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Best of Federer-Nadal photos. Can you tell where each was taken? No, you can’t!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on May 15, 2010

Anything will work. Food, pennies……….


17 Responses to “Best of Federer-Nadal photos. Can you tell where each was taken? No, you can’t!!!”

  1. banti said

    For Rafa before they even met. For Fed no telling when the friendship along with respect he had for him started. I’m thinking summer 07 and than it was brought to a new level at the 09 Aussie. After that loss by Fed I think they kinda reached brotherhood:)

    • Dee said

      I agree. For Fed it developed in time. I am sure it was a bit annoying at the beginning.
      I love that first pic. This is what sport is all about. I haven’t seen other sports people including Tennis, being that friendly. Hmmm! apart from Verdasco, Stepaneck—

  2. M said

    1 – Shanghai (TMC)
    2 – Paris (RG)
    3 – Melbourne (AO)
    4 – Melbourne (AO)
    5 – Monte Carlo
    6 – London SW 19 (Wimbledon), also known as the Greatest Match of All Time (even JMac says so! :-D)
    7 – London (the aptly named WTF championships)
    8 – Madrid (last year’s Mutua Madrileña)
    9 – Paris (RG)
    10 – Madrid (last year’s Mutua Madrileña)
    11 – Madrid
    12 – NYC’s pre-USO Grapple in the Apple (no, our whole city will not be responsible for that name, thanks)
    13 – Abu Dhabi

    I voted for President Obama – our motto is “Yes We Can!” 😛

    This is the best I could do off the top of my head. Did I miss any?

    • Stella said

      amazing. looks good to me.
      yes , you could

    • evie said

      Yes, you did.

      Great job. The only other thing I’ll mention is that the second RG photo (#9) is when Rafa crushed, bageled & breadsticked Fed. Not that you’d know it from the pic. Rafa looks like he feels the worse of the two.

      • M said

        Oh boy, do I remember it, evie – the infamous 2008 RG bagel.

        I don’t remember Rafa saying “Sorry for today” there, like he did to Roger at AO ’09 and to Fer at this year’s Monte Carlo final, but you’re absolutely right that he certainly looked it.

  3. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Anything will work. Food, pennies……….

    Ha ha This is so evil!

  4. jennifur said

    awwwww isnt that sweet.

  5. Tessa said

    Thank you, TP, for this beautiful collection of photos!

  6. sperry said

    TP…. thanks a bunch…those are nice.

  7. bluechyll said

    I remember last year when Rafa plucked the piece if confetti out of Roger’s hair, and then Roger returned the favour. It was soooo cute, and the expression of Rafa’s face is priceless! :]

  8. Manal Ismail said

    AAAAAWWWWWWWWWW….how lovely they are when they were all happily together…chummy and all…:)

    touching foreheads, hairs, shoes among other things…I’d LIKE to see Rafa “comforting” Roger like what he did at AO 2009 again!

  9. jett09 said

    Congrats to you both for reaching the final and goodluck!!

    TP thanks for the Photos!! Awesome awesome awesome 😎

    These champs are….”Simply the Best”

  10. Steph said

    If I didn’t know anything about these two, I would think they made a nice couple.

  11. xeres said

    TP, is there any way you can find a photo of Rafa’s “that-doggie-bowl-is-what-I’m-getting” look,last year’s Madrid trophy ceremony.
    I think he complained about it to to Tiriac & Santana..notice the missing doggie bowl this year !

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