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World Cup thread.

Posted by tennisplanet on June 11, 2010


Hi TP, what about a World Cup thread? There might be soccer addicts here and it could distract us while waiting for and during Wimbledon as this tennis season doesn’t spark with incredible achievements


186 Responses to “World Cup thread.”

  1. Kitty said

    Nadal was dreaming about shakira’s worldcup concert during his match with lopez, was not particularly upset with the loss

  2. Esky said

    WOOOOOOT! spain is gonna smash with Fabregas and Ronaldo
    England will too with Rooney and Drogba and gerrard i wish there were a couple more chelsea players though

    • chipnputt said

      Esky… Ronaldo is Portugese and Drogba is from Cote d’Ivoire. Plus Drogba broke his hand and may play at all. Agree with your sentiment though — Spain is going to smash. They are the favorites.

      • Dude said

        Not sure if Spain are the favourites for the WC. I reckon they should make it to the QF & then we just gotta wait & see….

        If I were a betting person my money would be on Argentina…more so b’coz of a humble and extremely talented soul called Lionel Messi.

  3. ricky said

    Please TP could also we have Roger and Rafa here to comment on worldcup?

    • ricky said

      and thanks for the thread!

      • Sol said

        Ricky, did you watch France v. Uruguay yesterday? What did you think? I didn’t see the match but have heard very different reports.

      • ricky said

        Hi Sol, very boring match, I usually start beingt very hooked around quarter or semi finals and final of course!
        I love to see Italy and Netherlands play, I don’t know why! The rest of the year, I really don’t care, never watch anything called soccer. Euro and World only
        What about you?

      • Sol said

        I’m a little like you, don’t really have any interest in football, except for maybe the final. I love the atmosphere of big sport events though, people are always more cheerful and open and you always meet friendly faces. But sometimes it gets out of hand and testorene flies high. Don’t really care who wins the Cup this year.

      • Bjornino said

        Wow, Sol. Another subject we agree upon! Who would’ve thought that?

      • Sol said

        We agree on many things, Bjornino. There’s a reason we got along. Don’t know exactly what happened, but we’re not that different.

      • Bjornino said


      • Sol said

        Wow, really?
        You mean, that’s all I needed to say to shut you up 😉

        I’m kidding, don’t lose it.

  4. Dude said

    TP ! Thankyou for this thread. Never expected it….esp from some guy sitting in a basement somewhere in the US of A.

  5. Jenny said

    I’m not really a footie fan either, but I love the atmosphere surrounding it. In true spirit of the World Cup, here’s my contribution to Ricky’s post. I love the words to this song[adopted by our Liverpool FC and known now as a football anthem] which to me is more than just football. Enjoy the World Cup and upcoming Wimbledon.

    LOL England vs US tonight! – We will probably watch that match and supporting the Brits of course, Good Luck to both teams 🙂

    Chip, what about your quiz? 🙂

  6. Claire said

    My husband is now watching – I can’t stand the noise the crowd makes with whatever they are hitting together! Sounds like a swarm of bees!!!!
    Go USA!!! 🙂

    • Sol said

      Claire, the US is playing now? against who? I have Argentina v. Nigeria on tv. Unbelievable how some men go totally stupid watching football.

      • Claire said

        One. central time USA

      • ricky said

        Don’t worry Sol, England-Us is tonight Euro time at 8 PM.

      • Jenny said

        About to kick off! It’s 19.25 here. Enjoy! LOL Claire, it does sound like a swarm of bees! In the preview, I saw a guy wearing nothing but a beard down to his knees and a lion playing with a ball! Enjoy!

  7. TheHumbleOne said

    Hey TP,
    How ’bout a Curling thread, to be fair? There might be a bunch of “closet curlers” out there that might really get stoked while we await the Wimbledon fortnight…

    Alot of excitement leading up to the TSN Curling Skins game in January 2011. Those crazy curlists are training hard for the next brutal, full-contact encounter. Says Olympic silver-medalist Cheryl Bernard of Team Canada: ”It will definitely make for a fun weekend of curling. But watch out guys – we are playing to win.” Uh-oh, she’s coming back with some vengeance and fury this time! 8)

  8. Claire said

    USA, USA,………………… 🙂 🙂

  9. Stella said

    yikes, replace the England goalie

  10. Claire said

    Ya all probably seen it, but love the commercial with Federer! Nursery with all babies with Wayne Rolando bracelets then Wayne playing (and killing) Federer in table tennis! :). Maybe Fed thought of the baby nursery scene?

