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Next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 14, 2009

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Sampras getting passed hits him hardest when he faces ‘blank’?

I feel all his remorse and denial is strongest due to his dislike of facing this person with new ‘standing’. 

Who is that person?

35 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Alex said

    i’d say agassi
    but it’d be twice, so i doubt it

    is it Federer??
    but that’s too easy..

    meehh! you win this time!

  2. Michael said

    Of course it’s Federer.

    TP is writing in the present tense and Sampras hasn’t played anyone worth mentioning other than Federer for years.

    Fed’s the one that snatched Wimbledon away in 2001. If it wasn’t for those pinpoint-perfect passing shots, Pete would’ve had 5 straight Wimbys and 15 Slams all up!

    What is Fed’s new standing?


  3. Carolee said


  4. Anonymous said

    It has to be Federer san.

  5. Correct answer not here yet. Did I really get you freaks this time? Either that or I am way off with my ‘person’. I doubt it.

  6. pommesdesuisse said

    Richard Krajicek.

  7. Barbara said

    Roy Emerson

  8. Bettyjane said


  9. You freaks are not even in the ball park, or is it me? I don’t think so.

  10. pommesdesuisse said

    Andy Roddick.

  11. Yoko said

    new ’standing’? Aggasi,again!!

  12. Ch said

    um… Borg? !?? ?! ! McEnroe? Agassi? Mirka? no clue.

    • Bettyjane said

      Thanks. I’ll hold you to that promise!! Thanks Ch—you’re right! I feel guilty finally getting on the wall this way, but I guess I’m beginning to read TP.

      • Ch said

        lol. congratulations on winning AND beginning to read TP 😯 it is possible then.

        don’t feel guilty, you did guess it after all. I felt guilty getting on the wall by winning by 2 seconds or something over the next person

      • Sarah said

        Congrats from me, too.

  13. Stella said

    why Johhny Mac TP — don’t get it

  14. Alex said

    Boris Becker..

    for the wimbledon finals record

  15. John Z said

    Maybe I’m totally off but Marcelo Ríos?

  16. John Z said

    Oops sees there is already a winner, NVM then

  17. YMD said

    So can someone please explain how is it Sampras’s wife. Doesn’t make sense to me

  18. YMD said

    i mean how does his wife relate to the new ‘standing’?

  19. Somebody Else said

    Tennisplanet, why would it be Pete’s wife???
    You think she is going to stray because he is no longer the top dog?

    “Sampras getting passed hits him hardest when he faces ‘blank’?”
    — Pete doesn’t like missionary position. 😛

  20. Alex said

    she’s hot.

  21. banti said

    How do you find out who won in these ? There are two many winners allready and multiple winners so hard to find.. Anyone?

  22. YMD said

    yes she is

  23. Banti said

    Don’t get this one. He still has 45 million in the bank that’s not going anywhere.

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