bills in a month.

It’s all gravy now.

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Federer on-court interview with McEnroe.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

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Federer’s Netjets commercial.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

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Space for you to console Blancalupe.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


“If you are or grow into a die hard tennis fan, you will be glad you documented all that once you are close to going six feet under.”

How could I forget? I was fired from my job yesterday, I fell asleep and woke up when the match had already started… and yet it was so special and beautiful to see!

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Match points of all 14 Federer Slams. From Leachim. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


Watch the match points of all 14:

Number 1 to number 13:

Click here.

Number 14:

Click here.

I’m still shocked from the Del Potro match and don’t know if I’m dreaming!?

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Simona Halep Sets Date To Have Breast Reduction. From TuckerP. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


This is also sad…what a pity

Click here.

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French Open final rugby tackle. From TuckerP. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


That’s just scary…

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Sampras on Federer’s 14th Slam.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

“I’m obviously happy for Roger. Now that he has won in Paris, I think it just more solidifies his place in history as the greatest player that played the game, in my opinion.”

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People who should be calling Federer to congratulate.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009






-Uncle Tony.

-ATP chief.


-All top 100 ATP players.

-Swiss President / Prime Minister.


-Djokovic’s mom?


-Wilander’s dog?

-James Bond.

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Soderling interview after losing FO final. From Dee. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


Click here.

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Federer makes history, allows us to witness the defining moment of our generation.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

You will talk about this moment until you die. This was the moment when the GOAT emerged. Although many impossible records have fallen in years past, at least today it seems certain that this achievement will stand the test of time.

Write down what you wore, where you were, which TV you watched this spectacle on, who were you with, what you ate sitting through it etc. etc. If you are or grow into a die hard tennis fan, you will be glad you documented all that once you are close to going six feet under.

This could not have been any sweeter, not just for Federer but for all tennis fans irrespective of who you cheer for. Not even Sports Illustrated can now ignore this scream from tennisdom.

Tennis is today front and center all over the globe and who better to position it there than Federer.

The head has been crowned. King has had his coronation and the journey has not even ended.

There were so many close misses not just at this event but every time Federer stepped on this court to make this the most gratifying win for Federer.

There has to be huge release of pressure, freeing Federer to now play his natural game with little regard to how much he wins from now on. His soul must be at peace more than anything else. It’s like removing that thorn from your foot. The shackles have come off.

Here are some observations:

-Why does Soderling have to jump at every point he wins?

-Why does Mirka never freaking cry? Federer is crying, his mother is crying, fans are crying, but not her.

-What stupid security BS they have down there for that moron to barge in so easily and be so close to Federer. Federer may have regretted later for being so passive in reacting to the clown.

He could easily have replicated the ‘Seles’ incident. The management should be sued for such grave omission by the players council.

It seemed, as the clown approached Soderling that Soderling was ready to put him down hard.

-And how about those freaking drop shots? Federer never missed a single attempt at it and Soderling just got to two of them.

-What was Federer thinking placing his hand on his heart after getting startled by that intruder?

-Isn’t that wedgie on Borg’s forehead getting deeper and deeper every year? How long before we can see through?

-Federer’s shots even though a lot safer and away from the lines most of the time were a lot crispier.

-Didn’t Federer already started crying in the penultimate game of the match?

-National anthem of any country for the winner is very emotional for YOU.

-Was rain just the confirmation of the great moment from the tennis Gods?

-John McEnroe needs lessons on tying his tie so it’s centered and covers the entire shirt.

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#14 comparison – Federer vs Sampras. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


Ok, last one for this early morning…a short but interesting read on the comparison in #14 of both Roger and Pete:

Click here.

“The Swiss native improved to 14-5 lifetime in Grand Slam finals. He won his 14th title in his 40th career Slam tournament while Sampras earned his 14th crown in his 52nd major. Federer also accomplished the feat in a span less than seven years (in 24 Slams from first to 14th) while Sampras needed 13 years (in 45 Slams from first to 14th). Here is a breakdown of Federer’s finals”

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Fan attacks Federer. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


And this was interesting. Disturbing too in that the guy actually got his hands on Roger. Good thing this wasn’t Günter Parche. Great that Roger was not actually hurt either:

Click here.

Was with the jaw on the ground when I saw this happen. Nothing yet on YouTube but be sure to check it when it it is there and also pops up on this site.

Interesting how the dude avoided security for so long…he flagged Roger, ran from security, jumped the net then got pasted in a tackle that any Rugby forward would have been proud of. Even better was the contempt and speed in which they got this guy off the court afterwards. What an arsehole!

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10 Best Tennis Players Never To Win A Grand Slam. From Ch. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


Top 5 players (men and women) to never have won a grand slam.

