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Trophy wife vs ‘nearly nude’ wife pasted all over the globe.

Posted by tennisplanet on February 10, 2010

I can come to terms with the trophy wife syndrome but how much of a freaking moron do you have to be to willingly marry someone who has been in the past nude publicly on front covers of ‘reputed’ magazines circulated all over the world AND is still continuing with it.

I can somehow still come to grips of what she did in the past and you are tying the knot with a clear understanding it will NOT happen again.

But to not only agree to the shameless display but to encourage it points to major major major personality flaw rooted so deeply and permanently that nothing good can come out of it.

How much of an intense desire do you need to have to WANT a super looking woman as your wife to turn a blind eye to her showing near-everything on international covers?

Isn’t it more than freaking obvious how much your priorities have to be royally screwed up to be riding on that boat?

What’s next? A good-looking hooker? What’s holding you back from that? Morals? Added expense for extra wrap of condoms? Shouldn’t all that look worth the trouble when you appear ‘lucky’ amongst ‘friends’?

No wonder he has a 2-19 record against someone. Once a loser always a loser.


43 Responses to “Trophy wife vs ‘nearly nude’ wife pasted all over the globe.”

  1. Chieko said

    TP sama please do not be upset at him. I bet deep inside he does not like it either, but the money is good and he has no control over her desire to continue her career and he does not want to lose her for it can be boring at times if the husband is practising all time and on the road a lot. So the poor her has to have some fun and recognition or else I think the marriage will not last. I am not even dating yet, but I think that is what I have gathered from what I have heard.

    Besides TP sama I think you are a little ( just very little in Japanese it is Sugoshi ) jealous? NO?? I think she is a bit more ( may be a whole lot more) attractive than your neigbour’s daugther? NO??

  2. Jenny said

    Andy appears content and stated he’s proud of his wife, and that’s the important thing. I’m pretty sure my husband would not have very been happy given the same situation, he would have made his views known in no uncertain terms, and he was never against a career wife.

    • Chieko said

      Jenny san , you have a very good and normal husband. Congratulations!! Today someone told me that Mr. Jimmy Connors ( he was before my time and I donot know his tennis life at all) had a similar wife but she retired right after they married and never surfaced again in her previous job as a naked model. Is that true!??

      • Elizabeth Gregory said

        I don’t know if she posed nudie or nearly nudie, but she was a model and when she and Jimmy Connors married, she retired and raised their children and has been someone any man would be proud of since.

      • ymd said

        So, if she stayed a model, that meant she is some kind of tramp? God forbid Mrs. Connors did not stay at home and raise babies.

      • Sol said

        Lol, Ymd. Yeah, God forbid.

        Personnaly, I don’t like those pics either, I think it makes her look cheap and it’s too bad. But she does what she wants, she’s her own person. Like UM17, I’d like to think Andy doesn’t have his say in this, she’s a swimsuit model, what did he expect her to do when he married her?
        And we don’t have a problem when men pose half naked, do we? Those Fernando Verdasco pics Monique posted last week (?) were just as…undressed…and noone complained, surely not me 😉

      • Gracie said

        “And we don’t have a problem when men pose half naked, do we? Those Fernando Verdasco pics Monique posted last week…were just as…undressed, and no one complained, surely not me.”

        Well said, Sol. It always comes back around to the madonna or the whore, doesn’t it? But try for something a little in-between and out come the torches. LOL.

      • monique said

        Did Verdasco look cheap in these photos??? why the double standard.

      • Sol said

        Monique, my point was precisely that there should be no double standard.

        But from a purely aesthetical point of view, and in my very personal opinion, Brooklyn’s pics are a little cheap. It’s not her, I actually think she looks like a sweet person, but in the pics they make her look like a stripper, she has the top of her bathing suit on her shoulder and her arms on her chest. If Verdasco was carrying his boxer shorts on his shoulder while hiding his front luggage with his hands, then yeah, I’d think it was cheap too.

    • Anonymous said

      I think Roddick wants to show everyone what HE has and make other’s jelous that they don’t have int!

  3. UM17 said

    TP, you seem to be laboring under the impression that Andy had some sort of say in this, like he was the one deciding terms – what if her deal was, “I’ll only marry you if you let me keep my modeling career.”

    “Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she turn the head aaaany way she wants.” The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can give up the goats!

    • UM17 said

      bah… “she CAN turn the head…”

    • Chieko said

      This is so funny !! I like the head and neck comparison. But in TP sama’s case he is the head and the neck and everything else !! That is the reason his kingdom is in the basement.

    • M said

      My best girlfriend said that to me once, and she has a husband who adores her and 5 (five!) sons.
      I think someday five very happy girls will have some great husbands.

  4. Carolee said

    I think Andy is proud of his wife. She was a swimsuit model when they met. That was probably a big part of the attraction. She seems like a very nice girl who is beautiful… what’s not to like?

  5. sperry said

    The only problem I see here is that TP thinks things should be the way he thinks they should be. Nothing wrong with preferences, but if there is a more judgmental person out there, I’ve yet to meet him/her.

    • Anonymous said

      I will admit to being more judgmental than TP, or at least as judgmental anyway. Our (non-tennis related) judgments however are not similar.

  6. CV. said


    Your head & neck comment is hilarious.

