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Prediction thread for 2010 Grand Slam winners.

Posted by tennisplanet on December 30, 2009


TP, do we have a prediction thread for 2010 grandslams winners yet?


Nobody won last year’s. For rock people here’s how it works:

Predict winners of all Slams and get on the Wall Of Fame. If you can do that AND predict the runner-up too, you ALSO win a 2010 Mercedes Benz.


AO: Winner – Verdasco, Runner up – Nadal.

FO:  Winner – Roddick, Runner up – Nadal.

Wimby: Winner – Nalbandian, Runner up – Djokovic.

USO: Winner – Nadal, Runner up – Federer.


53 Responses to “Prediction thread for 2010 Grand Slam winners.”

  1. Sarah said

    AO: Winner – Davydenko, Runner up – Nadal.
    FO: Winner – Soderling, Runner up – Nadal.
    Wimby: Winner – Roddick, Runner up – Murray.
    USO: Winner – Nadal, Runner up – Federer.

  2. Sol said

    Interesting predictions Sarah. Especially Davy at the AO.

    Here goes:

    AO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Del Potro
    FO: Winner – Nadal, Runner up – Tsonga
    Wimby: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Murray
    USO: Winner – Djoko, Runner up – Nalbandian

  3. banti said

    AO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Del Potro
    FO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Potro
    Wimby: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Murray
    USO: Winner –Fed, Runner up – potro

    Lol.. well count me out of contention already, but these are my picks. And sorry Rafa, love you man but I’m lacking faith.

  4. gilly said

    Djok is going to win one but which one I don’t know.

  5. Just Me said

    So, here I go with my predictions(more or less serious):

    AO: Winner-Del Potro, Runner up-Federer; (Davydenko -semis?)
    FO: W-Fed,RU- Nadal;
    Wimbledon: W-Fed, RU-Nadal;
    US Open: W-Djoko, RU-Fed (Potro in semis?)

  6. michael v said

    AO: W – Murray / ru – Fed
    FO: W – Nadal / ru – Monfils
    Wm: W – Fed / ru – Cilic
    US: W – Djok / ru Delpo

  7. Somebody Else said

    w: Federer (statement win)
    ru: Djokovic (overcomes breathing issue)

    w: Nadal (barely gets to final)
    ru: Del Potro (beats Fed in semis revenge)

    w: Federer (on a mission for no.7)
    ru: Murray (musters the nerve to reach final)

    w: Del Potro (golden boy repeat win over Fed in semis)
    ru: Nadal (finally makes a final, but no Fed)

    –Federer makes semis of all four slams again

    • Sarah said

      “Federer makes semis of all four slams again”

      That will be something, if he can do that.

      • M said

        I’d love to see that. Roger said in an interview last year that he thought he had a good seven or eight years of pro tennis left at least. 🙂

    • banti said

      Liking this one too. Possible winner.. I have pick the possible winners among all of you bc I have no chance in hell.

      • Somebody Else said

        I’m rooting for a Fed calendar slam, but after 2009 blown by two 5th-set disasters to bookend his RG-Wimby double, how many more chances is he going to get?

  8. Dee said

    Oh my goodness! Geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!! indeed.

  9. kitty said

    AO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Roddick
    FO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Del Potro
    Wimby: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Nadal
    USO: Winner – Fed, Runner up – Djoker
    Calendar Slam it is!! hope for the best!

  10. kitty said

    TP, the chance of predicting all four slams correctly is sooo slim
    But it would be interesting if you could publish the closest predictions, just for the heck of it 🙂

  11. O said

    Pugilists like Delpo are real contenders in all slams, Nadal can still win FO if anything:
    AO: Favourate: Mouthray
    RG: Favourate: Mouthray
    Winby: Favourate: Mouthray
    UO: Favourate: Mouthray

    AO: winner – Federer, Runner – Mouthray
    RG: winner – Delpo, Runner – Federer
    WB: winner – Federer, Runner – Nadal
    UO: winner – Delpo, Runner – Federer

  12. clifford said

    I’ll give it a shot, but I think Somebody Else has it right…..

    AO: Fed over Djoker
    FO: Fed over Djoker
    WB: Fed over Murray
    USO: Delpo over Fed

  13. Dee said

    I think I am going to wait till warm up matches. Just want to see how well that Christmas pudding sits with Fed.There is no dead line is there, as long as it’s before AO?

  14. bento said

    I am not going to predict runner-ups because I might win.

    AO – Federer
    RG – Nadal
    WO – Nadal
    US – Murray

  15. Ricke said

    LOL. Love your example TP. Roddick winner of the FO and Nadal the USO. Priceless.

  16. M said

    Nostalgia is good too. I’m all off topic, but I’m watching Roger and Rafa play their Wimbledon 2008 final on ESPN’s Best of the Decade while my nails dry.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  17. bluechyll said

    AO: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Murray.

    FO: Winner – Djokovic, Runner up – Nadal

    Wimby: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Nadal

    USO: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Del Potro

    Basically, I have no idea :]

  18. Claire said

    TP – What about last year? Wasn’t there a prize mentioned?

  19. Alex said

    AO- Del Potro, Federer

    RG- Nadal, djokovic

    WB- Federer, Nadal

    US- Federer, Del Potro

  20. Ange said

    Aus – Winner (Murray} Runner Up (Federer}

    French – Winner (Nadal) Runner Up (Federer)

    Wimby – Winner (Federer) Runner Up (Nadal)

    US – Winner (Nadal) Runner Up (Murray)

  21. Vikram said

    AO: Winner — Fed, RU — Nadal
    FO: Winner — DelPo, RU — Nadal
    WO: Winner — Nadal, RU — Federer
    USO: Winner — Fed, RU — Davy

  22. Serran said

    OK, here’s my prediction:

    AO: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Murray
    FO: Winner – Del Potro, Runner up – Nadal
    Wimby: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Murray
    USO: Winner – Federer, Runner up – Djokovic

    Fed again in all 4 SF’s, but beaten by DelPo in RG, who goes on to win the title against a drained Rafa.

    Murray: this year 2 Slam finals, but no luck yet.

    Djokovic: Still comes up short against Fed in the USO final

    Good luck!

    Bonus: ATP WTF, Winner – Djokovic, Runner Up – Del Potro.

  23. Max said

    AO Winner: Murray, RU: Nadal

    FO Winner: Monfils, RU: Nadal

    Wim Winner: Federer, RU: Murray

    UO Winner: Murray, RU: Del Potro

  24. Steph said

    AO: Fed RU Murray
    FO: Soderling RU Nadal
    WM: Delpo RU Federer
    UO: Murray RU Federer

    This is a tougher call than last year!

  25. Stella said

    AO Delpo RU Federer
    FO Djoker RU Nadal
    Wimby Roddick RU Federer
    USO Soderling RU Federer

  26. Somebody Else said

    Bluechyll, Serran, and Steph have correctly predicted the AO’10 outcome. Congrats.

    Who will get the French correct???

  27. S.G.H said

    Hey everyone, watch this funny video in youtube, “What if Rafa & Roger grunted like Maria Sharapova & Venus?” Is really funny, here is the link:

  28. naishal said

    here’s my prediction


    FO: Winner – Nadal, Runner up – FEDERER

    Wimby: Winner – FEDERER, Runner up – NADAL

    USO: Winner–FEDERER, Runner up – DEL POTRO

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