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Code of conduct for posting on this weird site.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 5, 2010

Here’s a chance for all you cheap lazy freaking freaks to draft a code of conduct. I know it’s like handing a gun to a toddler but you might have gained ‘some’ confidence for me to attempt this. So leave what you feel is appropriate and I’ll compress the ‘least childish’ stuff to draft the final code.


90 Responses to “Code of conduct for posting on this weird site.”

  1. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    1. avoid personal attacks and abuse – however seemingly mild – on individuals or groups who post on this site. Expressing frustration or bitterness about others not seeing your point of view / disagreeing, will reflect your own personal demons and single you out as a mental health hazard. Agree to disagree and move on.

    2.respect the players and their achievements, even if they are not your favorites.

    • Jenny said

      Well said, Sir V! 🙂

      3. Racist, nasty sexist remarks, and religious condemnation [even if you don’t follow a particular faith] are strictly taboo. Respect different cultures, even if you don’t agree.

      4. Be prepared to apologise if your comment has caused offence.

      5. Similar to Sir V [2] – Be aware all players have their own fans, even if a player is relatively unknown.

      • Bonnie said

        Agree with both of you.

        1. avoid personal attacks and abuse – however seemingly mild – on individuals or groups who post on this site. Expressing frustration or bitterness about others not seeing your point of view / disagreeing, will reflect your own personal demons and single you out as a mental health hazard. Agree to disagree and move on.

        Totally agree: we need to remember that attacking the person is way different than disagreeing about what is said. It’s the same school of thought that, the behavior is bad, not the person. Let’s remember to keep our comments focused on tennis, or the subject at hand, and not on personality differences.

  2. Somebody Else said

    1. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Sound familiar? It works …until it doesn’t. Then you have to put the boot in, Teep.

    2. Don’t be a spineless ___?___ when you want to rectify a misconception or what you perceive as poor judgement on someone else’s part. If you have something to say, say it. Just be dignified, stating your points clearly and sensibly, and without needless hostility (smiley faces will not always help mask one’s genuine dislike, so just be respectfully honest).

  3. Bettyjane said

    While I applaud the idea of being respectful of everyone’s opinions, let’s not go down the road of being a bunch of sycophants either. Lively disagreements can occur and good-natured bantering should never be confused with rudeness.

    6. Leave the policing of the site to TP and the special status crew.

    7. Don’t tell others to “move on” when you’re tired of the discussion. Jump to another thread if you feel that way.

    • Jenny said

      While I applaud the idea of being respectful of everyone’s opinions, let’s not go down the road of being a bunch of sycophants either. Lively disagreements can occur and good-natured bantering should never be confused with rudeness.

    • Bjornino said

      Betty, that’s a very good and important point. There HAS to be debate. The point is to keep it civilized 🙂

    • Blake said

      Hear hear Bettyjane.

      I think as long as your goal isn’t to abuse someone into a corner and/or make them cry, have at it… Too many people attack other players on here but sugarcoat it by masking it as praise for a different player..

      i.e. “Roger Federer is clearly the best player on the planet, no.1 or not.” or “I’ve never seen seen Federer pick at his backside, but that’s just the kind of class he is”

      …i’m sorry, but if I can’t ‘politely’ tell them where to shove their class, kinda takes all the fun outta having such an open site. Unless you want to rename this place as “Tennis Lovers, Who Also Love Each Other” – chillax a little 🙂

    • ricky said

      well said!

  4. ymd said

    YMD shall be allowed to reply to any remark she deems to bother her with:


  5. ymd said

    It’s telling me dup comment, so just read above.

  6. jennifur said

    we will get gold stars?? if we b good little 1s?

  7. Dee said

    I have no idea where you going with this TP.I am waiting to see how you draw the line. I have to say, now I am going to be very anxious about what I comment, thinking would I offend someone.This would make most of our comments very similar and boring.Do you ever think how someone would feel if they face a ban? Hmmmmmmm!

    • Jenny said

      Dee, I don’t think you’ve managed to offend anyone in the all the years you have been posting, I doubt you’ll start now! 🙂 Keep posting, girl! I think this is directed more at some of the one-off posters who seem to get some weird pleasure at upsetting people. Nothing wrong with lively debate.