    Stella, NO – USA needs all the help they can get – leave him in!!!!!!

  11. ricky said

    Sorry Jenny about Greene’s mistake, but TP is happy his team has a chance!
    England IS the best, and the US team is really good, I wish they go far.

    Funny title, no?

    I read also that al Quaeda wanted to do some action yesterday for the US-England match, was Greene bought by them?
    And now Khadafi is very upset because HE wanted to organize the Worldcup..

  12. bluechyll said

    Those vuvuzelas are nuts!
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😯

  13. Dude said

    Except for the Argentina/ Nigeris & Korea/Greece matches, everything else has been dull viewing. England played like a bunch of school kids. And didnt mean the goal-keeper goof up!!

  14. Chicago Fan said

    I felt so sorry for Green, the English goalkeeper. Tough break for him. And the English press had a field day with it–e.g., “hand of clod.” That’s harsh.

    But to his great credit, Green was a stand up guy about it. He met the press afterward and took his lumps like a man. I hope the British coach lets him play again.

    Funny, I’m not normally a soccer fan, but I love the World Cup. I love that you get to learn about so many different countries. That’s what I love about tennis, too.

  15. Dude said

    I would like to cage Fed & Nadal for public viewing when Spain meets Switzerland!!

    Wonder how the two of them will show their emotions during that match….?

    • ricky said

      I would like that too!, tomorrow Spain is a very strong team, no chance for Switzerland though…

      • Jenny said

        Hi Ricky. Me too! I bet Rafa will be very vocal! I think this match is Spain’s to lose, they have so many great players to choose from.

      • ricky said

        Hi Jenny! Don’t forget that Roger almost chose to turn pro in soccer! I wonder I often wonder if he would have had the same success…

      • Dude said

        As expected Switzerland will go down & Rafa will say “SWITZZERLAN IS BEST & THANKYOUVERYMUCH FOR EATING POPCORN WITH ME ROGA !”

  16. ricky said

    Germany played amazingly yesterday, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in final…
    I usually love Holland playing next, they have a real team spirit!

    • Dude said

      Germany played good, but I think the Aussies made them look great. Aussie + soccer is yet to happen. Aussies just turned up to show that they had the stamina to run along with the Germans for 90 mts.

      The Germans were clinical!!

  17. ricky said

    so funny!

  18. RafaFan said

    Soccer sucks. It’s pure chauvinism. Soccer players are Pussies. FIFA is very dirty. It’s a criminal organization for surrrrrre! Blatter is the Bin Laden of sports. Compared to him Don King is Mother Teresa. Heard of Andrew Jennings? No? i.e. Well isn’t it very strange that Bin Laden is still alive and free. The same with Blatter. The judges in Switzerland do not advance with the trial at all. How strange. Really? Most poeple are so stupid (the masses) and a few are totally possessed by money and power (the mafioso). We will never advance in this world unless Rafa and Federer meet each other in a GS final. NO?

    • ricky said

      Aren’t you amazed at the fact that all kinds of countries can meet on a “peaceful” mode? Imagine, North Corea is playing today against Brazil, who knows, they might end up playing against USA? An other way of resolving political tensions? I’m impressed that it is even possible, otherwise you might be right about FIFA, I don’t usually follow soccer, only worldcup. It’s the real world, not like in certain north american sports where you have WORLD championships with only north american countries participating!

      • ricky said

        Of course tennis is the best !

      • Jenny said

        I feel the same about the Olympics and Davis Cup too, the camaraderie, the feel good factor amidst the doom and gloom of tragedies and conflict around the world. Must say, I can do without those vuvuz! 🙂

      • ymd said

        The US does not wish to humiliate the rest of the world, so we hold World Championships for just the best, a.k.a. Us.

