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Best caption contest. Poll will decide the winner to go on Wall Of Fame. Yeah, you lazy cheap freaks now get to freaking to do the hardest part: Think.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 25, 2009

69 Responses to “Best caption contest. Poll will decide the winner to go on Wall Of Fame. Yeah, you lazy cheap freaks now get to freaking to do the hardest part: Think.”

  1. YMD said


  2. Jenny said

    el Rey David at Davis Cup: Oh No! – Don’t tell me I have to play another 5 set rubber to keep the team afloat. el Mago where are you when I need you!

  3. Bettyjane said

    “How many times do I have to tell you—-it’s Day–VEEEEED. Not David”

    • Jenny said

      LOL! Isn’t it something like Gervasio Ezekiel Dahvid?

      • Bettyjane said

        lol–Jenny. Ezekiel!! You know everything you do!

      • Jenny said

        I know! I read it on another blog from a die hard fan, I don’t know how true it is, but you coudn’t make it up could you. Believe me, Bettyjane, I don’t know everything, he’s a player I like and respect very much, so I take an interest. I think we all tend to do that with our faves. I find TP’s posts about obscure facts about players particularly interesting.

  4. joao said

    I’m gonna use the less imaginative one of all

    “Don’t cry for me Argentina”

    There, i said it freaks! Now you can think of something better!!

  5. jennifur said

    1. dude where’s my race car!!!

    2. who stole my doughnut?

    3. think federer is the only cry-baby around? wah!


  6. Stella said

    oh no , TP’s picking on me again .

  7. i want my MOMMIIEEEE

  8. ricke said

    Can’t anyone help me tie my shoes?!?!

  9. Yoko said

    Thanks god!! Twin baby!!

  10. Yoko said

    Stop calling me a carpet-man!!

  11. Gracie said

    Ayeee! That damn Nadal is picking MY butt too!!

  12. TheHumbleOne said

    “QUIT freakin’ calling me ‘Svetlana’… my name is DAVID!”

  13. Anonymous said

    wow…i’m not even gunna try…you guys are GOOD

  14. bluechyll said

    I don’t like this shirt, I want the one that Roger has!

  15. zihwye said

    Why me???
    Why meeeeeeee???????????????????????????

  16. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    “Your captions are so pathetic, it…it makes me… cry..”.

  17. chieko said

    I want my mummy!!

  18. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    “Oh GAWD! Not another one! BAWL!”

  19. Schop said

    Mamaa, mamaa, me hice popo en mi pantaloncito, uahaha uahahaaaa!!! 😯 – 😳 – 😥 (Mom, moom, I took a crap in my little panties!!!) Is it funny? Hm?

  20. Neil Sellen said

    Why? Why?

  21. Sol said

    I like them all. Can’t decide on the best one. Hey I’m swiss, we have to stay neutral you know.

  22. Junkyard said

    muuuaaahh muuuuaaah! my balls are stuck in my fly. oh damn..still not time for new balls muuaaaaahhh!

  23. chris said

    Please, not Rafa is the next round!

  24. Yoko said

    My baby han’t come out yet.

  25. Claire said

    Per Blick newspaper:
    “All looked expectantly at the Bethanen Hospital, but the twins came Federer elsewhere throughout the world. Roger, you are a champion – even of deception?”
    “SonntagsBlick now provides the evidence: The freshly grandparents do not go in the Bethanien Hospital in and out, but visit Roger (27), Mirka(31) and their girls in the clinic Hirslanden.
    Your grandparents had seen several girls already: Shortly after the birth came and Lynette Robi (62) to visit. Yesterday they visited their grandchildren again. By 18 clock drove a dark Lexus off-roader with Basel-Landschaft indicator in the garage of the hospital. Occupants: Grandma and Grandpa Roger Federer and sister Diana and her boyfriend”
    “Mirka still recovering from the strains. That she is so guarded as possible and is guaranteed: The Hirslanden Clinic provides, inter alla, to Gebarsuite – consisting of a luxurious hotel with exclusive lake view along with genitals. Soothing music, aromatherapy, light effects and a starry sky ceiling distribute a relaxed atmosphere. Because people like to believe when Grandpa Federer announced: “The two girls, Roger and Mirka is excellent!””

    • Jenny said

      Hi Claire, With all due respect, what has Roger and his family got to do with a Nalbandian caption contest?! lol it’s all that copy/paste!!

