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Serran in London @ WTF. Great job. Thanks. You get on the Wall Of Fame (special category).

Posted by tennisplanet on November 28, 2009


Ohh, looks like it didn’t pick the xhtml references. Here I leave you the direct link to the images, I hope that works.


41 Responses to “Serran in London @ WTF. Great job. Thanks. You get on the Wall Of Fame (special category).”

  1. jennifur said

    thats adorable. u deserve special spot!!! gr8 photo. u look v/happy even tho fed lost. 🙂

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This is frikkin awesome! TP should hand the entire site to you for this!

  3. Gracie said

    Fantastic Serran! You most definitely deserve a spot for yourself on the Wall of Fame!

  4. Stella said

    great Serran. Looks like youre having a great time

  5. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Hey Serran, is that TP next to you?

  6. Stella said

    thought it comical that Serran said he couldn’t get a cell/mobile phone signal in the O2 arena to post live pics — isn’t O2 a cell phone company in the UK —and you can’t get a signal in their own arena !!

  7. Dee said

    Ha Ha well done! Forget those super models, Now you are the face of TP.

  8. Bettyjane said

    Is this a first—a photo of a freak on this site that’s not an avatar!? Love it. Great job!!!

  9. evie said

    Great pics. And I’m very jealous of your great seats.

  10. Jenny said

    Wow, Serran! FANTASTIC! Thank you, well deserved Hall of Famer!!

  11. chipnputt said

    Awesome, Serran!

  12. Serran said

    Thank you guys!! ^_^

    uauh, I’m flattered to be featured in the main page, I didn’t expect that.

    The one next to me is my brother, for those of you asking.

    And even though you can’t see it, I was wearing a red Switzerland T-shirt, to show my true colors ^_^

    Stella: yeah, you’re right it is a bit comical. I actually had a signal, but since my cell is Spanish the data plan does not include traffic generated in a foreign country, and it is pricey. So my phone has been pretty much useless since I got here, because I can’t use for anything other than calling and sms without getting charged a fortune.

    Anyway, it was great fun, I’ll be back again definitely next year if I can.

    Thanks again guys! Take care!


    • Stella said

      for next time — when I was in the UK a few months ago my canadian cell phone wouldn’t work so I went into Orange and bought a cute little phone for 10 pounds and 10 pounds airtime. The airtime has no expiry, the phone only has to be used at least once every 6 months ( i can take the SIM card out, send it to the UK, get a friend to use it for a one minute call, and the phone will be all set to go when I’m in the Uk next summer ) And, by the way, it worked in Madeira ( Portugal)

  13. Serran said

    And thank you, TP!! 😉

  14. Carolee said

    Looking good, Serran!

  15. Jodaku said

    Awesome dude!

  16. banti said

    Great job! And great idea.

  17. Sergeant said

    Thanks for this, Serran!

  18. Ricke said

    I am sooooooooooo very jealous! Looks like you had a great time. Well done! Wall of Fame for sure!

  19. Claire said

    Thanks Serran,
    You look great – thanks for sharing a picture of yourself! Did many people ask you about TennisPlanet or said they know about it??? Would be interesting to know crowd response to your sign! 🙂

    • Serran said

      Well, my pleasure.

      As for the crowd response, I really don’t know what to tell you. No one came personally to ask me about the site, but I can tell you that when I stepped on the platform to take the pictures I was received with a million flashes from cameras taking pictures of me with the poster… so I wouldn’t be surprised if more of these images turn up somewhere else on the Internet. Maybe they’ll send them to Tennis Planet, who knows! ^_^

  20. zihwye said

    you’re fantastic.
    i think you should put that image (that green sign that reads tennis planet whatever) online so we can all download & print it out and take a photo with it at whatever big tennis event we’re at.
    where big means professional outside of school/community events. lol.

  21. Neeraj said

    Fantastic job Serran, bravo !!

  22. ricky said

    good job!
    you look like davydenko’s brother, is it a sign that he will prevail? I really hope so!

  23. Sol said

    Serran! This is great! Can’t believe noone thought about doing that before! So nice to put a (smiley) face on a name. You definitely deserve Wall of Fame (and you get extra points for wearing swiss colors 😉 ). Glad to hear you had fun. Keep posting.

    Btw, who are the two players in the background of that last pic?

    • Serran said

      I don’t know Sol, they were probably two line judges or ball kids or whatever…

      Anyway, they stepped on court just after Federer and Davydenko left, while people were still leaving the arena.

    • Serran said

      The pic before that are actually Federer and Davydenko, just in case 😉

  24. UM17 said

    Brilliant!! Someday, we need to see ourselves represented on TV… Get on it, guys!

  25. clifford said

    well done!

  26. monique said

    You look like Davydenko..but with hair and a stubble, great smile and handsome.

  27. DK said

    Awsome Serran!
    This will generate even more recognition for the site! Hmm.. Is there going to be too much of a good thing? People who thought of themselves as fans (but did not visit the site before, so can they really be called fans?) will be coming in droves. The site will be overwhelmed… TP will have to give up his day job as a dashing investment banker or a hotshot litigator, and concentrate on running the site full-time. He may even have to hire help… Hmm… Someone whose name begins with an “S” and end with an “N”? Is an IPO in the future? All of that thanks to Serran!

    Also, considering people will be coming from all corners of the world, we’ll need to accommodate languages other than English. May the “Wanna Post” heading will have to be translated into some languages like German, French, Spanish… Our cosmopolitan audience can handle an occasional translation.

    Vamos Serran!

  28. Serran said

    Again, thank you guuys!!

    I just got home after the flight and I am truly exhausted. It was one hell of a trip and I will remember it forever.

    I’ll get back tomorrow, when I have put the poster up so that you can download it if you want.


  29. YMD said

    What a great sign and you look so happy to be holding it!

    Once the sign is downloaded, TP could have a “Where in the world are you freaks holding up my sign” Contest.

  30. Serran said

    Hey everyone,

    Here I leave you the image files of the poster I took with me to the WTF, in case any of you wants to print it out and take it to any ATP event. It would be very nice if some of us recognized each other on a tennis stadium because of these posters. I can picture some very good laughs if that ever happens.

    I have uploaded two images: one with the very same text I used, and another one blank, with just the TP logo, so that you can add whatever message you want. – Tennis Planet Poster – Tennis Planet Poster – Blank

    I hope you like them, and that we see more of these during the 2010 season. The first one to actually be displayed on TV with the poster should get a prize, don’t you think? 😛


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