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Special status at Tennisplanet.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 5, 2010

Following nuts are hereby awarded ‘special status’ on this site:








Criteria? They have been putting up with this nonsense since the very inception of this stupid site: 2006.

Privileges for this ‘special status’?

-Crossing any of them is not a good idea.

-They enjoy veto power on any comment / poster they see unfit, out of line etc.

-They can be amongst the top ten responders on Wall Of Fame contest and still qualify for listing along with the winner, if any.


87 Responses to “Special status at Tennisplanet.”

  1. bunnee said

    yeah, listen up or watch it!geeezus…

  2. Jenny said

    My pleasure, TP. I’m off to Santiago now!

  3. bluechyll said

    Congratulations Jenny, Gracie, Bunnee, Chieko and Mordecai!!

  4. chipnputt said

    I think you should also send them each of them a goat on their birthday! That would be real special status.

  5. Serran said

    Uauh! Congrats! Totally and completely deserved, you guys rock and it is because of people like you that I enjoy this site so much 😉

    Keep it up!

  6. CV. said

    Congratulations to all of you. Well Deserved.

    Jenny you are very special. Enjoy your trip.
    Peace & Love.

  7. Chieko said

    TP sama , domoarigatougozaimasu!! Thank you so very much. You are so considerate and we love you so very much. I am so happy that I came here. And nothing , honestly nothing can make me leave this site. Love and respect from Chieko always.

    P.S>I feel so honoured to be among all of you tennis fans.

  8. Adrian said

    Wow! Congratulations guys!! I agree, you guys totally deserve it!! I must say I’m a bit jealous because I have also been coming to this site since it started in 06… BUUUUUT (BIG but) I have certainly not contributed as much as you guys!! The joys of the PhD…! 😦

    Congratulations again!! And Jenny, have fun in Santiago! I’m jealous of that too!!!!!!! jaja

    • bunnee said

      don’t be jealous adrian — not sure how i was ever picked cuz when it comes to word/entry count, i’ve not been so prolific. plus i don’t pretend to be a tennis scribe — tp ussually comes up with the goods — succintly & thoroughly. maybe he’s just generally an animal lover. & he does have a delicate side…

    • Jenny said

      Hey Adrian! You’re on TP’s oldest list now!!

      • arbit said

        Congrats to the the chosen folks :)…..i have been trolling around this site since 06 (i presume since its inception)…and have thoroughly enjoyed it…..and as is the case with Adrian, I completed my PhD during this time….and am about to join as a faculty in an Ivy league school in May….i have enjoyed and still keep enjoying this website to the fullest…..and will have to commend all the folks here and to tp’s goats who get the most crazy out of him……and holler to the fellow tp peeps…jenny and cheiko san….yay to you guys….ciao

      • M said

        Congrats to you, Arbit!

        (P.S. Totally unsolicited suggestion, but if I were you? And about to join the faculty of an Ivy? I’d continue to troll. My dad is Emeritus of one, and you’re going to need *something* to peruse where folks at least approximate having a sense of humor.)

      • arbit said

        Thanks M…and thanks TP for adding a not-so-deserving aficionado in the famed list…..btw M, ur suggestion is very welcome…..there is a reason i have been following all of you guys on this site, albeit tangentially only. Who knew in addition to weaving magic on the court, Federer would bring and build a community together of such wonderful people!…thanks tp for the this wonderful platform

      • Chieko said

        Arbit san congratulations!! We are so fortunate to have you on the older list!! Thank you TP sama. I love to see the list grow and grow!!

      • Adrian said

        Arbit, congratulations!! That’s an amazing feat! Good luck!

      • chipnputt said

        Wow Arbit, congrats on the Ph. D and the upcoming position! What is your discipline? And congrats to you too Adrian, though I couldn’t tell if you’ve finished with the Ph.D or not. But writing a dissertation while dealing with TP is achievement enough for a congrats.

    • Chieko said

      Congratulations Adrian san, you are also on the list. You deserve it very much. In fact I can see the list growing and growing from now on!! Yes!!

    • Adrian said

      well, i’m in shock! jaja i certainly don’t think i deserve it!! ok, maybe i’m agassi… and jenny, gracie, chieko, etc. are federer, sampras, borg, laver, and emerson! jajaja i’m ok being agassi!! jajaj

      thank you, tp!!

  9. Jill said

    Well done all, very well deserved and thank you TP for this wonderful site.

  10. Gracie said

    TP, ignore Chip’s comment #4. OK? In fact I’d like to use my Special Status to veto that comment right now. Or maybe you could just ‘lose’ my birthday from your list…

    Geeezz, who am I kidding? That cheap freak would never pay to transport a goat!

  11. Dee said

    Hey guys! be aware! Do not fall for this one! I think TP has decided to retire and looking for a replacement!

  12. Jenny said

    Thank you so much, guys. It’s been such a pleasure and privilege knowing and sharing with you all.