      • Dee said

        You felt it didn’t you! How do you read peoples minds Jenny, amazing! Your children are so blessed to have a mum like you. Of course I am worried thinking I would get banned. I think TP needs to discuss these rules with you before implementing.I feel safer in your hands.

      • Jenny said

        Your children are so blessed to have a mum like you.
        I’ll remind my son of your words when he’s being a slob! [I hasten to add, a nice slob!] 🙂

    • Cris said

      I used to watch at this site every(freaking?)day. In my opinion it’s perfect the way it is; even discussions are very polite and respectful, and maybe this happens because of site moderators. So I think it’s right to discuss, bringing our own opinions, but always without upsetting others.I can assure you that this is a big point of other tennis web sites that makes me feel down and bitterness; in other web placese attacks and arguments are becoming more and more greats, especially since when Federer lost his leadership, and so it was in the past months when Rafa seemed not able to win anymore.So I personally appreciate this initiative…it’s good and it’s needed if you want to keep this site “clean”, believe me.

      • Jenny said

        Good point, Cris. I’ve read nasty stuff on other sites too and I’ve cringed. It’s then likely to become dominated by trolls and ignorance, you can’t debate with a troll, one can’t even use humour to lighten it up because every word is pounced on in a bad way. A site loses credibility, the genuine posters lose patience, get frustrated and disappear, we certainly don’t want this great, unique site going that route!

  8. Chicago Fan said

    As this is TP’s original site, I think that he should be the final arbiter of what is acceptable.

    I think that a healthy debate is good. And adults should be able to agree to disagree.

    With that said, I think that there should be a three strikes and your out rule. The first offense should generate a warning. The second offense should generate some kind of probationary period, and the third strike should generate a ban.

  9. Ricke said

    Not too worried about this. I am a bit of a wimp, not too confrontational, except when people make blanket political statements such as All Americans are……………. Let’s treat everyone as individuals not countries. That being said I am all about having pride in your own country and love hearing about all the different places you live and about your customs, weather, pets, coffee addictions, whatever!!!

  10. UM17 said

    Just going out on a limb here, but I feel like to post on this site you should first accept and embrace the fact that BOTH Roger and Rafa are ridiculously good at tennis. Like to a degree that we rarely see. Trying to convince the interwebs otherwise is just silly.

    After that, debate away whatever you want about what you perceive to be their personality, classiness, sportsmanship, blah blah. Those are subjective, the first part is not.


  11. kitty said

    Did something happen which warrants this thread like the Pommi guy other day was banned? I say the site is very good balance of humour,respect and argument. Its prefect as it is, just boot the odd guy who causes mischief

  12. Fedsfan said

    Scary stuff TP, your laws remind me of my school days. I will have nightmares of not doing my homework today.

    • RafaFan said

      Yes, yes “YOU NEED ULTRA-THICK SKIN TO VISIT THIS SITE” this is how TP rates his blog. Considering his rules of conduct I rather need pampers. TP is getting older just like some goat tennis players. He’s declining, no?
      Year 2006
      Year 2010
      Will he bounce back? Huh.

  13. DK said

    I don’t know about you guys (insert the now obligatory “and gals”), but I am already missing the old, edgy TennisPlanet, where, to borrow an Australian expression, “men were men, and the sheep were scared”. Now we are going to be more like that mother of all Political Correctness, Canada, where people apologize to strangers for stepping on *their own* toes on the subway!

    Before, we could say: “Your posts sucks tennis balls”. Now we are supposed to say: “It’s an interesting post”.

    Before: “Your avatar is butt-ugly”. Now: “You avatar has a great personality”.

    I understand we had to deal w/ Pommes and other extreme Fedheads who felt the need to denigrate Nadal’s achievements, but what do we do when other players (or other players’ fans) have to be put in their place? We need a more lax set of rules for such situations.

