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Next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on March 1, 2010

Which ATP / WTA player is No. 1 in this category: Looks so bad on court and so good when ‘cleaned’ up?

First correct answer = Honorable mention listing at Wall Of Fame.


39 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Dee said


  2. Dee said

    ( She doesn’t look “So bad” this is only comparing to the way she looks when she’s all dressed up

  3. TheHumbleOne said

    My answer is:
    ATP: Arnaud Clement
    WTA: Svetlana Kuznetsova

  4. kitty said

    Fernando Verdasco

  5. Dee said

    ATP – Tipsarevic

  6. Adrian said

    Carla Suarez Navarro!

    Oh no, she looks ugly ALL THE TIME! jaja

    jajaj sorry..!!!!

  7. Adrian said


  8. Adrian said

    Oh, and Vera Zvonareva…!

  9. Adrian said

    And for the men, mmmmmh… I don’t know, I guess they all look the same both on the court and off the court… maybe Djokovic or Fernando Gonzalez?

  10. Gracie said

    David Ferrer

  11. Jenny said

    I have to abstain, I honestly don’t see anyone looking that bad enough on court that makes me want to cringe, sorry TP.

    • M said

      I know, right? On court is where I first noticed the beautiful boys looking good! 🙂

      And the girls always look beautiful.

  12. RafaFan said

    Stepanek and Safina

  13. rogerfanusa said

    WTA: Svetlana Kuznetsova
    ATP: Tipsarevic

    Dimentieva cleans up beautifully, but doesn’t look bad on the court, Dinara Safina would be my second choice for women.

  14. Sol said

    When are we getting the answer to this TP? I’m sure it’s something way more twisted than any of us here thought about.

  15. bunnee said


  16. WINNER: DEE.

  17. Bettyjane said

    Congrats Dee!!!
    (don’t you love these new “subjective” questions that TP is asking us.)

    • M said

      LOL, Bettyjane. I know, right? I guess TP thought we needed a new challenge following the Olympics — ’cause this definitely ups the difficulty to a whole new level. :p

  18. Dee said

    I’ve never won any of these. I was actually surprised that it was there,with no answers, just waiting for me, when I logged in. Thanks guys!

    • Ricky said

      congratulations Dee, I’m delighted for you and I would have said the same, but I saw it after you, so enjoy the wall of fame!
      (For you I’m saying it in rhymes)

    • Sol said

      Congrats, Dee. Welcome to the WOF! Or are you on it already?

      That’s just an unflattering picture of Dementieva, I don’t think she looks bad on court at all. Just ask Bjornino!
      So it wasn’t anything twisted like I expected. You’re slowly turning into a normal nice guy TP. That’s no fun 😉

  19. TheHumbleOne said

    Congratulations Dee. Well done.
    Enjoy this honor… you deserve it! 🙂

  20. Dee said

    Thanks again For lovely wishes! I made my self a crown. ( or is it a tiara?)

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