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Next Wall Of Fame contest. Who’s this?

Posted by tennisplanet on September 23, 2009

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing. Hint: Just got done representing his country at Davis freaking Cup.

41 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest. Who’s this?”

  1. Stella said


  2. Screwdriver said

    Jurgen MELZER

  3. Bettyjane said

    jeez?? Frederic Niemeyer…

  4. Screwdriver said

    Michael LAMMER

  5. Jenny said

    Looks like Frederic Niemayer to me.

  6. Stella said

    Does that mean I didn’t recognise my own local Canadian player? Geez as TP would say. didn’t even see Canada playing last weekend

  7. Stella said

    Niemayer has scruffy hair each time I’v seen him — as if he’s slept in it and just woken up. This chap is neat and tidy. When Niemayer played Fed in Montreal this summer he looked a complete mess, but his game wasnt though, but he is a lefty

  8. Plané said


  9. Sol said

    It’s Stefan Koubek from Austria

  10. Kitu said

    Jakko Nieminen

  11. chieko said

    Good morning. I have no idea.

    • chieko said

      Just a very wild guess, could it be the guy who almost killed Jenny san’ country man TIm Henman san??? Thomas Muster san from the video you showed us the other day I think. Have to go !!

      To the winner. Alex san will sing you the song with his music.

      ** And please take lots of pictures in TP sansei’s basement in the sky. And use wanna post to air all of them so we can see his face his place his kitchen sink his goats and his inflatables and his next door neighbour if you have extrs films. Have to go!! Bye.

      • Claire said

        Chieko san,
        That’s a great idea! Chieko, I used to work at Sumitomo Bank years ago, does mushi,mushi mean hello when you are answering the phone?

      • chieko said

        Hi Claire san, I am so glad that you did work for a Japanese bank.

        I believe you mean Moshi Moshi, yes it is almost like hello and mainly used in answering the telephone. It is not used like hello which is used all the time.

        Talk to you soon , bye bye.

  12. TheHumbleOne said

    I know the answer. But I won’t say, for fear of the “reward” to the winner.

  13. Jenny said

    It says Chile vs Austria DC. It would be Stefan Koubek.

  14. Absolutfed said

    Stefan Koubek

  15. Somebody Else said

    So all you cheaters figured out it’s an Austrian player. That didn’t take TOO long.

    TP, change the .jpg title next time. 😉

    • Sol said

      Actually, in the photos underneath (the DC ones), there’s a pic of Koubek. I just looked at what he’s wearing and assumed the player in this pic is also him. I didn’t cheat by clicking on properties, but I will next time now that I know about it 😉

  16. Kathryn said

    Fed’s erstwhile lefty hitting partner, Stefan Koubek.

  17. Winner: PLANE.

  18. chieko said

    Congratulations Plane san. But how about the basement treat TP sansei!! You promised didn’t you ???

  19. chieko said

    Congratulations Plane san. What about the basement treat?? NO??

  20. Plané said

    I knew he was Koubek because I’m Chilean and I saw all the matches last weekend.

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