(as predicted by Forbes? okay, then…)

Click here.


Click here.

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Nadal out of Wimbledon? From Tennis Freak. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


Not just the Queens, Nadal may pull out of Wimbledon. What an opening for Federer for 15th and reclaiming No. 1, and as for others, equally a big opportunity, for their 1st Slam, if Nadal is really going to be sidelined, as his uncle / coach fears !!! As they say, “one man’s misfortune is another’s good fortune.”

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French Open Final thoughts. From Overcaffeinated. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009


PERFECT 10 – Some thoughts after the men’s French Open Final

1. Vamos Roger!!

2. A 10th consecutive win over Robin Soderling brings the prized prize

3. Fittingly that it is 10 years since the last person completed a career Grand Slam at this same tournament

4. Even more fitting is that the man on hand to present the trophy to Roger was the last man to complete the career slam, Andre Agassi

5. Does the tears that Roger cried after winning this make him a lesser man now? All in context. All in context. One never questions sporting teams or other individual sport stars when they lose a championship match, then feel it is a moving moment. That’s all by now as Roger’s tears were in a different context today.

6. Roger gets the career slam ahead of Rafa…but yet to be seen if Rafa can win the US Open

7. Roger does equal the #14 mark and is not headed by anyone anymore

8. 9. Roger now in a different class to Pete Sampras as he has the complete set.

9. Roger played his two best matches in the QF and Final of this tournament. Hands down the final was vintage Roger. Soderling just never got a look in, as Roger never got a look in last year against Rafa.

10. Just because. Roger Federer won the French Open and has a career Grand Slam…WOOOOOO!!!

11. All these freaks out there (Newcoombe, Stolle, other commentators, journos, experts) who claimed Roger needed to win the French to be the “GOAT / Best Ever” are now sure to revise the conditions. Stolle did so today: “Even now that he has won the French Open, can Roger be the GOAT if he doesn’t dominate Rafa!?!” Fudge me, what more does Roger have to do to satisfy anyone that he is a pretty darned good player? Jealousy me thinks. And I think Rafa now can ONLY be compared to Roger in the GOAT status if he wins the US Open. And then win another batch of slams to equal or surpass the current benchmark of 14. Fat chance of that happening.

12. As I have always maintained, along with those in this same boat – it is impossible to declare GOAT as inter-generational comparisons don’t work. Benchmarks are different. Game is different through technology, professionalism, equipment, money etc. Best to make generational comparisons, not “of all time”.

13. How fickle the freaks are. Now some folks have immediately backed Roger as the favourite for Wimbledon. How times have changed since the start of round 4!! He was a hack prior to this win toay.

14. A shame he didn’t play Rafa, but also not a shame because now he has #14 and the career slam. If Rafa wasn’t good enough to do it this year and handle the pressure with trying to make some history, that is not Roger’s issue. Roger maintained his end of the the ideal plan and made the final. It is not a lesser victory as a result.

15. If Roger whips the guy, who whipped the guy, who had whipped Roger in three previous finals, what does this really say about Rafa… hahahaha… don’t you just love this rationale?

16. Roger now never has to wonder “WHAT IF”

17. So much for the younger brigade! Pfffft. The freaks all fizzled out when the hard yards needed to be done against a supposed “over it” dude on the decline.

18. JMDP, slams are best of five and you being up two sets to one meant diddly. Same to you Tommy.

19. Great to see Roger can still keep on winning the majors when he ain’t playing at his best from go to whoa. Fate is wonderful, no?

20. Touch of class from Soderling in that he was quite jovial after losing, and even commented in the presentation about how Roger gave him a lesson in tennis. YUP!

21. Roger’s 2008 title count: Two. Surface: Clay!! GOTTA LOVE THIS!!

22. Rafa whines about the altitude in Madrid vs Paris. Roger (as always) just gets on with it and look at the result.

23. A great men’s tournament this year, and as I noted in my early day one comments – “This could be the most open French Open since 2006 on the men’s side given that Rafa is showing some softening of his armour of late.”

How true this turned out to be given that Rafa lost early; Roger maintained the composure to win, rather than flake and fizzle from the pressure; the two brilliant semi finals; the insane shot making by Robin Soderling; awesome hitting by JMDP and Jose Acasuso at times; Andy Murray being the new Nole – all talk and no result; Nole actually not claiming he was in control or injured in losing to Kohlschrieber and accepting the loss, even playing it to the last point; the dinosaur (i.e. Roddick) getting a best ever result and then getting a lesson from Gael Monfils.

And now folks, on to Wimbledon…

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Posted by tennisplanet on June 7, 2009

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