        Of course, the real reason is if Best Korea participated in baseball and football, we would be beat. Dear Leader would assemble such a magical team, guided by his everlasting goodness and genius, allowing for us capitalist pigs to be beat. Dear Leader communicates with his World Cup team by invisible phone.(seriously)

        I was reading today that FIFA will make up to $3 billion from this WC. Apparently, part of its agreement with host countries is not paying taxes. Until today, I didn’t realize all of the protests going on in SA targeting this WC.

  19. Bettyjane said

    I found myself actually watching Italy vs. Paraguay. (I’m an indifferent American who wanted to hear the vuvuzelas TP enlightened us about)It’s hard not to get drawn into a sport where a goat can expect to be murdered or commit suicide—whichever comes first. Let’s hope everyone plays well.

    So how long does this extravaganza last? I’m super curious if it will cause favorites at Wimbledon to lose their focus!

    • M said

      I already read that Roger and Rafa will be keeping an eye on scores. Apparently Switzerland plays Spain somewhere on the schedule.

      • Bettyjane said

        Oh good lord that should prove dramatic. Thanks M.

      • ricky said

        tomorrow wednesday at 4 pm eurotime, but Switzerland will lose, Spain is rich in good players and everything else

      • Sol said

        lol, Ricky. Switzerland has zero chance, that’s for sure. Plus, 2 of our best players are out with an injury and won’t be playing tomorrow against Spain, so it’s looking really bad for the Swiss team.

  20. Jill said

    Would you Adam and Eve it Switzerland have only gone and beaten Spain. Yikes!

  21. kitty said

    Hohoo..Swiz beats Spain 1-0
    wonder what Rafa,Fed chatted

    • Dude said

      Roger might incorporate this victory into his h2h equation with Nadal !!

      I never expected this outcome. Spain is one of the contenders for the World Cup !

  22. RafaFan said

    The Swiss pussies took revenge on Fed’s bad H2H against Nadal!

    • Sol said


      Don’t you just love it when the “pussies” beat the favourites?

      I just got home, and everyone is going crazy. You pass people in the streets and they’re all smiling. It’s great.

    • ricky said

      WOW…Great for Switzerland, very unexpected! Amazing match, what a suspense, remember how Spain’s victory “helped” Rafa in Wim?
      We can now imagine all kind of scenarios…

      • Sol said

        Did they play well, Ricky? Or was Spain not very inspired?
        Haven’t followed reports and my friend who called me to tell me Switzerland won is never very objective. He thinks Switzerland is gonna win the Cup, so…

      • ricky said

        Spain had the balloon 70% of the time but never managed to score, Swiss has an excellent defense, thanks to a guy wearing n°13 shirt (I forgot his name) an thanks to the one who scored, Gelson …(?) They were perfect in defense, of course having seen the german team playing the other day, I wonder who they would succeed against them, we’ll see who it goes…It was a pleasure to watch this match, as I told you I’m not a huge soccer fan, but it was worth seeing in any case! 😉 🙂

  23. ricky said

    Rehabilitation of Vuvus in music (in french)

  24. banti said

    Come on Fed take some Inspiration from this and take Wimbi down. Remember “We are Swiss!, We are the best!” thing you were singing, well sing it brother , take it down. Congrads to the Swiss team, something an entire country can remember forever.

  25. Tweedle-Dum said

    Damn! I wasn’t able to get a live stream so I missed the match.

    Congratulations to the Mighty Swiss and condolences to the Mighty Spanish. They’ll win the Cup, tho.

    • Claire said

      Who would have thought the Swiss would beat the Spanish!! What a celebration those Swiss must be having! Wonder if Federer is still in Switzerland! “who is the Best”, part of song also! TP, how about showing Federer singing that song/

      • Jill said

        Federer is already in Wimbledon, seen practising on the outer courts today.

      • banti said

        Jill is that normal for him , do you know? I mean a whole week in advance?

      • banti said

        If he’s there early, it shows he’s trying to step it up in some way no? Was that you who lives in proximity to Wimbi? You should try to see him practice this week, if it’s possible I mean.

      • Jill said

        Hi Banti, not sure when he usually arrives he may be a day or two early. Yes, I live quite near but it’s not possible to get into the grounds before the tournament starts to see anything.