      • Claire said

        Hi Jenny,
        I meant to put this at post with pictures of hospital! How about “Put me out of my misery, take me to clinic Hirslanden!” 🙂 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Ha..ha.. Claire, I guessed it was a mistake, I’ve done it myself, especially with so many threads to keep an eye on! Mind you, by the sound of that fancy clinic, you wouldn’t need to be ill to enjoy the visit!

    • Anand said

      Exclusive lake view along with … eh???

  26. Maxply said

    ¡No mas cerveza! ¡Que lástima!

  27. Sergeant said

    27-year-old Argentine David Nalbandian begs the chair umpire to allow him yet another bathroom break during his second round match at the Acapulco Open. The Argentinian star blamed the hot salsa that he added to his third dozen tacos the night before.

  28. Somebody Else said

    Is there any way of finding which match produced this emotion?
    Does anyone have any clue?

    • Sol said

      Good question. I’d like to know the answer to that too. Maybe Jenny knows?

      • Jenny said

        I believe it was the semis at Davis Cup last year, hence the colour of his shirt. He almost single handedly won the tie for Argentina. Not only was he knackered, he probably had hip pain too.

    • Jenny said

      As I recall, it was against Russia – he beat Andreev, lost to Davydenko in a tough 4 setter and clinched the deal by winning doubles with Acasuso.

    • Joolz said

      It’s from the quarterfinal tie against Sweden. Taken after he beat Söderling 9-7 in the fifth, the third rubber he played on that weekend. It was the match during which a slight discomfort in his hip turned into a full-fledged injury. The match about which he later said he never suffered so much on a tennis court in his whole life.

      • Jenny said

        Thanks very much for that Joolz, At first I wondered if it was quarters against Sweden, I know he beat Johannson and Soderling in that tie, did he win doubs as well?

      • Joolz said

        Yeah, he did. Defeated Björkman/Lindstedt in straights, playing with Canas.

      • Jenny said

        Joolz, I bet he was gutted seeing Argentina crash to the Czech Rep this year, and not be able to do anything about it.

      • Sergeant said

        Thank you, Joolz. Just for this you’ve got my vote on this contest.

        Jenny, so you were (almost) right. El rey David did single-handedly win the tie for Argentina!, but against Sweden and not Russia.

      • Joolz said

        Not sure how he felt about that. Not an easy question with all that’s been going on with the team.

      • Sergeant said

        Quarterfinal tie details:

        Semifinal tie details:

      • Jenny said

        Thanks, Sergeant – I think his hip was really starting to play up after that quarter final. I believe he said prior to surgery he had discomfort for 18 months, it could also explain some of those bizarre losses eg Chardy and Nadal. He still leads Rafa 2-1 on a hard court.

      • Sergeant said

        Very true, Jenny. I hope he gets to recover satisfactorily this year. He could be back and win Shanghai, Paris, a couple more titles and qualify to the ATP finals! 🙂

      • Jenny said

        It’s a great thought, Sergeant, but I’m not certain for this year, I hope I’m wrong. He was told no play for 4 months. He had his op in May, left the clinic at the end of the month – so we’re looking conservatively September/October time, and he’ll be rusty. I just want some more magic moments with him playing pain free with Roger and Rafa.

      • Joolz said

        He won’t be back until next year, he recently said so in a couple of interviews. The injury first appeared last year at Indian Wells. The Söderling match made it significantly worse. During his time with it, he was advised to have surgery at least least twice before eventually getting it, prior to the Olympics and prior to the Davis Cup final. And yeah, it does explain some strange losses he had during those months, like the one against Chardy.

      • Jenny said

        I haven’t read his recent interviews, but I’m not surprised. Best to take time and recover completely. The Rafa loss was strange too imo, the guy was in a winning position, I can’t believe it was all in his head or choking, he doesn’t fear Rafa or Roger. He lost serve, some nerves of course, but it could also be indictative of physical problems. Thanks for your input, Joolz.

  29. F said

    I’m not faaaaaaaaaaaaaat! :((((( Can’t you understand I’m just big boned??!!!!?!!

  30. Jenny said


  31. Manal said

    DN : Enough!!! Can u all just let me be! Gimme a break ok…I wanna get some hugs too…!

  32. bunnee said

    caption contest:

    “Oooh, that wasn’t suppose to feel so good!”

  33. bunnee said

    caption contest, 2nd entry:

    “There will definitely not be a second date…”

  34. bunnee said

    caption contest, last entry:

    “I never got breast-fed”

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