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Next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on October 3, 2009

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

At the US Open final, there was a point when Delpo began to believe he can really win this against Federer. But after that he reached a place when he KNEW he’s going to win this.

Delpo engaged in an unusual activity when he reached that state of KNOWLEDGE. Can you guess what that was?

32 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Sol said

    He high-fived some people in the crowd after making that shot from the left of the court

  2. Alex said

    that delusional ‘sweet spot’ that you talk about?

  3. Bettyjane said

    Good LORD these contests just spring up out of nowhere. What Sol said for sure!!! (Taylor Dent influence!)

  4. Carolee said

    I was sure that the high five would back fire on Del Po! I thought Rog would get fired up and take him OUT. Sol, you are correct. sir.

    • Jenny said

      Sol’s a woman Carolee. Sol is Spanish for sun.

      • BANTI said

        Sol is a woman? News to me:)

      • Bettyjane said

        LOL Banti. Until a month ago I thought she was a he as well. (and gay to boot.)

      • MIKE_ said

        Sol, I thought you were a guy initially too. Perhaps you should switch from Spanish to French to avoid further confusion? … Soleil?

      • Sol said

        Lol. Thanks for clearing that up, Jenny.

        MIKE, “Soleil” sounds so cheesy, like a name Madonna will give her fifth kid or something. But better that than sounding like a bald fat gay guy, right? I’ll consider it 😉

  5. Screwdriver said

    I have to call for the referral system on this matter…..
    I waited for the time when TP was going to post his wall of fame contest at 3pm (the last one remember the davis cup who is he question and he promised a visit to his basement :-)….and then I respond with the correct answer within few mins of his post…and my messages were not posted(I thought may be they are been moderated but I had posted many times before without moderation) I conclude mr.TP promptly deleted my messages? wish I had proof…oh well 🙂
    As for this contest goes..its Sol furrr sure

    • Jenny said

      I don’t think for one minute TP would do that, Screwdriver. Many of us have had problems posting on certain threads, they just disappear into thin air.. I think it’s a WordPress issue.

    • Bettyjane said

      I agree with Jenny about this disappearing phenomenon being a wordpress issue. Just today I saw that two of my posts didn’t make it up. Sorry Screwdriver, as that’s particularly frustrating for these all-important Wall contests with prizes that never actually materialize.

      • Screwdriver said

        Thanks Guys..I know TP wouldn’t do that but it did’nt happen to me before; and it was so frustrating that I couldn’t get onto the wall of fame and more so I couldn’t win the coveted trip to TP’s dungeon.

      • Ricke said

        It has happened to me as well.

      • Jenny said

        I know how you feel Screwdriver, but do you really want to visit that dingy and unhealthy basement?? LOL Seriously, it is a pain when one types a well thought out comment and it disappears into nothing. A tip: Copy and save it into a document to be retrieved and re-tried at a later time, no?!

  6. zihwye said

    you are clearly running out of questions we cant google the answer to.
    this is quite a good question tho’, unfortunately I have yet to watch the match cos I recorded it but I’ve kinda got no patience to watch it now since I know the result already.

    • Rollin said

      Watch it, it’s worth it. I have it recorded, too. Saw it about 6 or 7 hours after it happened. I still have the French Open final and the 5th set of the Wimbledon final, too! Deleted the Madrid final and Nadal’s French loss not too long ago. I wish i could log them somewhere so i wouldn’t have to delete them. They take up too many DVR hours. It’s almost like a best-of collection of matches, i love it. Gotta tape ’em all!

      • zihwye said

        i still have french open ’08 and wimbledon ’08 and ’09 finals.
        but wimby ’08 is kinda destroyed cos i didnt have enough memory space for the number of rain breaks!
        there must be a way to load them onto your com/hard disk drive.

  7. Winner: SOL.

    Point in question @5:09.

  8. Screwdriver said

    Flashing news…DelP loses to some rank pathetic is that

    • Jenny said

      E. Roger-Vasselin is a qualifier from France. Losses like this happen to ’em all at some point, nothing is ever certain in this game. Thought Delpo might have gone deeper, but didn’t see him winning the trophy somehow.

      • Jenny said

        I see Roddick has been knocked out by a qualifier too, ranked higher than #189, he’s #143! Fena knocked out David and after a very close first set, the match could have gone either way if it had reached a third, David was well up in the second, but let Fena back in. I’m rooting for Fena all the way now in Beijing.

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