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What does the ‘Shakira-Nadal’ video say about Xisca?

Posted by tennisplanet on May 10, 2010

You have got to be one spineless creature to be ‘allowing’ your boyfriend to be part of such explicit production that left very little to imagination. Granted he is a public figure but this is going way beyond any and all basic decorum and decency, forget about respect for your partner. Would Nadal ‘allow’ her to produce a similar video – with or without Shakira?

Either that or you have to be a total gold digger to not let these minor infractions come in your way to gaining the real prize. Maybe she has learnt something from Mirka faster than Nadal has been able to from Federer regarding managing the schedule. All we need is a Wawrinka clone to complete the picture now. Is Lopez fighting for the spot? Or is he been beaten to it?

Wonder why Aunt Tony allowed it to happen? Maybe the story is about to take a far more interesting turn. Tony needs to take full advantage of his time in the sun and with such easy picking begging to be had – why not.


26 Responses to “What does the ‘Shakira-Nadal’ video say about Xisca?”

  1. M said

    No harsh words for Alejandro, Shakira’s man, TP?

    Plus, you’re kind of late – she’s moved on to doing a song for Chilean earthquake relief with Alejandro Sanz.
    Giving them a little free publicity, are you?

  2. Jill said

    Explicit? I thought it was all very tastefully done and rather lovely.

  3. jett09 said

    🙄 🙄

    They did an English version, Spanish version, I wonder how many takes it took to perfect everything?

    Xisca is simply beautiful 😎 which brings to mind…I haven’t seen them together lately. Hope everything is okay.

  4. En Ami said

    Harsh! I’m sure she knows what she’s doing, but also remember Rafa has a mind of his own.

    Yes, Rafa/Shakira have chemistry, truckloads of it in fact. They had dinner in Miami several weeks ago during the tournament. And in Los Angeles during IW allegedly. They do seem to really like and admire each other. But as far as we know, Rafa is still with Xisca and Shakira is still with Antonio de la Rua. That’s that. For now at least.

    • jett09 said

      Thanks for the info En Ami. I didn’t know that Rafa and Shakira were that close.

      • Dee said

        care free flirting I guess 😆
        Shakira sang it at American Idol but no way near as good as that original clip. Shakira gave contestant advice too.Something like- “Keep your eyes on the stars but keep your feet on the ground” – Seems pretty down to earth.

      • jett09 said

        I really like Shakira. I remember seeing her in NZ. Very sweet, quite heavy, nose not as trim and her hair was scraggly…blond hair with black regrowth about 3-4 inches. She was wearing jeans and a baggy jumper. Now when I see her looking gorgeous, it’s hard to think that it’s the same girl.

      • En Ami said

        No problem Jett, just passing on info/gossip that’s come my way. I like Shakira too, she comes across as quite a lovely, intelligent woman.

      • Jenny said

        Actually I loved the vid, Rafa and Shakira.

      • jett09 said

        Me too Jenny, I watched the vid a few times. I thought it was…a little flirty 😎

      • Jenny said

        IMHO Flirty means little in the grand scheme of things, it was on camera for all to see and not behind closed doors. They were having fun, Rafa could barely supress his laughter 😆

      • Zzzzzz said

        I thought the vid was very sexy myself. They’re both hot. I particularly liked all the giggling bits, they clearly had fun.

  5. Bento said

    Not bad at all.

  6. mircea said

    i think you’re way off. there’s nothing between them. and i think it’s the reverse: nadal is the more serious of the two, plus both are extremely discrete

  7. Adrian said

    I loved the video too, but maybe for different reasons! 🙂

    And I respectfully differ from those who say the video was very tastefully done. I don’t know, but having Nadal open Shak’s legs or having sit on top of him, I don’t think that’s exactly tasteful. The message of the video was very clear without those scenes, I think… so there was no need for them.

    If anything, it seemed to have given Nadal some “momentum”! 🙂

    • Jenny said

      If anything, it seemed to have given Nadal some “momentum”!


      I accept that scene was near the mark, Adrian. But then again, look at the sexy scenes in films which go beyond that, no?

      • Zzzzzz said

        “Momentum”, haha!:)

        It was a deliberately saucy video I think. Don’t think either of them was complaining though.:)

    • jett09 said

      “If anything, it seemed to have given Nadal some “momentum”!”

      😆 😆

  8. Sarah said

    Nice picture of Xisca.

    ‘You have got to be one spineless creature to be ‘allowing’ your boyfriend to be part of such explicit production that left very little to imagination. Would Nadal ‘allow’ her to produce a similar video – with or without Shakira?’

    I think until they are married, they are both ‘allowed’ to do as they please – they don’t ‘own’ each other.

    • MARIE said

      I don’t think anyone ever owns another person, married or not. Maybe she’s a secure young woman who isn’t threaten by her boyfriend acting in a video. She was reportedly on set during the filming.

      • Delilah said

        She wasn’t. It’s been reported neither Shakira’s bf nor Xisca was there. And why would they be? They weren’t ‘required’ so to speak.

  9. EmitFlesti said

    Well, it was Francisca, and not Shakira at the Wimby final, so I guess that says what you need to know about that relationship. Perhaps the vid may have been a bit much for most, but think of it as acting…Rafa was an actor in the vid pretending to be Shakira’s lover. Actors and actresses do love scenes all the time and (some at least) still have successful marriages. What I read about it said Xisca approved it and was actually on-site for the shoot.

    Personally, I’d take Xisca over Shakira anyday. You have a good thing going Rafa, dont blow it!

  10. Michi said

    Hmm reminds me of the Enrique/Kornakova music video. That said, most latin video clips are pretty steamy and YES Rafa is merely acting. However I think there was some passing chemistry between the two. They make a HOT on-screen couple. Shakira is more glamorous than Xisca, but who cares – it’s never going to happen & will remain a fantasy between Rafa & Sjaira.

  11. Sunshine said

    I guess everyone missed the news that Shakira was at Wimbledon this year. It appears that Shakira left Wimby before Rafa’s girlfriend arrived.

    Also, should be noted that Rafa and Shakira were spotted at Rafa’s favorite restuarant in London.

    Rafa and Shakira do rock together. If they have a fling….just do it before they settle down with their partners. Get it out the system now.

    Shakira plans to start a family at some point. I say get all the d

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