    • ricky said

      I don’t think Spain is going to win the cup, and they have to qualify for the 1/8 first! Spain was kind of disappointing as most expected nations, except Germany up to now…

  26. Claire said

    Sorry, didn’t look above Tweedle- Dum’s post! Thank’s Banti

  27. ricky said

    2-0 for Mexico against France! France will have to rely on witchcraft or extreme almost impossible luck to qualify, Mexicans played such a great and happy football, beautiful! Sorry to all french supporters…

    • Jenny said

      Good for Mexico! LOL It’s like the fall of the top seeds in tennis! First Spain, now France. Where are Brazil in all this?

      How does this work, Ricky – do Spain and France have a second chance to qualify like a tennis RR? What about the draw results eg England and the US?

      • ricky said

        Hi Jenny, for the moment matches are tacking place in each group A to H, 4 teams each, in each group, every team has to fight each other of the same group. Spain is in group H with Switzerland theis group is last to play, theyhave played one match each in this group, so every thing is still possible there. In the case of France which is in group A, yesterday was their 2nd match vs Mexico, a few days ago they were in a tie 0-0 with Uruguay and they still have to play South Africa on june 22. In each group the 2 best teams, with most points are selected to play the 2nd part, which is eliminatory and starts with the 1/8 I think on the 26th. The points are calculated like this:
        a win = 3 points
        a loss = 0 points
        a tie = 1 point each team
        So France for the moment has 1 point for its 1rst match vs Uruguay
        Uruguay has 4 points (one from tie with France , 3 from victory vs South Africa)
        Mexico has 4 points (one from tie with South Africa and 3 from victory vs France)
        South Africa has 1 point like France and was defeated by Uruguay

        So for the moment Uru and Mex are leading, but a very slim chance remains, if the match between Mex and Uru (june22) has a winner whichever, the loser would then be equal with France and South Africa in terms of points (and only if these 2 win their last match), the best will be chosen in terms of number of goals scored.
        Wow, never wrote this much! I’ll try to post something on the different groups standings as of today..

      • ricky said

      • Jenny said

        Wow Ricky! Thank you so much for taking time to explain it all so clearly 🙂 In some ways it is like a big round robin system, don’t you think? eg the TWO only groups at the Year End Masters. Thank God, the idea to introduce it for other tourneys was abandoned by the ATP! Did anyone else other than de Villiers really think it would work!

        So, England have one point, our boys had better pull their socks up when they play Algeria today!

      • ricky said

        Yes Jenny, Round Robin system, I was looking for an easier explanation, and you found it 🙂
        Great matches today, let’s see what England can do!

  28. Dominic Anderson said

    While almost everyone is talking about World Cup I was watching Baskettball until Wimbledod start, so right now I’m glad because my team won.

    Lakers 2010 NBA Champions, Kobe 2010 MVP. 🙂

  29. ricky said

    Serbia is leading Germany 1-0 after 1rst half,
    what is happening to soccer’s big nations?

    • UM17 said

      Noooo clue, but it’s fun to see it shaken up a a little. Success on the world stage probably means more support for the sport @ home!

    • ricky said

      US-Slovenia 2-2! beautiful match, although a 3rd american goal was robbed by the umpire…

  30. Claire said

    US gets robbed a goal and win!!!!!! That Donovan (is that his name) must really think he’s hot stuff – strutting around with shirt off and a one point saw him lower his shorts!! Just cuz he scored a goal?? Not my type of guy!

  31. Jenny said

    What a dismal, lacklustre performance from the England team again! Not a single goal has been scored in two matches. We’re talking about highly paid British pro stars here, not a bunch of part-time amateurs. I don’t like sportsmen being booed, but frankly I had no sympathy for the team last night. Many of the fans have travelled thousands of miles to support, spent big money, sorry but they deserved better.

