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Next Wall Of Fame ‘honorable mention’ contest. ALL comments (from other posts too) go in moderation for contest duration.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 28, 2009

Who will be performing the most cartwheels on watching Sampras’s No. 14 get eclipsed?

First correct answer = Honorable mention @ Wall Of Fame.

20 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame ‘honorable mention’ contest. ALL comments (from other posts too) go in moderation for contest duration.”

  1. Alex said


  2. Bjornino said

    Andre Agassi! DUH! ^^

  3. joao said

    Rod Laver, because he now becomes “The Man”, with his 2 calendar Grand Slams

  4. Banti said


  5. Jay said

    Roy Emerson? Andre Agassi?

  6. Prasad said

    Mac or Agassi

  7. Adrian said


  8. Adrian said


  9. Adrian said

    Nadal because he’s then going to be able to brag that he holds a winning record against the absolute GOAT!

    • somebody else said

      Rafa has a winning record, but look at what it’s costing him.
      Federer just may outlast Rafa on the tour and win the most slams.
      If I had to choose, I’d rather be Federer. I’d still have good knees to keep going.

  10. Blake said

    Agassi? So Sampras can no longer gloat that he’s the greatest of all time??

  11. Michael said


  12. clifford said

    Me. And Agassi.

  13. Dee said


  14. Janco Tianno said

    Hmmm… Agassi?

  15. serene said

    Federer himself, duh. I would have thought Agassi maybe, but he seems too nice to be doing cartwheels.

  16. Benjamin said

    Roy Emerson

  17. Tennis_Nut said

    ME. I truly never cared for Pete. Ah so boring!

  18. Ch said


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