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Ana Ivanovic going the Kournikova route?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 14, 2009

Ana Ivanovic In a black bikini at a nude beach

Wet Ana Ivanovic in a white bikini at a pool


15 Responses to “Ana Ivanovic going the Kournikova route?”

  1. joao said

    Sometimes i just hate “beautiful people”!! 🙂

    Shame on you Ana!! for making us feel so inadequate….

    • Sarah said

      Both ladies are ‘beautiful’ but I think I’ll give the edge on the court to Ana (she has one slam and is a former world number one) and to Anna off the court – (she made lots of money marketing herself and she has been with Enrique since 2001).

      I think Anna edges out Ana in the looks department as well.

  2. jennifur said

    kournikova couldnt hv won a slam if life depended on it.

    so no.

  3. curtos said

    How is Ana going the Kournikova route? Just because she happens to be hot? Lame post.

  4. Claire said

    Caption on first picture says “Ana Ivanovic in a black bikini at a nude beach”! If you scroll around the inside of picture, the caption will eventually come up!
    Maybe that’s Ana pointing at “something” interesting up ahead?

  5. banti said

    I agree. She’s won a slam, that puts here miles apart. She has some tough competition right now. Safina at the french, the sisters everywhere else.

  6. Carolee said

    I am hoping that ANA comes back strong and wins at least one or two more majors.

  7. john said

    as today is the Ana’s day i just want to wish an happy birthday to Ana Ivanovic

  8. Abdullah said

    pshhh ur all just jealous!

  9. Sigit said

    she’s gorgeous .. so natural

  10. gilly said

    Ana has a GS and IW title, so Ana is way better than Kourny.

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