  32. Adrian said

    hello from south africa!!!!!!

    just wanted to send a brief message to all of you!! i have not forgotten you, but i haven’t been visiting the site much lately… first because i FINISHED MY PHD!!!! and i was entertaining family for graduation weekend and such… then because i had to pack and move… and now because i’m in south africa (supporting mexico, of course!!!)

    the atmosphere has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! and the mexico matches have been just heavenly… ok, not the match against south africa… but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. the south africans are INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL people!! my friends and I are truly fascinated with the warmth, hospitality, and generosity of the people here, they are truly truly amazing!!

    so, please please pleaaaase, let’s all root for mexico in their next match against uruguay!! we WILL go through — i know that much! — but i’m hoping we make it in first place, to avoid argentina in the 2nd round!!

    will try and come often this next week just to keep you guys updated… it’s really unfortunate but i won’t have much time to follow what’s going on at wimby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love from jozi,

    • Ricke said


      Good to hear from you again! You have been missed. Congratulations on the PHD! Well done! Vamos Mexico!!!

    • ricky said

      Congratulations Adrian!

      Mexico played beautufully!!

      You’re not missing anything interesting at Wim, Roger is losing now to Falla, very ugly sight, I much prefer to watch Portugal play and actually heavily defeating North Korea 7-0 (at the moment)!

    • Tweedle-Dum said

      Many congrats, Adrian! What was your thesis?
      I just watched Chile beat Switzerland before I had to come to work.

      I read that vuvuzelas can be ordered from Amazon. I think I’ll get some for Hallowe’en!

  33. ricky said

    Italy eliminated, will there be an uprising of “small” soccer nations?

  34. Chicago Fan said

    I’m not usually a soccer fan. I just don’t understand enough about it. But I enjoy watching the World Cup. It’ exciting to see all the different counties come together and the heart and passion that all of the players have. (The lone exception being France. Refusing to train at the World Cup, what a disgrace!)

    However, I could do without some of the announcers. There are two on ABC right now. The British one is great, but the American one is an embarrassment to Americans. One of the opposing players fell down injured. His response, “This could really open things up for the U.S.”

    What sportsmanship. Well, it just goes to show that every village has its idiots.

    • Bettyjane said

      Well said Chicago fan. My husband and I normally don’t care about this sport but an old friend of his has a son playing forward for the U.S. (ineffectually!) on the U.S. team. But he’s rooting for Ghana! I think this bias in broadcasting gets him hating all U.S. teams during the Olympic games as well.

  35. ricky said

    I just saw the result : Germany . England 4 -1 wow, how do you feel about that, Jenny?

    • Jenny said

      Hi Ricky, not surprised really, our squad have hardly been inspirational or on fire! We didn’t have Owen, Ferdinand, Campbell and a few others. We were robbed of Lampard’s goal though, everyone knew it went over the line. I think the ref missed it and no technolology to confirm it.

      • M said

        Hawkeye for futbol? Might that be next? 😛

      • ricky said

        Hi Jenny! too bad about this goal, but this is happening a lot and not only in soccer, umpires are not unfallible…
        I know it can be very upsetting! But I must say Germany played good, tonight I was really impressed by the level of play from Argentina and Mexico, I love Mexico, I sorry for this team as they have been excellent… anyway it’s another level there with Argentina, they do deserve a spot in the final!

      • Sol said

        Hi Ricky!

        I’m rooting for Argentina to win the WC (now that Switzerland is out 😦 ).
        Who’s your pick?

      • ricky said

        Hi Sol! I love all the american teams I guess, north-south east and west! I actually love many teams, but Netherlands which I used to admire a lot, disappointed me a bit, Italy disappointed me a lot! I don’t feel Brazil is 100%, USA was so fresh, new and enthusiastic, and I’m not over the fact yet that they are gone… So yes I guess Argentina is my pick at least for a spot in final! But I admit that I fall in love easily, with any good team! Go Argentina- Go Brazil!

      • Jenny said

        Argentina for me too.

  36. Stella said

    technology by 2014 though. About time . too much rests on just a refs eyes.

    • M said

      “too much rests on just a refs eyes.”
      Amen to that – as this weekend has shown, in *both* the magnificent games.

      (There was, apparently, more than one mighty brawl over the outcome of USA-Ghana yesterday. Glad I missed that, at least.)

  37. ricky said

    Brazil eliminated by Netherlands!
    The oranges are good…

  38. imelda said

    Well done Dutchies!

  39. kitty said

    I must say I was never a big fan of soccer but I watched both matches today and it was great! may be because I was supporting underdogs. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Argentina Germany match

    • ricky said

      the match between Ghana and Uruguay was fantastic! No simulation, sportsmanship and real will to get the ball and play, too bad for Ghana as they were the last african nation playing but Uruguay has a great captain!