    TP, He married a model. He saw one of her
    displays in a magazine and requested his manager
    to arrange a meeting, which atarted a friendship
    resulting in marriage. Obviously The Man is Secure.
    He can live with sharing her as a Professional Model.
    Why do you have a problem with that?
    The human body is ART at its Best. To be Exposed, Enjoyed & Admired. Her husband is comfortable with that; why Are you
    Could it be you want to invite her to your basement?
    Dont be afraid, go for it.

    • Elizabeth Gregory said

      nude is art, posing nearly nude is not.

    • monique said

      This story is all wrong. He did not see her in a magazine. He saw her in jeans and talking about football on “HER” football show and liked what he saw and what he heard. She is an expert in football and a very intelligent and articlate young woman. They both explained how they met on Mr Bobby Bones show in Austin. But the media will do that for you, change the story so it is more interesting. And who decides that nude is art and almost nude is not, it is a choice we make ourselves We must glorify beauty, there is so much ugliness in this world.

      • Claire said

        “…HER football show…” I didn’t know Brooklyn had/has a football show??
        I heard several times that Roddick’s manager called to tell Brooklyn he wanted to go on a date – after Roddick saw her body on a magazine cover??

      • Claire said

        Sorry, you are right Monique. I checked it out and you can watch a youtube of Decker on Letterman.
        She did say Roodick’s agent called her agent AFTER Roddick saw Brooklyn on some Football show. I don’t think Brooklyn has her own football show

      • monique said

        Yes, she was on a show that was called, HE SAID SHE SAID.It was on SI on the Net.I saw a video not too long ago but cannot find it. She is an expert on football and she was analyzing football with an elderly gentleman. That’s where Andy saw her and she was only 20 yrs. old at the time. Andy is a big football fan so they have sports in common. They love basketball too. He never saw her in a magazine. And it took a few months before she returned his call.And she is invited regularly on Dan Patrick show on SI to talk about sports, football in particular.

    • Chieko said

      CV san, salute to your comment. You are the fairest of them all. But I guess it is not easy for most husbands to take that is all. Yes it takes a very special husband to approve and support especially when the swim suit model’s suit is mostly off than on. But you are right, it is her profession and we have to respect that I guess.

  7. Serran said

    Well, call me shallow if you must, but I really don’t see the shame and dishonor of marrying a swimsuit model.

    Andy seems perfectly fine with it to me, and if there’s someone more level-headed, fun and humble on the tour, I have yet to meet him.

    I bet she considers herself just as lucky to be with him as he feels lucky to be with her.

    And in those social circles they move in, hotness isn’t really a scale worth sizing anyone for. Respect and affection are much more accurate scales of the true character of someone. They both have fans and psychos to spare lusting after them, so it really doesn’t make much of a difference whether she appeared on the cover or not.

    AAND, in case you forgot, Andy himself appeared on the cover of Men’s Health showing off his incredibly-photoshopped arms 😛

    So there you go, if that’s being a loser, where can I sign up for it?

    • jett09 said

      Well said Serran.

    • monique said

      And Andy did not like his “photoshopped” arms just as much as we did not like them. That was a mistake from the magazine because Andy is not a muscle man. He never thought it would be altered like that. I do not think he would have given his approval. He said so in an interview.He was as surprised as us when he saw that.

      • M said

        Andy’s a beautiful man. I’m sorry he was disappointed with his pictures.

        Rafa went through something similar; he didn’t like his photoshoot for the cover of NYMag that time.

    • monique said

      You are right 100%. It is all about respect of the other and their choices.

  8. Elizabeth Gregory said

    Brooklyn Decker is a beautiful woman. Her face is unique. Her body? Not so much. The magazine was full of bodies just like hers. What’s next to get attention? Playboy?

    • monique said

      Why don’t you post a picture of yourself and we will give our opinion. I am sure you have a better body.

      • Barbara said

        Don’t you think that Brooklyn Decker, who was dreaming of landing the cover of SI, can have anything against people who examine her body and express their opinions? It would be totally ridiculous!

  9. ricky said

    I caught this for you TP as a present:

  10. James said

    jealous much?

  11. M said

    TP, I think that thing she’s doing is called “working”.
    You know, that models do?

    Even other women do it.

    And stuff.

  12. Ange said

    What an accomplishment!! Posing in a bikini on the cover of a Sports Illustrated. An absolute honour akin to Obama’s acceptance of, say, the Nobel Prize. This, folks, will go down in the history books as one for the ages. Truly momentous. Andy must be rightfully proud of his wife’s stupendous achievement.

    • boxingary said

      Michelle Obama didn’t win the Nobel Prize!

      [ pauses for consideration… ]

      Oh, I get it. You’re saying Barack Obama is a woman!

      [ even longer pause… ]

      OK, I don’t get it. What the hell ARE you saying, anyway?

      • Ange said

        I was in a cynical mood yesterday, and was commenting on the achievement of Brookyln Decker (magazine cover) in direct conjunction with real historical moments in our culture (Obama’s Nobel Prize, 20th year anniversary of Mandela’s liberation). Suppose I’m just not digging the times, where the highest aspiration for most “sheeple” is to land the new cover,and weasle their “celebrity” onto us.So transient, and ultimately worthless this SI piece. Let’s be honest.

      • boxingary said

        (My) joke attempts 2, joke successes 0. Oh, well…

        Notwithstanding, I can’t help but agree with you
        that “digging the times” in America is mega-tough
        of late.

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