    Ymd, Chipnputt, CV, Adrian, LOL I was only kidding about actually going to Santiago…I wish!! I was in freezing London all the while watching the matches on stream in the early hours and last night slugging strong coffee pulling my hair out at the same time. I will write a match report on the live thread.

    Peace and Respect – Take Care.

  13. ricky said

    good job guys, and please go on like this, I love it!

  14. extranjera said

    I for one welcome our newly goat-loving tennis overlords/ladies.

    *Honestly hoping you’re not all trapped in some basement*

  15. boxingary said

    “Crossing any of them is not a good idea.”
    Your admonition about “crossing” them reminds me
    of one of the greatest lines from a sportswriter ever:

    Before Laurence Tureaud [ known to the world as “Mr. T” ]
    became a celebrity in his own right, he was a bodyguard
    for Leon Spinks during the latter’s brief stint at the
    top of the heavyweight boxing world. A sportwriter named
    Ed Schuyler, Jr., noting Mr. T’s fearsome appearance and
    I-PITY-THE-FOOL! attitude, came up with the following pearl:

    “Don’t cross Mister T, or he’ll dot your eyes.”

    So, congrats to our Fabulous Five! I ain’t messin’ with ya…

  16. M said

    Well-deserved congratulations to everyone on that fabulous list. Quite a tenure. You’re our role models!

    “I for one welcome our newly goat-loving tennis overlords/ladies.”
    LOLOLOL! 😀

  17. Ricke said

    I am jealous, but you certainly deserve it. This site is so much better with all your great contributions and insites.

  18. kitty said

    That’s nice TP, you guys deserve it!!! I did’nt discover this lost planet till last year but I read every article and comment from its inception, I deserve a wall of fame, no? 😉 just love this site and you witty people!! long live

  19. Leachim said

    Congrats to our top five!

  20. Sol said

    Congratulations to our VIPs!

    You were here from the beginning and you are responsible for turning me and probably many others into TP-addicts. Well, you and TP of course!

  21. oh please. a bunch of FedKADs lol

    • bunnee said

      present company exempted of course


    • bunnee said

      ok ok, a bit of hero worship has certainly occurred here, even by our venerable host, tho he’d not be so quick to admit it.

      any railing / flipflopping stems out of tough love & serves only to keep the fed on his toes.

  22. Scott said

    I think our VIPs were chosen very well. Well done, TP.

    And for the record, if I have ever said anything rash or obnoxious to any of the six of you, I hereby take it back. 😛

    • Jenny said

      LOL Scott, you haven’t said anything rash or obnoxious to me, I assure you. We were chosen as being the ‘oldest’ members on the site according to TP’s records, [don’t go there with the age, Scott! lol] I hadn’t realised I had been here that long.

    • Chieko said

      Scott san you have already been very nice !! Never obnoxious to anyone at all.

    • bunnee said

      hey scott! it’s okay to say wot u think…

  23. Raj said

    Congratulations to all the inductees to VIP status! I am jealous!

  24. Bettyjane said

    Heartiest and heartfelt congrats to you all. (Is Mordecai missing in action? I haven’t seen posts lately)
    I always appreciate how TP is gracious in making the site as much about us as himself. Well done.

  25. TheHumbleOne said

    Can’t think of a more-deserving group of thoughtful & loyal contributors!

  26. ymd said

    Chieko: Your parents wanted me to tell you this “special status” does not excuse you from being late for dinner.

    • Chieko said

      Ha ha ha thank you for reminding me. I shall try my best. Please have a wonderful time with all of us during the clay court season. I am so happy !! thank you.

  27. jett09 said

    Jenny, Gracie, Bunnee, Chieko San, Mordecai & Adrian – Congratulations to all of you. Well Deserved. Because of this site, I’ve learned a lot about tennis, players including and also meeting lovely people. Thanks TP for this wonderful site.

  28. Manon said

    Well deserved and congrats!!!

    Cheers to the kindest and most well informed bunch of tennis nuts I’ve come across!!!! 🙂

  29. Sol said

    Hi Jenny!
    Just watching a bit of the Cilic v. Berrer match. Really good tennis from both players. I’m really enjoying it so far

  30. Sol said

    BTW, sorry about Gonzo. Just saw the score, didn’t know he lost. I remember the first time I saw Bellucci at the 2008 FO against Nadal, I thought he was really good. I was impressed by his tennis.

  31. CV. said

    Jenny you are a Darling. We all love you including TP.
    You are a constant on the post, always responding to our requests. WE ARE APPRECIATIVE OF YOUR CONSTANT CONTRIBUTIONS. Thank you all very much.

  32. CV said


    Thank you, we are enjoying each day challenges and all.
    All the Best to you and your family.

  33. bunnee said

    hi tennis compatriots:

    tomorrow, off to my hometown of vancouver — the winter olympics happens in 5 days & the city is feverish! (calgary enjoyed the honour back in ’88). i’ll be skiing AND playing tennis on the same day…

    while i never miss a week of reading this blog, i’ll write only when i think i have something (semi)substantial to contribute. i love TP & everyone here!

    an aside: as a hobby, i make these bookmarks & shirts to sell & have amassed a collection of quotes to go with their designs. i want to share a few of them: perchance some of these could help turn our miserable lives around?!