  40. ricky said

    Spain is playing tonight against Paraguay, let’s see if like in 2008 a spanish victory can help Nadal win tomorrow, or the opposite!
    I wish Paraguay was Czech Republic, wouldn’t it be fun…

  41. imelda said

    O M G Gemany defeats Argentina 4-0 !!! WTF?????

  42. Kitty said

    lol..what drama with the penalties – spain paruguay

  43. Bettyjane said

    Oh man it’s heartbreaking to see Paraguay behind after outplaying Spain throughout this match.

    • ricky said

      Such a tiny country, so gifted players, they were robbed a goal at the beginning, no? The umpire was edgy. I heard that there are 80 000 licenced football players in Paraguay, for about 2 000 000 in Spain !!!! So now only Uruguay is left to represent America! Go Uruguay!

      • Jenny said

        Such a shame, it sounds like Paraguay achieved more than our England team, at least it wasn’t an embarrassing whitewash. I didn’t see the match. Oh well, England and Argentina can console themselves in misery! That young German team seem to be riding high right now, good luck to them.

        Every time I hear Paraguay mentioned, The Trio Los Paraguayos and the lovely ‘Bell Bird’ rings in my ears!

      • Bettyjane said

        This is just so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

        Paraguay’s defense was unbelievable and yes they were absolutely robbed of a goal that was mislabeled an “offside”. The refs have alot to answer for during this tournament.

        The Uruguay Ghana match had an unbearably tense finale. I’m pulling hard for Uruguay now.

      • Jenny said

        You’re welcome Bettyjane. Yes, Britain was robbed of the Lampard goal all because FIFA didn’t put in technology like Hawkeye!

  44. Esky said

    HAHAHA! Germany beat Argentina 4 – 0 !
    it will be Netherlands vs germany or Spain in the final!
    I say netherlands because the netherlands are versing Uraguay!

  45. ricky said

    DON’T forget tonight semi-final Uruguay-Netherlands

    and tomorrow Spain- Germany

    2 exciting matches not to be missed in any circumstances!!!!

  46. ricky said

    I have to admit that I have a crush on Diego Forlan, the uruguayan captain…

  47. imelda said

    WOOT! Holland into the final! Well done. Hup Holland Hup!!!

    (you’d think they had won it already… people are STILL going crazy. lol..and the vuvu’s are in evidence as well.)

  48. Chieko said

    Thanks Ricky san for suggesting this thread. Good morning to you ., I am watching the Neth-Uru semifinal with a whole bunch of people. What a goal from so far away !! I think the orange has a very good start. Please enjoy.

    • ricky said

      that was a good match! Yesterday though, the germans disappointed me, and now I’m for the Netherlands, that I liked from the start!

  49. Chieko said

    Oops!! I spoke too soon. It is a tie now. What a goal again fromt the blue side. Wow!!

  50. Jenny said

    Hi Ricky, big footie match tonight!

  51. Stella said

    I understand the octopus chose Spain.

  52. Tweedle-Dum said

    Congratulations to Spain for their victory today. I’ll be rooting for them Sunday against Holland

  53. Serran said

    Yes! Spain in the final!!

    I still can’t believe it 😀


  54. Somebody Else said

    Spain/Rafa does well when Spain/Rafa does well.

  55. ricky said

    I will be orange on sunday

  56. Stella said

    my good friend is Dutch so I’d better be orange too.
    On the news they talked about ” hysteria in Iberia’– now to me that sounds like something that a verse could be made of. And surely there’s someone out there who can find a suitable rhyme for vuvuzela ???
    Time to step up and verse it world Cuppers. I did my bit.

    • Somebody Else said

      The hysteria in Iberia may be at fever pitch by comparison,
      Yet the Dutch would do well to think “Here Comes the Sun”, like George Harrison.
      Can be said that a nation boasting fans who are no stranger to a vuvuzela
      Have not yet felt the breath of fortune blow upon my mates in Venezuela,
      Who have tired of Argentina and have tired of Brazil,
      South America needs new heroes, but “el vino tinto” has not yet fit the bill.

