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Posted by tennisplanet on July 5, 2009

Karen Carpenter.


76 Responses to “Bettyjane.”

  1. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane!

    Your first mail! Just to say, some folk think my blue merle Collie was crossed with a GSD! One guy thought he was crossed with a wolf! This is England and one of it’s oldest breeds, it’s true, they are rare. I just say he’s a Lassie Collie with a short coat!

    • Bettyjane said

      Hi girl,
      These dogs are just the cutest things. Reminds me of shelties. What’s his name? And does he tend to “herd” you and your family around the room??

      • Jenny said

        Hi! My boy is Robert, a Scottish name because they originated from the lowlands of Scotland. He is inclined to ‘herd’, especially if we or anyone run! It can be dodgy when the doorbell rings, because he just whizzes around in circles in front of you, it’s a good job we’re not elderly and weak on the feet! Nice to hear your lovely Henry has broken the ice here. Btw, Rob loves Cadbury’s Creme Eggs, he has a treat occasionally, it’s a good job he doesn’t have a weight problem, he’s typical working type and active wiry.

  2. Bettyjane said

    hah! Robert is beautiful. (My husband’s name actually). Not sure why but Cadbury chocolate is infinitely better over on your side of the ocean. You buy it here and it’s just not the same. Must be the milk. Last trip over, friends asked us to bring them back Cadbury bars and marmite. I assume you have a garden for him to romp in? With an English Setter, it’s a must. I bet Robert would be a great agility dog.
    I’ve lurked here for a few years before I started occassionally posting, but Henry certainly has garnered interest.(I think I had one of the “cuter” avatars that TP supplies us with, but quite honestly yours is rather adorable

    • Jenny said

      Can you not get the Cadbury sent direct from here? I’m sure Harrods, John Lewis, Selfridges would offer a mail service. If you want, I could call them for you. We do have a garden, but Rob is 10yrs now, so he doesn’t romp so much unless he has too, like having a pop at any would be intruder, he’s a kind dog to all animals and to those humans who don’t pose a threat. He also has Collie Eye Anomoly and because of it has gradually gone blind in his dodgy eye – doesn’t hold him back though, he sees everything he needs to. He was originally a show dog, but couldn’t be bred from because of the genetic eye condition. I don’t think he had the right attitude for agility work, he marches to his own drum and both he and our cat gang up against us together! We are considering getting a black Newfoundland puppy boy, Rob is great with pups.

      • BettyjaneS said

        You’re all kindness Jenny. My girlfriend is going to the Motherland this August and she owes me a favor, lol. I will put in a request. These purebreds are always a risk with certain health issues aren’t they!! Henry’s breed can have deafness problems and GOD he’d be an awful agility dog. It’s all he can do to give you his paw. If a treat is involved, his IQ leaps up to 180, but he’s a stubborn setter.

        A pup is the BEST idea with an older dog. I adore Newfie’s. They were on our short list. Great swimmers and droolers as well, lol. I think pups really add years to the life of senior dogs. My brother’s black lab stayed with us while they went on holiday to Italy, and even though he was arthritic, he just relished his time with Henry and vice versa. I honestly didn’t want to return Riley to his rightful home.

  3. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane and Henry,

    I started showing and judging lot of years ago, I was heavy into the scene. Don’t show or judge now. I know all about the politics and gamesmanship. If one was a novice with a particularly nice dog, there were real problems getting through the hard core. When I showed my original Lab who had real potential with a blue blood pedigree, I was fairly new to the scene, but there was one particular famous breeder who was full of tricks to put your dog off. eg Ring full of entire males, if a novice stood next to her in the line up, she would conveniently loosen the lead and let her male wander and disrupt the dog ‘next door’. Some of these novice males would puff up like roosters and it would nearly end in a fight, or the owner being lassoed around their legs and dragged across the ring, the thing is the perpetrator [it was never her dog who was squaring up] could be defaulted and asked to leave the ring if their dog showed any sign of aggression, no matter who started it. It used to be acceptable at the Siegar shows in Germany, they like their Shepherds with spit in their eye. My old Lab could be feisty with other males, and I learned very quickly to stand at the far end of the line from her, after a 5′ friend and her big boy got caught up in that nonsense.

    • Bettyjane said

      This is shameful to hear. Here in the States, the big thing is taking out ads in the dog magazines, gets your dog seen by the VIP’s of the sport and you have a decided advantage in the ring against worthy unknown opponents. And of course the professional handlers seem to have a real edge over people who show their own dogs.

