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Next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 5, 2010

Given current indicators there appears ONE tennis shot most likely to become an absolute necessity in the future at least once in every rally irrespective of the number of shots it contains.

You have a clue which one it is? No, you don’t!!!!!

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

39 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. M said

    The between-the-legs shot?

  2. Somebody Else said

    the one it’s always been:

    the serve.

  3. Jenny said

    A clever, well chosen drop shot especially on clay.

  4. Ricke said

    Low backhand slice?

  5. Stella said

    I’m with Jenny,, dropshot

  6. Stella said

    followed by a lob

  7. ricky said

    a lob

  8. Dee said

    Slice back hand

  9. Serran said

    The desperate, oh-crap-that-ball-is-out-of-my-reach, squash-like slice shot. You know, when they just take a cut at the ball hoping it lands somewhere inside the court.

    It can be done either with the backhand or with the forehand. Federer does this extremely well, especially on the forehand side, and on clay, for whatever reason.

  10. Anonymous said

    This one?

  11. TheHumbleOne said

    This one?

  12. Carolee said

    WOW, when did that Connors shot happen?

  13. kitty said

    A very good second serve

  14. Ricke said

    Ummm…………… a great return?

  15. Somebody Else said

    I think it surely comes down to one of these:

    the serve (1st and 2nd)
    backhand slice (low)
    return of serve
    well-controlled drop shot
    down-the-line forehand/backhand


    • TheHumbleOne said

      and don’t forget the desperation heave of the racquet into the air to knock off the mile high lob…
      Absolute necessity…you see it ALL THE TIME.


    For rock people, there are two obvious benefits to a slice today.

    1. It’s ability to bring the treetops down to their knees – an unnatural stance.

    2. Takes away their ability to fire a bullet across the net – something solely responsible for Delpo’s only Slam last year – as the ball is too low for a flat shot.

    • Chieko said

      Congratulations Ricke san. I do not play tennis so I did not come to the contest. But I am glad you won. TP sama what is the prize??

  17. Jenny said

    Congratulations, Ricke!

  18. M said

    Congratulations, Ricke!

  19. Stella said

    wtg Ricke

  20. Anonymous said

    I am thrilled!!!! Is it too sad that I have been checking here daily to see if I won? I can now cross off another experience on my bucket list…..THE WALL OF FAME !!!!!!!

  21. chipnputt said

    Ricke… doesn’t it worry you that you and TP think along very similar lines? Not only have you nailed the shot, you’ve nailed the thinking behind the shot. Congrats!

    • M said

      LOL. CnP, weren’t you the one that called TP on the blog being one giant commercial, in the post about endorsements?

      Do you think – as the season of superhero movies edges ever closer upon us – you’ve discovered TP’s secret identity?? 😛

      • chipnputt said

        Ha ha, not sure you want to crack TP’s identity. Imagine if you find out that he is your average Joe — an accountant by profession, married, has 2.3 kids and coaches little league. No goats anywhere. Or imagine if you discover it is all true. He actually lives in his mom’s basement, has goat and inflatables and dreams of Chakvetadze. Not sure which will be worse.

    • Ricke said

      Nah, even a blind dog finds a bone every once in a while.

  22. Serran said

    Congrats Ricke!

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