      —that’s all I have the energy for at the moment, sorry. 😉

  57. imelda said

    Argentina was a bust,
    And Germany sure bit the dust.
    Paul has eaten Espana’s oyster,
    predicting Holland’s haste unto a cloister.

    While red black and yellow may surely triumph,
    red white and blue may shock with dee-vine oomph.
    Beautiful football we shall see,
    whoever wins is fine by me.

  58. imelda said

    Thanks Jenny..Uh-oh..I think I’ll have to do another.. there is NO black in Spain’s flag.. *slaps head* (well, a TEENSY little bit of something.. I think blue?) LOL..

  59. ricky said

    Finals at last!

  60. Bettyjane said

    Has anyone read about the octupus “Paul” who has accurately been predicting the World Cup match winners? He’s going with Spain in the final.

    • ricky said

      I just read about Paul, here is a video

    • M said

      Bettyjane, I did read about Paul!
      I also read there was a parakeet, Manny, who picked Holland. I don’t know much about what his record had been before this, though. 😛

      • D.S.G. said

        (Cough, cough**Splutter, sp-lutter**) EXCUSE me? Did you say there is a PARAkeet who can predict the outcome. I would like to meet Mr Feathers!! I am in love! However, I don’t think his prediction is correct. He probably said, “Hello.” As parakeets are wont to do and they thought he said,”Holland.”

      • M said


        Personally, I’m going with Paul’s prediction. I don’t want to see him turned into calamari.

        P.S. D.S.G., you’ve been missed! 😀

      • Stella said

        or he sneezed/coughed and it sounded like spain

    • ricky said

      I posted something about Paul that I discovered thanks to you bettyjans!
      It is dated a bit as he was focusing on Germany, and it’s awaiting moderation… anyway now let’s see who between Manny and Paul has better predictions

      Did Paul predict who will win tonight at the small final?
      An excellent match tonight because
      Klose wants to the best goalie ever in Worldcup, he is one goal away from Ronaldo’s record 15 goals,
      and we’ll be able to see once more the Uruguayan team and Diego Forlan!

  61. Stella said

    post 51 the octopus chose spain in a previous round. Now spain again . I understand there have been death threats against it.

  62. imelda said

    I found this about Mani…

  63. Kitty said

    what is wrong with netherlands, they seem to play like they are defending a goal. once they get possession they give it back promptly

  64. Kitty said

    wow two golden chances for rouben dutch…looking at the video, did’nt paul pick the one which was closest to him? 🙂

  65. ricky said

    Paul was right after all!
    Oranges are turned into juice

    • M said

      ¡Vamos España!

      (and Paul. 😀 )

      “Oranges are turned into juice”
      LOL, Ricky. And Paul wasn’t turned into calamari.

  66. imelda said


    Totally deserved! (I mean through-out the tournament)
    Even though the run up to the Spanish goal was begun off-side? The disgraceful way the Dutch played in the 1st half… well, what goes around comes around. Holland should have been playing with 9 players from the first 15 minutes of the 1st half.

  67. Stella said

    since no one else has .

    A World cup verse ( from My Fair Lady)

    The reign of Spain
    Has caused the Dutch much pain.
    By George they’ve got it.

  68. RafaFan said

    And the title goes to the lucky Spaniards. “Felicidades” They played very classy until the semi final if you exclude the match vs Switzerland. LOL. The one who scored (Iniesta) should have gotten the red card for a very unfair foul. It’s almost like Suarez of Uruguay who cleared with his hands a 100% goal from Ghana and managed to win. The Uru’s deserved to lose vs Germany! I’m glad the WC hype is over now! Soccer sucks and most of the players too. The president of (MA)FIFA is an arrogant jerk. He’s kind of Robert Mugabe of Switzerland. Compared to him Don King is a very nice and trustful person. Sorry guys if it sounds harsh. Please don’t forget that this is just MY opinion I tell to everybody. LOL.

    • M said

      “He’s kind of Robert Mugabe of Switzerland. Compared to him Don King is a very nice and trustful person.”
      Tell us how you really feel, RafaFan. 😆

      Anyway, you know Rafa flew down to support his team, yes?