    – A cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education. (Mark Twain)
    – Don’t build more nukes until we’ve used up the ones we have.
    – Each man’s memory is his private literature. (Aldous Huxley)
    – God, please save me from your followers!
    – In Heaven, all the interesting people are missing. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
    – Faith means not wanting to know what is true. (Friedrich Nietzsche)
    – Grub first, then ethics. (Bertolt Brecht)
    – If you are going through hell, keep going. (Winston Churchill)
    – Look busy – Jesus is coming.
    – I hate to lose more than I love to win. (Jimmy Connors)
    – Start every day off with a smile & get it over with. (WC Fields)
    – The covers of this book are too far apart. (Ambrose Bierce)
    – My wallpaper & I are duelling to the death. One or the other has to go. (Oscar Wilde)
    – Thank you for sending me your book. I’ll waste no time reading it. (Moses Hadas)
    – He had delusions of adequacy. (Walter Kerr)
    – When ideas fail, words come in very handy.
    – The last time I saw him he was walking down Lover’s Lane holding his own hand. (Fred Allen)
    – Your best is none too good!
    – We want bread & roses too! (1912 Strike)
    – What’s the use? Yesterday an egg, tomorrow a feather duster. (F. Scott Fitzgerald)
    – When I want your opinion, I’ll give it to you. (Laurence Peter)
    – When you’ve seen one nuclear war, you’ve seen them all.
    – Don’t just stare at me… fantasize!
    – We don’t make sense, but we do like pizza.
    – There’s nothing wrong with you that reincarnation won’t cure. (Jack Leonard)
    – Don’t cross Mister T, or he’ll dot your eyes. (Ed Schuyler Jr.) [thx boxinggary for the reminder]

    – Lethargy in Motion.
    – Mostly Harmless.
    – I’m kind of a big deal
    – I’m Poor But Good Looking
    – Ask Me… I’m shy.
    – Better dead than mellow
    – Your silliness has been noted.


    • Jenny said

      Hi Bunnee,

      LOL Love your post and share of great quotes, thank you. Have a great time at home, enjoy and take care on the slopes.

    • Stella said

      hi Bunnee — I’m sure going to miss being in back home in Canada for the Olympics ( but it’s warmer here) , I have been wearing my red Olympic mittens though !!!

      • Stella said


      • bunnee said

        oh stella: yvr was lovely. but the corporate sponsorships & crass commercialism was overwhelming & unbearable at times! plus talk about milking a concept dry, ie, the torch relay! also, plenty of average sized condos renting out for 10+ grand per week, crrrazy baby!

  34. kitty said

    See the list growing, arbit just got added to it, congrats!

  35. Mordecai said

    Geeezz, I’ve been visiting this site every morning and posting my nonsensical thoughts for that long? Wow, I guess time flies when you’re having fun as they say. 🙂

    They’re right…we owe it all to you TP. We’re not just here for the tennis, we’re also here for the TP show each day. Thanks for letting us freaks be a part of it.

    Miss the political posts. I guess there’s no need to bash when your party is in power, hehehe.

    Thanks for the honor. It’s been great!

    • kitty said

      TP did a great(OK) job 🙂 of getting you out of hibernation, I haven’t seen your posts for the past one year or so. Congrats to you all!

      • Jenny said

        As we would say in street London, TP’s alright, and that’s a big compliment on this side of the pond.

  36. Bonnie said

    Hey, congrats to all VIP’s!! Well deserved!

    • Chieko said

      Hi Bonnie san so nice to hear from you for you are very special to us. Thank you and congratulation again to everyone.

      TP sama, you are adorable. BTW would you post your picture for us!! NO??

  37. Stella said

    greetings and congratulations to all the VIP’s . How you watch so much tennis and still have a life I cannot work out !!! I’m still recovering from 2 weeks of virtually no sleep due to the AO.
    As far as originals go, I really miss Schop, DSG and Mordecai. Please come back ( or let them back in )

  38. DK said

    Just discovered this thread… Wasn’t DSG on the site since the beginning? Why is she not up there?

    As for any future “Special Status” awards: I hope TP won’t permit any fraud like people just *saying* they were on the site since its inception, without any evidence to back it up… Or we may have a Tennis Enron on our hands!

    Bunnee: totally agree with your Olympics comment of Feb 17th.

    • Jenny said

      DK, I’m pretty sure DSG wasn’t commenting in 2006. Posts weren’t even moderated in those early days, it was live chat as it is now. We used to have another regular poster at the time, Paul. I’m sure TP consults his records rather than relying on just word alone.

      • DK said

        Jenny, thanks for clarifying. Part of this Tennis Enron comment was tongue in cheek, though, I know I don’t convey it well at times…

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