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Nadal’s sister is better than Federer’s. And she has never screamed ‘Will you marry me’ anywhere.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 8, 2010


21 Responses to “Nadal’s sister is better than Federer’s. And she has never screamed ‘Will you marry me’ anywhere.”

  1. sceral said

    TP. You are a big boy now. Can you try to control your jealousy/obsession with Federer? Enough already! Beating on Mirka, his father, his sister…Who is next? His cousins? We are all collectively ignoring this “pole” of your bi-polar personality but it is getting very, very old and annoying. Stop it. Nadal’s sister is very sweet girl. Period.

  2. jett09 said

    Wow what a cool photo!! Rafa looked so young here. I miss the long hair!

  3. UM17 said

    Wow, these two are TWINS.

  4. Liz said

    “And she has never screamed ‘Will you marry me’ anywhere”

    What’s that about?

    • Jenny said

      Liz, At one of Rafa’s matches, a girl called out from the stands and shouted ‘Will you marry me’.

      Nice pic.

      • Zzzzzz said

        I remember the girl yelling that. ‘Twas a cute moment and Rafa was amused. LOL!

        But I still don’t get TP’s reference to that and his sister. Am I missing something?

      • Jenny said

        Unless there’s something incestuous going on, a sister wouldn’t ask a brother to marry her, no?!

      • jett09 said

        I’m confused too! TP you’re not saying that Diana was the one that yelled out “Hey Nadal, will you marry me?” are you???

      • Jenny said

        LOL Jett, I doubt it, the girl was a Rafa devotee, you know what TP’s like!

      • banti said

        TP +1 on the confusion. Screaming Marry me/Roger’s sister/ Rafa’s sister <—- How in the bajeezus are these related.

      • Jenny said

        LOL Banti, they’re not related. Diana Federer already has a partner, Rafa’s sister is a student and probably has a boyfriend, so neither of these two will want to marry Rafa for different reasons.

    • DK said

      My guess – it’s related to a previous post of TP’s where he hypothesized that Diana Federer was desperate to get married, but her bf was not proposing. Trying to reverse-engineer TP’s mind, he probably thinks Rafa’s sister is so beautiful (and she is cute, it’s a medical fact!), she can’t possibly be desperate to get married, her only problem is which of the suitors to eventually accept.


      • Jenny said

        LOL DK, seeing it from your perspective, it’s all down to TP’s obsession with marriage! Maybe Diana and her boyfriend are happy with the way things are, and not the way TP thinks they should be.

  5. Dee said

    Oh, How nice. What a lovely picture.Hope they have a good bond.

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