      (And at least Mr. King gave us “Grapple in the Apple”, for which I’ll always be grateful, no matter what came before or after. 😛 )

      • RafaFan said

        Yeah and Hitler brought hope and freeways to Germany and about 25 years later the Apollo mission to America. 😉 And I do not feel very grateful to him. 😉

      • M said

        Well, personally I wouldn’t give Mr. Hitler credit for the freeways, and certainly not for Apollo.
        And I will certainly grant you might have more information about Mr. King’s business interests than I. (And I’m also thinking it’s information I probably wouldn’t want to have in any event … 😉 )

        I’m perfectly content to leave it there, though, and continue to root for Rafa’s continued success right next to you! 😀

      • RafaFan said

        Yeah let’s hope Rafa didn’t catch a cold in Johannesburg. Let’s also hope that Rogie is in best shape for the rest of the season. Let’s forget sucker soccer.

  69. jett09 said

    Congrats Spain, worth getting up for at 3am!!

    Oh la la, Shakira might get invited to join the team at the after party!!

  70. Serran said

    Guys, I’m just speechless. World Champions, yeah!

    Just a couple things:

    First, it’s now 4:45 am and I’m just geting into bed. Madrid is crazy, the whole country is celebrating like there’s no tomorrow 😀

    Then, I usually feel bad for the second-best. Not today. The Netherlands played real dirty. Way too many fouls, and most of them in situations where they had no hopes of playing the ball. That’s not football. That’s not sport. That Van Bommel finished the match on the field is just a shame.

    Just to be clear, this is only what I saw. I’m convinced that the Netherlands’ supporters will see reasons why they deserved to win. They certainly had chances to do it, and the one to blame on the hard game is mostly the refferee that allowed it to happen for 120 minutes.

    In the end, the score rewarded the team that was playing football. Today Spain are World Champions for the first time ever.

    I, for one, sure hope it won’t be the last.

    • M said

      Felicidades, Serran!
      Hope you both stay safe and enjoy yourself.
      (Hoping those two are not mutually exclusive. 😛 )

    • banti said

    • RafaFan said

      The Netherlands played real dirty. – Only in the first half. In the second half it was the other way round imo. All I want to say is that La Roja (btw I prefer Rioja y Ribera del Duero, lol) did not convince that much like in other matches. It was very close. You may know that the game play of your team was introduced to Spain by a Dutch legend: Johan Cruyff! 🙂 Please don’t get me wrong! Enjoy your title! I mean it’s just like Rafa and Roger: They need each other. No?

      • Serran said

        I didn’t get you wrong, don’t worry 😀 you are right in that it was very close, but it’s not comparable in my opinion. De Jong’s brutal aggression towards Xabi Alonso and Van Bommel’s repeated kicks were both well deserving of an expulsion.

        Also, 9 yellow cards for the Dutch vs 4 for Spain (more than double) in the World Cup final with the most cards shown ever. And that’s without accounting for the cards that were forgiven to the Dutch.

        I like The Netherland’s football team, always have. I love Cruyff and the beauty that they brought to the sport. They are one of the greats of the game, no doubt, but yesterday they didn’t live up to their name, and they let their supporters down when they stopped playing and started fighting.

      • RafaFan said

        @Serran: I think the Dutch lived up their game i.e. when they returned a corner to Casillas. Amazing, no? Please don’t forget that. And yes De Jong’s foul was really brutal. That was toooooo much! Fue a proposito? Huh? Did not like the referee. It’s absolutely ridicolous that FIFA doesn’t want the video proof. In general I completely agree with TP: And can someone freaking ‘manage’ the shameless ‘acting’ after every foul – specially knowing that people will be shown the replay to uncover the stupidity? This bothers me a lot. All in all the Spaniards deserved to win for the first time. It’s ok. Celebrate! 🙂

      • Serran said

        Yes I was very impressed with the corner, that’s true.

        I agree that the video should be at the referee’s disposal, it would end all the acting and the controversy.

        It was nice commenting the match RafaFan, today we get to enjoy the victory but remember, the future always brings one more chance to win! 😀


  71. banti said

    Congrads Serran! I agree Holland played dirty and ultimately suffered at the end for it. Incredible week for Spain! I hear Rafa cried like a baby, check the ATP site:)

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