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Next Wall Of Fame contest.

Posted by tennisplanet on April 15, 2010

What has happened to Federer this season (apart from the AO title) to cushion the disappointment of not winning at Indian Wells and Miami?

First correct answer = Wall Of Fame listing.

HINT: It happened at his matches against Baghdatis and Berdych. Geeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!

52 Responses to “Next Wall Of Fame contest.”

  1. Philip said

    The fall of Tiger Woods?
    Andy Murray sucking?

  2. O said

    The chance of going for calendar slam.

  3. DK said

    The very real possibility of breaking Sampras record of weeks at #1, thanks for Djoko and Murray both faltering. Getting real close there. Rafa unlikely to catch him before Fed surpasses the magic number (is it 286?), barring a disastrous performance from Fed.

  4. jett09 said

    That everyone is still far behind his points, that his # 1 Ranking is very very safe.

  5. Somebody Else said

    um, the continuing realization that he’s Roger Federer?

  6. LizzieK said

    He can’t play well in bright sunlight.

  7. kitty said

    Nadal not winning any titles – Fed might get vicarious pleasure and comfort with this feeling. Mentally situation would have been different if he kept faltering and Nadal won those.

    • M said

      Kitty, with respect, I think Roger thinks of Rafa as his best rival and competitor.
      I’ve left a link to an article in the next reply – when TP decides to clear it from moderation, you may want to take a look. In the meantime, here is a relevant set of quotes:

      [[ On clay, Federer will happily take his chances with Roddick – or anyone who’s not Nadal. Since 2005, Federer is 0-4 at Roland Garros against Nadal and 30-0 against everyone else.

      They haven’t met since May, when Federer ended Nadal’s 33-match clay-court winning streak in the Madrid final. Odds are the rivalry will be renewed this spring.

      “It’s great for the game,” Federer said. “I think it’s great for our own game, because I have the feeling we always have tendencies to go back to the practice courts and say, OK, whoever has won or lost has to go work harder.

      “It has been always a lot of fun playing against him, and I hope that day is going to come soon again.” ]]

    • M said

  8. Stella said

    all the above and maybe Mirka pregnant again

  9. bunnee said

    roger’s been bracing himself for this day for years… yeah he luuuuvvvvvvs to win, but he’s achieved a record 16 slams & clawed his way back to no. 1. his foundation brings him more satisfaction each year…

  10. bunnee said

    that said, i predict he’ll win one more slam b4 retiring.

  11. TheHumbleOne said


    Roger was comforted by finally getting some “quality time” with Elin, while Tiger was away at Rehab…

    Now what do I win? 🙂

  12. Adrian said

    having defeated Murray at AO final in straight sets and then seeing Murray`s freefall afterwards!!

  13. bluechyll said

    Maybe the fact that neither Nadal, Djokovic or Murray won it either?

    Although, the question says what ‘happened’ TO Federer, not what happened in general. So it must be something to do with Roger himself, and maybe not the other players.

    Or maybe I’m analysing this too much 😀 😀

  14. bluechyll said

    Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s played less tournaments than the rest of the top 4, yet he still had a big lead as far as points go. It kind of seems as though Roger’s just been taking a break all year and letting the others beat themselves… at least to me anyway :]

  15. Barbara said

    He hasn’t lost to Djokovic, Nadal or Murray so far.

  16. HINT: It happened at his matches against Baghdatis and Berdych. Geeeeeeezzzzzzz!!!!!

  17. Stella said

    his serve percentage was better

  18. Adrian said

    that neither of his opponents to whom he lost won the title.

  19. Barbara said

    Both matches were three set events, with tie-break in deciding set

  20. O said

    He nearly won despite not playing well and producing loads of UEs.

  21. Dee said

    Because both Nadal and Murray were unable to defend their points and fell behind without catching up to Fed

    • Dee said

      :idea:And even Djokovic couldn’t defend his runner up points and fell behind.I think that feeling is a preeeeety good cushion ❗


    Even though losing two matches to relatively tomato canish clowns with match points in hand can be devastating but in an absolute absence of any other straw to orchestrate a positive spin on proceedings, you are left with no other alternative but to turn the spear around and use it as a cushion.

    Specially against Berdych, Federer played atrociously. Despite that showing Berdych had to play his best AND snuff out match point(s) to barely win.

    Even Federer’s detractors cannot but agree on that allowing the spear a highly credential cushion title.

  23. Stella said

    congrats Bluechyll. That was a tricky one as it was hard to know what TP was looking for

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