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Brooklyn Decker to Guest Star on a new TV show called Royal Pains.

Posted by tennisplanet on August 4, 2009

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33 Responses to “Brooklyn Decker to Guest Star on a new TV show called Royal Pains.”

  1. Gracie said

    Make that ‘has guest starred’, not ‘to guest star’. Past tense.

  2. Claire said

    How pathetic she is; just keep showing those breasts and watch those $$ come in! Let’s see how long that marriage with Roddick lasts – I bet maybe one year~

    • Sarah said

      The Roddicks will stay ‘happily married’ longer than the Federers.

      • Scotia said

        In your opinion only.

      • Sarah said


        Yes… And theirs! 🙂

      • Claire said

        Depends on what you mean by “happily married”- happily when they are in the marriage bed?

      • Sarah said

        Claire, I mean during their life together as a MARRIED couple – in bed or out. I think the Roddicks will be a happily married couple LONGER than the Federers.

        My mother, who has known my father for twenty eight years and been happily married to him for twenty six years, says in order for a marriage to work HE has to buy into it. If HE isn’t on board, you have a snowball chance in hell of staying happily married. Andy didn’t need his arm twisted to marry Brooklyn – there wasn’t a shotgun pointed at his back. He proudly wears his wedding band as a symbol of both his marriage and his love for his new bride. He married the woman he loved-no strings, no pushing, or prodding. He jumped into this with both eyes wide open. Now, to be honest, I don’t know a lot about Brooklyn. But I don’t think she is the gold-digging bimbo you think she is it. Why? Because I believe in Andy and I don’t think he is that naïve, that stupid. Brooklyn isn’t his first, and only, relationship. So, I will continue to wish Andy and Brooklyn my best.

      • Sol said

        Sarah, let it go. You have no idea about Roger and his wife’s relationship, your opinion about him being forced into marriage is just that, your opinion. Just like others have opinions about Brooklyn and Andy. Frankly, 8 (or 9? whatever) years in a relationship is very significant and is surely more of a solid relationship than getting married after a year with a 21 year old you chose in a magazine. I wish Andy the best, and I don’t like to comment about people’s private matters so I’m going to stop at that, but I think everyone should stop being judgemental and let people live their private lives in private.

      • Claire said

        Per Sol “I wish Andy the best, and I don’t like to comment about people’s private matters, so I’m going to stop at that, but I think everyone should stop being judgemental and let people live their private lives in private.”
        Thanks Sol, I will try to do the same!

        I need to think what my Mom says: “what goes on behind closed doors is none of our business.”

        But I do think TP posts these types of things and sits back and gets a kick out of our responses! 🙂 🙂

    • Sarah said


      I was responding to Claire thrashing Andy and Brooklyn.

      So, you, please let it go.

      • Sol said

        Sarah, you respond to Claire thrashing the Roddicks by thrashing the Federers? who btw, have nothing to do with this thread at all. Don’t get it, but I will let it go since you asked so nicely 😉
        I don’t really care about any of this so no hard feelings.

      • Sarah said


        I think you are new. This is an on going ‘debate’ between me and Claire I know anyone can respond; but it is just us needling each other. She says something about Brooklyn – I will go after her ‘perfect’ Roger.

  3. TChophel said

    WTF??? Is she kissing that old guy… Oh boy If I were Roddick I would be signing the divorce papers right about now.

  4. chieko said

    I do not think her nose is that good looking really. May be her body is better than her face. I sure hope their marriage last or Roddick will be so heart broken.

  5. TChophel said

    Man Roddick doesn’t deserve this… first a brutal loss at Wimbledon… and while he is sitting at home being nursed for his hip injury, his wife is sticking her tongue into some other less than average looking guy. TV show or not… it’s way inappropriate. Brooklyn we should have known better.

  6. Jenny said

    I’m not sure what to think about this. Obviously, Andy knew Brooklyn was a swimsuit model when they first met. I accept she feels the need to maybe branch out career-wise. I’m not familiar with this show, is it a soap? She was probably there because of her looks and the fact she’s married to a famous athlete. It may be a one-off, who knows. I’m all for women having their own identity and career. After the honeymoon is over and the rose tints settle down and reality kicks in, the first couple of years of marriage can be vulnerable, especially if one is clearly an ambitious 21yr old. I know Andy is down to earth, but I wonder what he thinks about it deep down.

  7. Bonnie said

    I feel sorry for Andy. Brooklyn seems to want a career as a porn star, as evidenced by her pictures. She really needs to clean up her act before people start liking her as an “actress”, or a person, for that matter. The kiss is part of acting, all actors do it. I understand that. But for some reason, and I can’t explain it, I don’t see the innocent side of Brooklyn, only the smutty side. I hope she proves me wrong, for Andy’s sake.