      I hope Robbie is doing well. Give him a major hug please!

  4. Jenny said

    Rob returns the hug to you both! He was a show dog prior to me owning him and why he’s so well behaved. He was in rescue for reasons unknown, Border Collie rescue got him first, it did not go down well with the Rough/Smooth Collie rescue folk, so they got him out. I did manage to get his papers, which aren’t normally passed on, had to use a bit of ‘influence’ there, and I wasn’t going to breed from him! I could tell you a few stories of what went on when I was involved in the scene! Top pro handlers can make a lot of money, it’s mostly the terrier people who use them here and a lot of times the dog lives with them. Sometimes Shepherd people use them because you have to be fit running and gaiting a GSD [also Afghans] around the ring, those rings can be the size of tennis courts and I don’t mean within the lines!. Labs tend to be shown at a slower pace, but you have to fast pace a Pointer or Weimaraner!

  5. monique said

    Hi Bettyjane, if you can help me, that would be great. Monique.

  6. monique said

    I am sending a message in your mailbox. Hope you receive it. Introduced myself on “about you” and it did not show. Maybe it’s me who is the problem.

    • Bettyjane said

      Monique hi! Message received. Now I hope you get my reply, lol. You are NOT the problem. This is just some bizarre glitch.

      Answer the following question so I’ll know if you read this—do you own a dog?


  7. monique said

    Hi Bettyjane, I got your message….oh so happy, dear. I do not own a dog right now but when my daughter’s dog get a litter, I will get one. That may be in February. Can you tell me why the introduction of myself on “about you” does not show ? Can you check ? Maybe I should write something in my mailbox. What do you think ?

    • Bettyjane said

      Hi again Monique,
      Someone posted an anonymous message in “about you” so we know it’s accepting. I’m wondering—did you definitely enter your email address when posting the message? The same one you use all the time? Also, did you happen to put a web address or some link to another site in the message? This would cause the letter to not make it through.
      Quite a while ago I had a profile of myself up in there but it’s been long gone. So I have a strange history with this as well.
      Exciting about a new puppy. What kind of dogs are expected this February?? Good luck on the board. It’s nice to have friendly new faces here.

      • monique said

        My email is always there and I have no website. The dogs are mixed pomeranian, shitsu and chihuahua. They are the cutest and weights about 5 lbs. What can I do about my intro ?

      • Bettyjane said

        Quite frankly I am stumped. This sounds like a problem for TP. I’d go back to “questions” and ask him. Please let me know. He may even have you try doing this under a different email account, but I’m just guessing here.

        Best of luck!

  8. M said

    Bettyjane, sorry about getting back to you so late. I’m having some technical trouble.

    But I wanted to thank you for your lovely comment — so ironic as I do some nf scribbly IRL and am currently stuck in a fiction piece I’m trying to do for a friend b/c I can’t get the characters to *show* their emotions on the page, LOL.

    So I will take your comment as a good omen and thank you again!

  9. Jenny said

    Good Afternoon, Bettyjane!

    We’re fine here, thank you.. I liked Rik Mayall, but never really got into ‘bottom’, we were more Keeping up Appearances and Allo Allo, Last of the Summer Wine. We live north, Hammersmith is west not far from ‘Olympia’ where Crufts used to be held, quite a distance from us.

    • Bettyjane said

      My girlfriend’s husband is from Leamington Spa, where apparently Keeping Up Appearances was filmed. She says he gets homesick everytime he watches it! I had a friend who lived in Islington many years ago, that was pretty north. He was an expat and started rooting heavily for Arsenal.

      That’s right—Crufts WAS in London. Do you ever make that trip to Birmingham?? Or is it too much of a pain??

  10. Jenny said

    Then Crufts moved to Earls Court. It then moved to NEC because the London venues weren’t big enough to cope. I have been to NEC but not to Crufts. It is a journey. I would normally go on Gundog day, but then I like Pastoral and Working groups too. It’s tough because I like to meet up with the Lab people and watch the judging, it gives little chance to see anything else. Friends have or help at charity stalls there.

