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Next Wall Of Fame ‘honorable mention’ contest. First correct answer = Honorable mention.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 15, 2009

Who other than Lendl reached eight US Open finals?

33 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame ‘honorable mention’ contest. First correct answer = Honorable mention.”

  1. auxdeuxcharlots said

    Pete Sampras.

    • Alex said

      you are fast like a gazelle!!
      (i was watching Nacho Libre..)


      • auxdeuxcharlots said

        Yes! I don’t want to say it out too loud, but I’m more or less as much of a clown as TP, spending my days refreshing this page from the basement of my parents, waiting for the next opportunity to be in the Wall of Fame 😉

      • Alex said

        we concur

  2. McLovin30 said

    The great Pete Sampras!!

  3. Barbara said

    Jimmy Connors

  4. vr said

    Chris Evert

  5. banti said


  6. Mary said

    Bill Tilden

  7. Alex said


  8. Bjornino said

    Bill Tilden, 1918-1925.

  9. Anand_101 said

    Sampras — 5W, 3F

  10. boxingary said

    Bill Tilden [ 1918 thru 1925 ]

  11. Prasad said


  12. Adrian said

    Well, you didn’t specify “singles”, and I know that John McEnroe won 4 singles US Open titles, was runner-up in one… and then won at least another 4 US Open doubles… so he definitely reached 8 US Open (anything!) finals!!!

  13. Adrian said

    Oh, and Jimmy Connors reached exactly 8, at least… winning 5 USO singles titles, being runner-up in 2… and then reaching another USO final in doubles!!! So, there you go!! I deserve honorable mention AT LEAST!!!!! JA!

  14. Madhur said

    The answer is Pete Pistol Sampras!

  15. Ace said


  16. Gerard Faulkner said

    William M. Johnston was the other player along with Lendl who played in 8 US Open finals. He won twice in 1915 and 1919 and was the runner-up in 6 consecutive finals from 1920 – 1925 (inclusive). So Lendl just pipped him, Lendl lost only 5 of his 8 finals at the US.

    1915 he beat Maurice E Laughlin (1-6, 6-0, 7-5, 10-8)
    1919 he beat William T. Tilden (6-4, 6-4, 6-3)

    1920 lost to William T. Tilden (1-6, 6-1, 5-7, 7-5, 3-6)
    1921 lost to William T. Tilden (1-6, 3-6, 1-6)
    1922 lost to William T. Tilden (6-4, 6-3, 2-6, 3-6, 4-6)
    1923 lost to William T. Tilden (4-6, 1-6, 4-6)
    1924 lost to William T. Tilden (1-6, 7-9, 2-6)
    1925 lost to William T. Tilden (6-4, 9-11, 3-6, 6-4, 3-6)

    That is the full low-down on this obvious great player from the WW1 era.


  17. Janco Tianno said

    Haha, I ‘m always late for these Hall of Fame questions!
    Anyway, the correct answer is Pistol Pete (since we are talking about the Open Era only)

  18. Neil Sellen said

    Pistol Pete Sampras.

  19. Plané said


  20. Veglia said

    Pete Sampras

  21. pommesdesuisse said

    pistol pete!

  22. John Z said

    Probably way late but Bill Tilden.

  23. Ch said

    hm…. this is a hard one for me. McEnroe? Connors? no idea… 😦

  24. Anant said

    Pete Sampras?

  25. Michael said

    John McEnroe

  26. Carolee said

    WOW< nobody knows this one, come on TP… who is it?

  27. Piet said

    Duh! Pete Sampras ofcourse 🙂
    Where’s my Lexus that I won? 😛

  28. Philip said

    I’m VEEEEEERY late, but i think it was Sampras

  29. John Z said

    hmm… I didn’t know Pete made 8 finals. I thought only Tilden and Lendl did it.
    Oh well, wouldn’t have won anyways.

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