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Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on January 12, 2010

What do following players have in common?

Tsonga, Baghdatis, Schuettler and Clement.

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

30 Responses to “Here’s the next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Stella said

    all got to the AO final and lost

    • Sol said

      Damn. I had it too. You win, Stella 🙂

      • Jessica said

        I read in the new Wall of Fame rules that, when someone who has already won a contest in the past, the person who ends second(ly?) also wins. So in that case, the one who is second best also earns a place in the famous list. Unless he/she also has won before, then number three is a winner too. You all understand??? Great!

      • Jessica said

        I read in the new Wall of Fame rules 2010 that when someone who has already won a contest in the past, the person who ends second(ly?) is a winner too. So in that case the one who is secondbest also will be placed in the Wall of Fame. You all understand?? Great!
        But don’t worry Stella: your victory will absolutely be mentioned behind your name in the list.

    • Somebody Else said

      Stella, this victory makes four wall of fame wins for you.
      One more win after this one and you become the first Grand Slam Wall of Fame listee.
      Don’t know if “Ch” is coming back.

  2. Stella said

    possibly even got there unseeded and lost.

  3. Jessica said

    I think they were all unseeded and lost the final at AO.

  4. Barbara said

    They all unexpectedly got to the AO final and lost, never to win it before or after

  5. kitty said

    That is obvious. Is there something else we are missing? Normally TP’s questions are not so easy

  6. Bettyjane said

    Crap! I forgot all about the contest—and it was on New York time too!! Congrats Stella!!!

  7. Jessica said

    They all play tennis and are ranked on ATP worldtour list somehwere between 0 and 150.

    (must be a right answer)

  8. Jenny said

    Congrats, Stella!

  9. Serran said

    Congrats Stella, way to go!

  10. O said

    Thought this is a good one:
    1998 and 2008, Sampras and Federer
    tom hoang

    View Profile
    Member Written on January 12, 2010

    There have been countless articles comparing Sampras’s and Federer’s competition, and needless to say, many of those were implying Sampras faced greater competition in his days. At some point, even Sampras himself was tempted to see things that way.

    I have never believed in comparing different eras or decades. You have to play against what is in front of you. But I thought it’s interesting to look at two years, 1998 and 2008.

    In 1998, Sampras lost in the QF of the AO, somewhere before the semi at the French, won Wimbledon, and lost US Open in the semi. Yet he still ended the year number one for the last time.

    In 2008 Federer lost in the semi of the AO, lost in final of FO, lost in final at Wimbledon, won the US Open, and ended the year number 2.

    Sampras and Federer were the same age in 1998 and 2008, respectively. You make your own observation about the competition they faced.

  11. Dee said

    Well, They all have letter T in their name.

  12. TheHumbleOne said

    Aw, SCHUETT!! …Too slow 😦

  13. Correct answer: In recent years, the Australian Open has often provided the stage for unheralded players to emerge with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (2008), Marcos Baghdatis (2006), Rainer Schuettler (2003) and Arnaud Clement (2001) among the surprise finalists of the past decade.

    WINNER:BARBARA – They all unexpectedly got to the AO final and lost, never to win it before or after.

  14. Operative words: Unheralded and unexpectedly.

  15. Stella said

    TP thats what I said ” they got to the final and lost ” Thats fact.That little extra of Barbara “Never to win it before or after ” is untrue — these players are still playing and therefore may win it “after”. You can’t make that statement until their careers are over and as far as I know they’re all still playing .
    So , although I already have 3 and don’t begrudge Barbara a win her answer is not factually true.
    Also , maybe “unexpectedly ” is not really true either as our N American commentators had for several years been picking
    tsonga as a possible grand slam winner who had not lived up to expectations — much the same as they said about roger until he got his first Wimby.

    • Somebody Else said

      I think your answer is also correct.
      TP just chose to be more subjective on this one and picked the more informative post.
      You are well ahead, a favorite for Grand Slam Wall of Fame status in the season ahead.
      I need to be on my game to compete with you. Quickness is key.

  16. Stella said

    ” before or since” I’d accept as true. “before or after ” just ain’t true as After hasn’t happened yet and won’t till they’ve all retired .
    PS I used to teach grammar and was on the Uni debating team.

    • kitty said

      🙂 Nice argument Stella! I understand where you are coming from, but just chill. I am thinking “after” means till current time.

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