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Next Wall Of Fame contest. Whose shoes are these?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 18, 2009

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

Hint: He is currently representing his country @ Davis Cup. His initials: NM.

36 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest. Whose shoes are these?”

  1. Alex said

    dunno… sorry

  2. Jenny said

    Nicolas Massu

  3. monique said

    Dudi Sela from Israel.

  4. Bjornino said

    Nicolas Massu.

  5. Stella said

    Jenny. I think you’re right. Kind off TP to give the initials.Congrats

    TP can you hold off on the answers when its a question — once someone gets it right there’s no point guessing

    • Jenny said

      Thnx Stella. I couldn’t think of anyone else with those initials playing on clay. I knew Massu was playing, Gonzo isn’t playing this tie.

      Agree with Stella, TP.

      • Sergeant said

        Congrats, Jenny. That puts you up there with the multiple winners Stella, Bettyjane, Ch, and Vassy. Pretty impresive, girls.

    • Sergeant said

      I’m not sure whether TP can hold the answers of a contest while still having the chat running live. If he can, great.

      Otherwise, we can hold the answers ourselves. All we need to do is add a link to our comment. That way, everybody can compete as in the old days.

  6. Bjornino said

    LOL u beat me with 2 mins Jenny 😛 Congrats!

  7. monique said

    Which player wore a t-shirt with holes in the back for ventilation purpose ?

  8. Neeraj said

    He is Roger Federer 😉

  9. TheHumbleOne said

    Actual initials are jMdN, and he is none other than:
    juan Martin del NoShow.
    Little known 20 year-old from Argentina.
    Defaults out of matches alot, from what I hear.

  10. Dee said

    Where are you Mike? Didn’t you hear the tweet?


  12. Bettyjane said

    It’s official!!! Congrats!

  13. Stella said

    hey Jenny. What’s congrats in Spanish?
    In Cockney slang you’re the “chicken dinner”

    • Jenny said

      lol you know more Cockney than me, could never get to grips with it myself, but then I’m not a Cockney so that’s my excuse.

      • Stella said

        me neither but I think it’s fun. did you see that they have some ATM’s in London where the instructions on the machine are in Cockney.
        “Bangers and Mash ” written by one button that would normally say “cash” for example

      • Jenny said

        Yes, the ATM’s are situated in the east end of London, the rest of London wouldn’t understand what the heck they were talking about, although I do think they have normal English next to Cockney rhyming slang.

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