  11. Jenny said

    Apologies for the slightly double post on the Gonzo thread, Bettyjane. LOL put it down to the fact that my fridge/freezer packed up yesterday, can you believe it! I’m on my own food rescue mission, why do these things have to happen at this time of the year?! New one coming on Tuesday, I was fortunate to get it before Christmas, although it will have to ‘stand’ for some hours. LOL It’s cold enough here, [minus freezing] to store some stuff in the garden in cool bags and hopefully safe from hungry urban wildlife!!

    • Bettyjane said

      Oh cripes Jenny, that’s awful! And it usually happens just after doing a major food shopping as well. This happened one year to my family on Christmas—-the oven went and we had to get the dinner transferred over to my grandmother’s house. I guess the one good thing IS that it’s cold out, or you’d have lost some groceries.
      (hey—speaking of appliances, you don’t happen to have an AGA do you, lol. I’m rather obsessed with them, although most Americans have no clue what they are.)

  12. Jenny said

    Lol It’s still struggling on and at least keeping stuff cold, but it’s not reliable by not firing up regularly, only one course of action really. Yes, you guessed, it happened after the Christmas shop, fortunately there are only three of us, so it wasn’t massive. The pet food comes in tins, so they’re okay.

    LOL No I don’t have an AGA, these things are big and I only have a small kitchen! They’re certainly unique. Many people eg: farmers wives have them, because their kitchen are pretty big. I believe they put struggling new born lambs next to the AGA to keep warm, Henry would probably love it! My friend had one but she couldn’t get on with it at all, didn’t have the patience, so she went back to an ordinary kitchen range which is the size of an AGA and looks like one. I’ve read others wouldn’t be without their AGA. I think there’s a knack to getting the heat right. Are you thinking of buying one?

    • Jenny said

      For those on the Planet who don’t know what an AGA is, here’s a link.

    • Bettyjane said

      Ha! That would require more money than I’ll see in my lifetime. They run around 12 grand now. No mean feat returning an AGA as they are massive. The heat is constantly on, but since it’s radiant heat it’s on at different temperatures in different parts of the stove and oven depending upon what kind of cooking you’re doing. Since the UK is usually on the damp side it’s not an issue to have it on constantly, but that idea doesn’t sit well here in the States with hot humid summers.

  13. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane

    The new fridge/freezer arrived today, 14.00 here. It has to stand unplugged a min of 4hrs. The old one was still partially working last night, so there I was decanting foodstuff to the garden in the early hours, because they were taking the old appliance away. Fortunately I had a couple of cool bags which I put in the recycle box with a lid. I didn’t want the foxes carting off a half shoulder of raw New Zealand lamb and the turkey crown and deposting it half eaten in next door’s garden!

    • Bettyjane said

      What about the hedgehogs!! My husband is always captivated by the English hedgehog!
      We have the fridge with the freezer on the bottom, fridge on top. That’s what I grew up with although until recently the reverse was standard issue here in the States. Wish you luck with your new model. I have to say that if we had the room, I would happily own a second to keep for holiday and entertainment purposes.

      The menu sounds divine and I’m so pleased it’s not going to waste. I’ll be on the next flight out from JFK!

  14. Jenny said

    It’s happened – Kraft have upped their offer to 12 billion and Cadbury are likely to accept. Not a good day for us tradionalists and the unions and staff are really worried about job losses because of possible plant closures here. I think the products will remain the same, but part of the British culture and confectionary Bourneville tradition will be gone forever. I feel very sad about it.

    • Bettyjane said

      This is really dreadful news. I’m sure those candy bars will start tasting like the version we have over here in the States. I read that just about the only companies off-limits for takeover in Britain are Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems. Both are big defence suppliers and in both the Government retains a “golden share”. Start hoarding those Cadbury’s straight away. The idea of plant closures sounds ominous. I certainly hope they don’t go that route!!

      • Jenny said

        All I can say is, if those fondant creme eggs taste any different, they are my seasonal indulgence, I won’t be buying them. One has to feel for the employees, okay for the oldies who can take retirement, but worrying for the younger ones. I believe Cadbury’s have their own big housing complex, Bourneville Village, so there’s another aspect going on. Oh dear.

        Rob sends hugs to Henry.

      • Bettyjane said

        We’re all on the same page here it seems. Passionate about our chocolate. I’m already in a cranky mood from sheer tiredness at the length of that Federer match last night.

        Henry sends Rob his best regards to his canine countryman! (English setters originated in Shropshire.) A picture of Rob would be loverly!!! When can we expect such a pleasure?? Rob must be excited to watch the Major that takes place in his place of origin!!