    • Jenny said

      Off topic. Talking about porn stars and the sex industry in general, I can never understand why some husbands/partners are so accepting, or even encouraging their wives to pursue that path as a ‘career’ and vice [excuse the pun] versa. Some boyos pimp and exploit their wives/g/f’s/partner’s lack of self respect and esteem – that situation is truly sad because many of these women end up either in hospital beaten to a pulp, or in a refuge too scared or spaced out to move, and many rarely press charges. Big bucks can be made if it’s done ‘properly’ and both parties are in agreement, but surely there has to be some emotional baggage cooking by either one or both somewhere along the line.

  8. Bettyjane said

    Look, Andy gets a girlfriend/wife because he has the power and fame to look at a magazine photo and say “I want that”. That’s the plus side of being him. This is the negative.

  9. Adrian said

    I don’t approve of this behavior at all, but to say that she wants a career as a porn star and stuff like that, that’s a bit extreme IMHO. Being a model was her job since before she met Andy and that job generally involves showing the person’s assets (and hers are rather good! lol). Anyway, maybe it’s because I’m Mexican, but the way I see it is that this show is like a soap opera and everybody kisses each other and makes out with everybody on soap operas… Again, I don’t condone that behavior… but contrary to what may happen in her job as a model, here she may not have to strip or be photographed in a ridiculously tiny bathing suit or with no top at all, etc. so I think this definitely shouldn’t come as a big surprise to Andy…

    • Sarah said

      Totally agree.

    • Bonnie said

      I only say this because of the type of things she “models”, and the poses she’s in. Like the one with her in a skimpy bathing suit and her legs spread wide open. Not tactful IMO, and not worthy of a classy model. That’s all.

      • Jenny said

        I don’t have a problem with skimpy swimsuit modelling, it’s all out there on the beach after all, topless too, but I do agree with Bonnie on that particular pose.

  10. andrea said

    since Brooklyn start deating whit Andy Roddick she is most famous now and she start acting too so I think she have a future ass actriz and of course she wants that…in my opinion I think Andy should not have to marriage with Brooklyn and I do not think they reach five years of marriage

  11. Sol said

    What are you all getting worked up about? She’s kissing a guy in a scene, it’s called acting. What’s the big deal? Maybe she’s good at acting, why not give her the benefit of the doubt. If she sucks, then you could make fun as much as you want.
    If you’re reacting so strongly because of the way she’s dressed and the image she gives women, well, I think it’s a little late for that. Her SI pics sorta revealed everything already, so it’s not like this tv appearance is going to change anything.

  12. Sarah said

    Congratulations, Brooklyn. Hope you get more acting roles. It can be hard for a model to make that transition to acting. Some people think if you are pretty, you can’t act.

  13. Sarah said

    PTI: FIVE Good Minutes with Andy Roddick

    Andy Roddick: FOUR More Things You Don’t Know

    In an upcoming issue of TENNIS magazine, Douglas Robson offers us five things we didn’t know about Andy Roddick. Here are four more, for good measure, left over from that interview:

    “It’s more lasting than any tennis match I’ll win. I’m pretty proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but you don’t get to do that stuff without winning on the court.”

    “I don’t think I’ll ever leave Austin. I like London, but we go there when it’s actually decent as far as weather goes, so maybe [I could live in] Australia.”

    “There’s a lot you don’t know and there’s a lot you will continue not to know.”

    “Probably just being away from friends. I love competing. I’m very aware of what I get to do for a living is pretty cool. But I miss being away from my friends and feeling out of the loop when I do get home.”

  14. Dee said

    I checked the story line.according to that She is married to a rich guy. So kissing must be included in the act. Every marriage has trials and troubles regardless of their status.

  15. ricke said

    Um…she was playing the part of a newly married model…what a stretch! Anyway her new husband had some medical issues and called a private doctor in to check them out. She didn’t do a bad job at acting for a newbie. Who cares? Not Andy I’m sure. He was probably proud of her. I’d put her acting abilities right up there with Sampras’ wife.

    • Sarah said

      I watched CSI: Miami and see an episode guest starring Mrs. Sampras. She wasn’t on the screen that long. She did okay. But I think it has to be harder for her and Mrs. Roddick because people don’t take them seriously. Brooklyn seems to be smart and knows what she is up against. I didn’t see her acting debut; but that show is on cable so I can catch one of the endless reruns.

  16. Carolee said

    EWWW… that guy she had to kiss was ugly… I think she’s very pretty, much like Brigitte Sampras. Live long and prosper, Andy and Brooklyn.

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