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Djokovic to star in Serbian mini-series. From Bjornino. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 27, 2009


Merry Belated X-mas everyone :-)

I just saw this on

December 25, 2009
Djokovic to star in Serbian mini-series

“A 10-part Serbian mini-series about Yugoslav king Aleksander Karadjordjevic is to feature Novak Djokovic as Aleksander.
The €3 million series, which will air in over a year’s time, tells the story of the monarch who united Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia under the kingdom of Yugoslavia after World War I. Djokovic’s younger brother Dordje will play Aleksander as a young man.”

I for one will get my DVD recorder ready for when this airs :-D


12 Responses to “Djokovic to star in Serbian mini-series. From Bjornino. Thanks.”

  1. Jenny said

    Thanks, Bjornino. I wouldn’t mind seeing it either, but I would need English sub-titles!

  2. ymd said

    Safin is producing an ice show “Stalin on Ice,” and Federer will be featured in the play “No, we weren’t hiding Nazi loot; we were holding the items stolen from the Jews for the Jews to claim after the war was over, and oops we forgot to give it back to them.”

  3. Claire said

    Life after tennis for Djokovic – an actor??

  4. Jef Costello said

    I wonder if the tennis media will now crucify Nole (as they have done with Serena), for losing focus on tennis etc. by doing a stint of “acting”. If this report is actually true, perhaps it is a good step for Nole, as he certainly couldn’t dethrone King Federer 🙂

    • Ricke said

      My thoughts exactly Jef! Serena and Venus have gone through a lot of public scrutiny for “wasting” their tennis talents with their pursuit of outside interests. I, for one think they have done just fine with their balanced lives.

      • Jenny said

        I believe in balanced lives too, life isn’t a rehearsal and one never knows what’s around the corner, good luck Novak, enjoy, try to ignore the critics and continue to march to the beat of your own drum, he has a great game and is still young enough to realise his full potential. Not all players have the mentality to grind it out day in and day out, thus grinding themselves down in the process, they need more than that.

  5. ymd said

    I’d love to know whose money is being used to front this project.

  6. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    I’d immediately cast Djokovic as the son of Robert De Niro in my new movie, ‘Son of Robert De Niro’

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