      • Jenny said

        I don’t have a camera, Bettyjane, only a phone one, so I can’t post, we lag behind with the technology in this household. If you go into the Smooth Collie site, there are some good pics of merles there that do look like him. The Smooth Collie originates from the Lowlands of Scotland, the Roughs from the Highlands. Interested to know about the English Setter origins, I knew someone years ago who had a Blue Belton, I have a feeling Jilly Cooper had Blue Beltons. Of course the Labrador was Canadian.

    • Somebody Else said

      They’d better not tamper with my Dairy Milk bars!

    • Bettyjane said

      Oh these collie’s are something else aren’t they! The merle is a striking color combo. Just brings back such fond memories of Lassie for me, no matter the color! Hope your unusually cold winter didn’t distress him too much.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Collies and Labs love the cold weather, they both have that waterproof undercoat, Rob hates water though, he’ll side step a puddle! The birds love Rob’s groomed out undercoat for their nests, so we don’t discard it and leave it in the garden.

  15. Chieko said

    Hi Bettyjane san. I am so sorry that I did not know about mailboxes until now and therefore apologise for not responding to your mail long time ago. Thank you so much for visiting my mailbox. Hope to read a lot of your comments soon. Love Chieko

  16. Chieko said

    You are so welcome and thank you for visiting my mailbox. I like ricecrackers very much also. I hope you have a good time watching Tennis at Miami final on Sunday. see your comments around Bettyjane san.

  17. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane
    Just to let to know, we had to make the horrible decision to have our lovely cat, put to sleep last week. X-Rays revealed osteocsarcoma in his elbow with mets in his chest. We let him go without him being awoken, there was nothing else we could do. He was just 8yrs old and we are devastated.

  18. Jenny said

    Thank you SO much, Bettyjane. This cursed disease shows no mercy to humans or animals, nobody deserves to suffer like that, it’s so unfair. Rob is missing him terribly, they shared a special friendship, partners in crime really. We bought Rob special foodie treats, lol like his favourite American raspberry jam doughnuts – fortunately he never puts on weight. My friend lost one of her lovely Shepherds with this curse last year, he was dead within 6 weeks and it all started with a lump the size of a pea, our cat lost the use of his leg in 4 – it had spread in both like wildfire in two relatively young and vibrant animals.

    I’m sorry to hear about your late cat also, I can relate to the tears, at times I’m still there. We will adopt another unwanted cat of around 2, I can’t have kittens climbing up the curtains.

    We send our love and hugs to you and Henry.

  19. Jenny said

    Rob had red jam and sugar all over his chops and then proceeded to rub his mouth all over my Chinese rug! I thought, you have no respect, outside boy! Rob is a gent with all animals, our cat Star was the nervy type, very bright, shy, and he trusted Rob. So it will have to be a cat that fits in with him. We have a choice of one of two boys, an FIV+ who has to live in, our cats do anyway, and another boy at the vets, the result of a road traffic accident, the owner couldn’t afford the fee [split palate], the vet repaired him for free. They are both apparently laid back and affectionate, about 2yrs. The FIV+ has been described as a big slob, I like that!

    • Jenny said

      PS We have a dear friend who is a professional upholsterer, he does a lot of work with antique furniture for the trade and antique dealers. He really loves all animals, but says his best friends are cats! Cat damage: Tell me about it! The back of a Victorian nursing chair is shredded!

      • Bettyjane said

        lol! My sister in law has 4 cats (long story there!) and BOY don’t I hear it. Her beautiful wing chairs are beautiful no more. I should actually change out my piano bench. My cat pulled the needlework covering up into shreds. My next door neighbor was shocked upon seeing it. (I was shocked she commented on it since she has a home that looks more like a storage shed.)

      • Jenny said

        LOL! It’s like a demolition jobbie with ’em. A tip from my upholsterer friend, they love velour and velvet more than anything. Star’s favourite scratching post, the architrave of the kitchen door, he was a big powerful cat, he took chunks out of it like a lion! We have a large walnut tree in our garden about to be pruned, I’m thinking of bringing in a big heavy log and putting it in the hall for new claws, my husband has the idea of securing it to the floorboards! I’ve never owned a cat who used a proper scratching post, not secure and steady enough for a big adult cat, anything that wobbles, they’re off!

