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Posted by tennisplanet on July 5, 2010


Post Wimbledon Diary from takes a look at the news and talking points the day after Rafael Nadal’s triumph at The Championships.

What The Papers Are Saying

“Viva La Rafa-lution” leads The Telegraph as it ponders whether we should now consider Rafael Nadal to be the greatest player. “Usually people ask ‘is he the greatest’ when they are deep into emotional extra time after an epic match, but it is a deeper question after an anticlimax like this. Yesterday’s final took place in the shadowlands of greatness because Nadal was far too good for Tomas Berdych. Is he now the best tennis player of all time? It is that purity of thought at the big moments that gives Nadal the vote over Federer. It’s the brain against the body. It’s Fangio against his Ferrari. Surely no one has ever moved better than Federer on a tennis court, but he has never had Nadal’s strength of mind.”

Simon Barnes, The Times’ chief sports writer, considers the same debate. “He modestly assumed his rightful place as the line, the undisputed, the unquestioned master of his sport. Forget Roger Federer – no, not possible – set Federer aside, then, at least for now, because Nadal is not just champion of Wimbledon, he is not just the official world-ranked No. 1, he is not the supreme champion of his sport and the man all others – yes, Rodge included – must look up to. It’d Nadal’s game right now. Nadal’s game, Nadal’s world.”

Also in The Telegraph, three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker credits Nadal’s big-match experience as the key to his victory over Tomas Berdych in Sunday’s final. “He won not because he was much better than Tomas Berdych, but because he had been in that situation before, he knew what to do, and because he has a ‘B’ – or even a ‘C’ – game. of course, is the key to winning a major tournament, and the reason that Nadal is such a great champion. It is impossible to play seven straight matches at your best. That is what sets champions apart from finalists. Nadal finds a way to win — scrambling, fighting, putting the ball back one more time. It is not down to technique, but attitude, and it just goes to show the kind of player he is.”

The Telegraph provided another interesting nugget when it reported: “The Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood accepted an invitation to join the Nadal family’s post-match celebrations, but declined to partake in any of their champagne. When quizzed on the subject, he explained that he had reached the 100th day of a self-imposed booze ban.”

American legend and two-time Wimbledon winner John McEnroe told the ATP Champions Tour web site that he is tipping Nadal to complete the career Grand Slam at the US Open in September. “Nadal wants to win the US Open so badly. It’d be hard not to pick him at this time even though he’s never won it. The guy’s just an animal; he’s mentally and physically incredible and he can definitely do it if he’s in this shape. The conditions in New York don’t suit Nadal so well and he needs to make his body hold up. So I think after Wimbledon he is going to take some time off and get his knees recovered and then maybe not play too many matches before the Open.”


4 Responses to “ takes a look at the news and talking points the day after Rafael Nadal’s triumph at The Championships. From Bjornino. Thanks.”

  1. O said

    A great player Nadal has work cut out for him, chase down Borg, chase Pete, and chase Roger. Realistically, US open series is a big test for him. The expectation is rightfully so high for the world number one, it makes the open more of an interesting event to look forward to.

  2. Jill said

    The article by Mark Reason in the Telegraph (his last name clearly being an oxymoron) was one of the worst pieces of journalism I’ve read in a long time. Worthy of one of the tabloids for sure but not a broadsheet.

  3. NadalFan59 said

    I hear a lot about the Champions Dinner, but would love to see more pictures of the Nadal Family celebrating. Where are the pictures of Rafa and Xisca? None to be found on the internet.

  4. CV. said

    Hello, NadalFan59

    I cant find any photo of the Champion’s Dinner/Ball.
    Wiil you all share if & when you locate some.
    Thank you All.t

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