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Who are two current players with alarmingly close identical thoughts?

Posted by tennisplanet on January 4, 2010

While there must be a general consensus as to what should REALLY happen to Federer to open up the field, there are two clowns in particular who are without a doubt harboring very similar thoughts for a long long time now.

Have a clue?

Ever since Tonya Harding set a precedent, there must have been a horde of current and past players and athletes who must have entertained that brand of sportsmanship sometime or the other.

For rock people, Tanya Harding attempted to break her opponent’s legs to ensure victory on ice. Geeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

So who, at Tennisdom, has been reliving similar scenes?

Federer and Roddick, don’t you think – for their own reasons?


11 Responses to “Who are two current players with alarmingly close identical thoughts?”

  1. monique said

    Andy said it once at a presser. When Andy meets Fed in the locker room, he says to him and I would like to make him trip but he is too much of a nice guy, I cannot do that…… I will try and find the video where he says that.

  2. monique said

    “I’ve told him before ‘I’d love to hate you, but you’re really nice,'” Roddick said.

    Andy said that in a presser about Federer……
    and he said also, when I meet him in the locker room, I would like to trip him but he is much too nice.

  3. Sarah said

    Roger is so well liked; I don’t see any one wanting to hurt him. They just want to beat him. Serena would more likely be a victim of a Tonya Harding ‘like’ attack.

    • M said

      He scared me so when he didn’t pull away from that guy at RG. It was like he just stood there and didn’t react, and he knew security would take care of it.

      I wanted to shriek “Where are those world class reflexes?” But that wouldn’t have been dignified.

      • Jenny said

        The interloper is well known to the footie crowd, he’s a disruptive, pesky attention seeker who runs onto the pitch, but has never presented as a danger. He has a special name which I can’t recall. I’m sure Roger must have seen him before, he watches football.

      • M said

        That’s a relief. ‘Cause my gosh, he scared me

        (I don’t follow much futból, the only player I really know, other than Torres and Casillas, is the one who shares Rafa’s name – Marquez – he’s (almost) just as beautiful.)

        But Roger follows FC Basel, right? So he would have known.

      • Jenny said

        Yes, Roger follows FC Basel. Rafa, Fernando, Feli – Real Madrid. David FC Valencia, Barcelona. I would imagine Tommy supports Barca.

      • Jenny said

        M, the guy’s name is Jimmy Jump, he’s a Catalan-Spanish pitch invader, if you recall he was carrying the Barca flag.

      • M said

        “M, the guy’s name is Jimmy Jump, he’s a Catalan-Spanish pitch invader, if you recall he was carrying the Barca flag.”

        Jenny, you are so observant. I didn’t even see the flag, I just saw him throwing this piece of cloth over his head, I was so panicked over Roger.

        (The more you tell me, the more sense it all makes, though, as much sense as something like that could make.)

      • Jenny said

        LOL ‘a piece of cloth’, loved it! Doesn’t make much sense to me either. Don’t even think of acquiring the Real Madrid flag if you get my drift!

        How is the knee??

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