        Thanks for making me smile!:-)

  20. Jenny said

    I thought you might enjoy this!

  21. Jenny said

    Here’s another one for you all to enjoy. Note the shredded sofa arm, mine’s like that, but on the other side! This guy really knows cats! lol Still love ’em!

  22. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane
    I went to see the little cat at the vets – absolutely adorable, a sweetie pie, but just a little older than we were looking for, not old in real terms, around 5yrs, he’s healthy and could live a long life. I know there’s no guarantee, but I’m paranoid now, having an animal for just under 6yrs, ie the late Star, is just unacceptable to me. I’m sure he will find a really good home, he’s safe with the vets and nurses who adore and spoil him. We are waiting to see a young FIV+ cat of just over a year who can also live long healthy life with decent food and good care, but not so easily homeable. The charity will pay any vet bills because one can’t get them insured which in these times has to be a consideration.

    Best Wishes to you all.

    • Jenny said

      Further news since writing, the little cat at the vets has been homed 🙂 I knew someone was interested in him last week.

      The FIV+ boy isn’t suitable, apparently he has a sweet temperament but according to the foster carer is desperate to get out which can’t be done with an FIV+ and it suits us too, very busy roads here, very few live to a good age, other reasons too, I can’t have that added anxiety.

      No, it isn’t the Blue Cross, this charity is a small local one, infact I was one of the original group 25yrs ago. I was very much a dog person and cats were their main focus of attention, despite starting out as a cat and dog group, especially boarding ferals in expensive catteries, and mostly impossible to home, it was something I didn’t agree with, so I and a couple of others didn’t maintain contact. Good people, but I’m afraid some cat workers are really over the top to the point of obsession.

      Don’t get me wrong, I feel for the ferals, I had a big black longhaired semi feral [very chocolate box] for 16 years, she was nearly 20 when she died naturally, happy and content to live in. One could handle her with limitations, even allow the odd stroke until she had enough and then she would swat you hard with blazing eyes, she was also fine with my dogs and they with her. As I see it, when there are so many lovely cats and dogs for rehoming with no real problems, they must be given priority, and as charities have to rely on donations, sadly tough choices have to be made.

      Definately short hair and a boy. I’ve had both. Not bothered about colour, not white anymore. I like the big bold marmalade toms and silver tabbies. My previous boy before Star was a silver tabby mix, amazing big eyes the Silver Tabbies have, he had them and was a wonderful cat, died with bone Ca at 12, Star was sad deja vu. The British Blues are gorgeous too.

      • Jenny said

        PS I can totally understand how you feel about Henry and your other short-lived pets. The trouble is, their lives are so much shorter than ours and it goes so quick. Try not to look too far ahead.

        LOL The vet has two 4month old black and white FIV+ boy kittens looking for homes. Apparently sweeties.

  23. Jenny said

    Great news about the H.Vizsla puppy, poor ‘old’ Henry and his dignity! Don’t worry, Henry, it happens to ’em all! We used to have a big feral cat colony [which was growing in numbers] in the hospital grounds, one of the nursing sisters and a doctor would care for them, trapped them, got them speyed or neutered if they were healthy, put them back on site, many of us continued to feed them. They caused no problems really but were completely wild with bouts of chronic snotty rhinitis, probably FIV too, one couldn’t pick them up or handle them. If one looked really sick, they had to be trapped and taken to the vet for antiB meds in the majority of cases. Sadly, over recent years, the authorities stepped in and employed a pest control company. We hated it. I’ve just seen one tabby tom, we leave him food in a covered area, the authorities aren’t bothered about him, he deals with any mice and he’s had the snip!

  24. bluechyll said

    Hi Bettyjane!

    Not so sure on the ‘lovely holiday’ side of things, but yes, all is well!

    I have had a little bit of a break, after finishing all my assignments for this year. Now I’m just preparing for my final exams which start mid october. I have a Music Performance exam later today which is a bit nerve wracking.

    Hope your doing well!

  25. bluechyll said

    Phew, just got back from my exam!
    It didn’t go toooo bad, but I got so nervous! I made a couple of minor mistakes, but I covered them up pretty well. I don’t know when I get my result, but I’ll let you know when I find out.

    I had play one piece from the mandatory topic, which is Music from the last 25 years (Australian focus) so I chose Miriam Hyde’s ‘Water Nymph’. Then I had two other pieces which were both from a topic of my choice, so I chose 19th Century Music and played Chopin’s Op. 64, No. 2 and Clair de Lune by Debussy. I had to make these two pieces as contrasting as possible but remain inside the 19th Century.

