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The most disgraceful couple in the history of sports if not mankind.

Posted by tennisplanet on September 11, 2009


17 Responses to “The most disgraceful couple in the history of sports if not mankind.”

  1. Scott said

    Indeed! Greg Norman makes me sick!

  2. chieko said

    How could she do that to her own children. I heard they were good family friends. I hope one day when I am going to get married I would not marry someone like that. So selfish. But my mother said that they look happy. Then my father said for how long?? True dad how long?

    • Jenny said

      ‘I hope one day when I am going to get married I would not marry someone like that’.

      Dear Cheiko san, I’m glad you said ‘hope’. I don’t want to put you off marriage, because to be truly in love long term is wonderful, I was lucky to meet a guy I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but one has to be also aware that you don’t know someone 100% even if you live with them, so rose tinted specs need to be consigned to their case, there’s always an element of risk where the heart’s concerned.

      • chieko said

        Thank you Jenny san, yes I guess I shall not know until later in life. But I really am afraid to get married for it is so awful that you give all your love an life to your husband and children and he walks out when you are older. I shall be careful I guess to wait until I meet someone who has a good heart. Too bad Del Potro san is not Japanese hee hee just kidding. He seems so nice.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Cheiko san, they don’t all walk out for younger women!

  3. evie said

    Must be nice to be picture perfect — so much so that you can repeatedly throw stones at others.

    (How’s the basement working out?)

  4. Banti said

    Why are they so bad again? Tp? There wedding pissed you off? Are they not around the same age? She’s a bit wacky but why disgraceful?

  5. Jenny said

    Of course I know who Evert and Norman are, but news of their private lives didn’t really filter down to us in Europe. They aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things. I believe the former French president’s mistress was at his funeral, together with his dog. Mistresses etc., have been very prevalent throughout the centuries of Royalty here. Edward and Mrs Simpson, Charles and Camilla spring to mind, Diana said there were three in the marriage. I understood her pain, but unfortunately, she was a very naive and idealistic young woman, but was also not shy of manipulation herself. Charles was just weak in marrying her because there was no common interests between them and it became a tragic and unhappy marriage for all parties, including their two sons. This was a case of beauty not keeping her man! We have sportsman who play away, leave their spouses or partners, even beat up on each other. I agree, it isn’t an ideal or acceptable situation, especially if young kids are involved. We all marry with genuine long term commitment in mind, but for some it doesn’t always wotk out that way. However, it is life and not always human or fickle frailty.

  6. Somebody Else said

    “They don’t call me ‘the shark’ for nothing, mate. I smelled the chum!”

  7. MIKE_ said

    “… if not mankind”


  8. Carolee said

    Gotta admit, they look pretty good for being in their 50’s… who said the US doesn’t have the best surgical care? We do very well in the face lift department. And, yes, that requires a “MEOW”!

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