    Which conservatory did you major at? I considered taking my piano further and going to Sydney Conservatorium next year, but I just enjoy playing so much I don’t want it to end up being a chore, if that makes sense.

  26. bluechyll said

    Lol, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to playing the piano I have to say, so a few wrong notes here and there tend to feel like a big deal.
    If you can’t locate the sheet music, I would be happy to scan mine and email you a copy, I know how frustrating it can be trying to find sheet music!
    I do love the romantics, but all in all, I probably enjoy playing Beethoven the most. His music just feels the most natural to me, and falls the most easily under my fingers. Although sometimes I feel like I can’t quite capture his music’s grandeur quite as much as I would like.
    I played Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Major, Book 1 for my 7th Grade exam last year which I really enjoyed!
    I haven’t really had a chance to look at the rest of Suite Bergamasque yet, but I hope to one of these days.

  27. bluechyll said

    Hehe, it’s ok, not all musicians have to listen to classical music 24/7! 😉
    Every once in a while, I find myself in a certain mood where listening to classical music just seems to hit the spot.

    I often wonder how much Federer actually played, when he said a ‘little’, ie, whether he mastered Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or whether he managed to move on to greater things 😆

    My favourite Beethoven Sonata to play would have to be the Pathétique, but I also like having a run through the last movement of the Moonlight once in a while, more for a laugh than anything else.

  28. bluechyll said

    Whoops, just posted this in my own mailbox 🙄
    I’ll just post it again here:

    Haha, when I say I play it for a laugh, that doesn’t mean I play it to perfection or anything! I mean, if I really practiced it hard, I could probably manage to bring it up to a decent standard, but I mainly enjoy playing just for pure enjoyment 🙂

    I haven’t done the Hammerklavier or the Waldstein yet, but I am looking for something new to play now that I no longer need to work on the pieces I did for my exam, so maybe I’ll have a look into it.

    I did see that photo of the twins’ hands!! Very cute! Maybe they’ll take up the piano one day 😉

  29. Jenny said

    Bettyjane, as you can probably gather we don’t have a new addition to our family. Actually, we realise now we’re still not ready, just not right somehow. I still have my moments of sadness, but I’m getting there. The right cat will come along at the right time.

    Rob and I send our best to you and Henry.

  30. Jenny said

    Absolutely. We went three years before getting Rob. His owner, a very dear friend and experienced dog person had came out of remission for the Ca. to return and she couldn’t cope, despite still being very active. It was nothing to do with Rob, although she had convinced herself it was at the time, she was terrified he would kill the old family cat who was neurotic to start with. Rob is perfect with cats, never a problem with my previous two or Star. He was easy peasy really. Sounds awful, I know, but we nearly fell out over it. All was well between us in the end long before she died, and I was very, very thankful.

    Loyalty: Very true, happy to admit it. Acceptance comes in time.

  31. M said

    I was following along on Feña’s thread, but didn’t want to interrupt your and Jenny’s conversation, Bettyjane — best wishes to your brother and fast healing for his surgery.

  32. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane and Henry

    We may have struck gold! We are going to see a boy from breed rescue next week. He is 5, a fawn Oriental shorthair and very beautiful. He’s big, bold, talks, and in your face with a fab temperament, used to living in and should be fine with Rob – he sounds just right! Fingers crossed!

  33. Jenny said

    Poor Henry, what a pain, those things can be nasty, is the swelling going down?. Rob has been lucky in that respect.

    This boy is apparently the large type which I like, so he’s not quite as ‘delicate’ or small headed as some, apparently he has a good pedigree, not that that bothers me. He has almond shaped emerald eyes, Orientals have green eyes as opposed to Siamese blue. Star had one blue, one yellow. The rescue lady describes his colour as pinky grey, sort of mushroom colour, but known as a self fawn. His temperament sounds wonderful and he’ll probably rule the house! His party trick is to leap into your arms from the ground and expect to be caught for a cuddle, he will not be ignored! Apparently one elderly lady went to see him and his carer considered her too frail to be having a big cat leaping into her arms, can you imagine!

    • Jenny said

      Sorry, I’m glad the boy is recovering with no ill effects, it’s still an irritation though, these things cling on if not removed. We send a pat and best wishes too. Horrible wet, damp weather here and very autumnal.

  34. Jenny said

    His name is Ching which sounds more Chinese and not really a Thai [Siam] name which is where this breed, which evolved from the Siamese breeds originate from. The Oriental is now a breed in it’s own right. I’m going to have to change it, not my choice. Not easy to choose, I may just call him Che [after Guevara], or Chi, [Chi..Chi Chile!]so we have the Ch going. Any ideas? – I like exotic or unusual. I’ve looked up Thai boy names but they don’t appeal either. I was going to call a new cat Fernando, but it doesn’t fit this lad somehow.

    LOL Noisy character or what!! LOL I dread to think how Rob will handle him! LOL They’ve both got almond eyes.

  35. Jenny said

    Aw Thanks Bettyjane! For goodness sake, aren’t they great! Star’s talk was more soft subtle, he was a quiet cat, but very ‘Siamese’. Go look at the Silver Tabby, my previous cat was part silver tabby, they have amazing big round eyes, the iris is edged with a fine black ‘eyeliner’. He too was a super loving cat. We’ve been so lucky, bar one dog, a black and white Border Collie who turned savage for no apparent reason. He was dangerous, sadly there was only one course of action, it was tough, he was only 5.

    Che sounds good to me – thanks.

  36. Jenny said

    Hi Bettyjane

    He’s here! We have called him Teddy which he recognises also, too complicated to explain. He and Rob have formed an alliance already. I guess it’s the long narrow heads and almond eyes! Fantastic cat, absolutely right! So intelligent, it’s scary, and also very dog like.

  37. Jenny said

    Hi, Bettyjane.

    LOL Hidden!! This boy doesn’t do hiding – he marched out of his basket, explored and familiarised himself within an hour, followed by Rob who couldn’t believe how bold he was! I tend to throw them in at the deep end anyway and I guessed this one could take it and I knew Rob wouldn’t hurt him. The first night, we awoke at dawn to find him sleeping between us IN the bed!! Actually out of our 11 cats, I’ve only had two that initially hid, my late Star and my late semi feral female, but they were the most nervy of all mine. Teddy explored under the bed but didn’t stay there. The only thing, he’s a faddy eater, although I was told he wasn’t fussy, he loves French garlic sausage! Mind you, he tends to graze, a little and often type of guy, so I have to keep his bowls on the work surface because he’d starve to death if Rob had his way!

    We send our good wishes to you and Henry.

  38. Jenny said

    LOL Cheek in spades! We love it! He’s so different to my late Star who was gentle and shy.

    Gonzo came out of hospital and in a hotel within days. Apparently he is receiving post op therapy daily and appears to be progressing well and not in pain. It’s early days, but if he has the resilience, faith and bravery of the Chilean miners and their families, he can do it, he’s also a Leo like Roger. The Tour needs him.

  39. Jenny said

    We watch BB4 TV a lot, a good general ‘arty’ channel. Literature, music, interesting bio’s etc.
    LBC talk radio, we have a number of US folk and mainland Europe, plus a lady who rang in from NZ., so you should be able to pick it up. Steve Allen 5am-7am GMT is our fave, listening to him take apart some celebs is a hoot, and he knows about show biz stuff. He also has a nice ‘In Conversation’ with a well-known is good too, he interviewed Ray Davies of the Kinks some time ago.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for more.

  40. Jenny said

    Do you watch Paul O’Grady, formerly Lily Savage? He has a new live chat show, we watch Paul, love his sense of humour with his real scouse accent. He used to be a social worker.

  41. Jenny said

    Being interviewed by Michael Parkinson.

  42. Jenny said

    Here is Paul’s late little dog Buster his co-host on previous shows. He used to do a rescue dog feature and also adopted an unwanted x/breed puppy.

  43. Jenny said

    Most welcome! I was never too much into drag acts, the costumes are super, but I like Paul’s sense of humour more than anything, he comes out with what many of us think, but don’t say in public, ie the school runs and behind trailer caravans driven at 20mph! He’s a genuine animal lover, rather than just posing with the cute pooch which has never been my thing. He’s just adopted a mini piglet. I lived in Liverpool for a while [I think Paul’s from Birkenhead] so I know the accent well. LOL Geordie, well done you for understanding it! 🙂

  44. Jenny said

    I hope you enjoy this as we did the original, love Kenny Williams stories. My kind humour.

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