    • Jenny said

      LOL DK, I’m certainly not into political correctness when it goes over the top, we have more than our fair share of it here, believe me! Actually, I do apologise if I step on a stranger’s toe or unintentionally push them in a crowd, but to me, that’s just plain good manners, I wish there was more of it and I’m no goody two shoes! I agree with the majority of folk here, certain posters do need to be warned if they go over the top and are blatently rude as to put off other more moderate posters, we don’t want folk being afraid to post their opinions in a fair manner. When you think about it, the good do far outweigh the bad in that respect, I think I can recall the nasty comments on one hand. As Bettyjane said previously, “Lively disagreements can occur and good-natured bantering should never be confused with rudeness”

    • DK said

      Meant to say “where people apologize to strangers who step on *their own* toes on the subway!” I can understand apologizing when you are the one doing the stepping, but when you are the ‘steppee’??!!

      • Jenny said

        😆 I know what you mean. My mum broke her nose years ago when she stepped off a bus and straight into a concrete street lamp which refused to move, and she apologised to it!

    • Stella said

      and what do we do about the people who say we Canucks are too bloody polite?

  14. Tweedle-Dum said

    Re: earlier post “Wanted Bulletin Poll. Fram RafaFan.”

    Concerning the kind remarks about DSG: She’s still visiting the site and is THRILLED when she can get through with a new moniker. I understand she REALLY misses y’all.

    • Jenny said

      Are you serious?! It would be so nice to see her back 🙂

    • Sol said

      I knew it !!
      (Fluff’s mom thing…)

      I asked TP last year why DSG wasn’t able to post anymore and he never answered back.
      Tell ‘her’ I miss her bitchy comments 😉

      • Jenny said

        Yes, but she was nice, obvious tongue in cheek bitchy, she made me smile, so Hi DSG if you’re lurking! I asked TP the same question too, Sol.

      • Tweedle-Dum said

        Oh, Sol, I, I mean, SHE has missed your bitchy comments too! ( however, they have been AWFULLY tame lately). She’s always here, though.

      • Sol said

        Jenny, DSG was the first poster to answer my very first post on TP, 3 years ago. I don’t remember what it was about but she said “let’s not get bitchy”. I was shocked and thought that my first time here will be my last. But then I realised she was kidding and that made me feel comfortable enough to keep posting.
        I know, “awwww”, right?
        But I see she left an impression on all of us 🙂

      • Sol said

        I know, I know, I’ve become such an angel lately, SHE must be disappointed. But with these new rules, I don’t want to get banned, you know…

        Oh, Tweedle-Dum. I’m so happy SHE found a way back home… 🙂

      • Jenny said

        Sol, DSG and I share a love of animals, so it was lot more than just tennis talk. Remember, she would also join us with M for the girly talk about the glam boys on the tour.

      • Stella said

        yes, i haven’t been called Fluffs Mom in a while

    • Stella said

      missed her too. welcome back

  15. Tweedle-Dum said

    How are your dear dogs, Jenny? My precious Pomeranian, Foxie, went to heaven four months ago and you and Fluff’s mom and many others, I’m sure, know how that is…
    I went to and found another Pom. His name is Foxie II. He was in a puppy mill for six years then the puppy mill was closed and he was in the “Sunny Meadows” shelter in Memphis for three months. We drove up to get him about three months ago. He is soooooooo timid. He has wagged his tail a few times and he will occasionally let me hold him and stroke him. He has a long was to go but he’ll get there. Kato and Frances (his stepbrother and stepsister) are kind to him.
    Sorry this isn’t pure tennis talk but I Do like to keep up avec animal friends too.

    • Stella said

      so sorry to hear about your Foxie. As you know I know exactly how you feel.

      we can’t get another yet as we couldn’t take one anywhere for the winter.

      Interesting — we buried her in the garden. Above is a large flagstone and on top of that is a planter pot with a tomato plant. There are other tomato pots around too but the one that is over Fluffs has red toms already. All thhe plants are the same type and started at the same time and are several weeks away from being ready. . The one thing I really love from my veggies is my toms. ( and she wasn’t a tom, she was a she)

      • Tweedle-Dum said

        Well. Stella, I think you buried love when you buried dear Fluff and love made your tomatoes flourish.

        And Jenny and Sol and M: **shiver** I miss those delicious little comments made about the players. I must say, I have had my head turned by a few of the FIFA futbol players as well.

      • Sol said

        Hey DSG, which ones?

        I’m not into football players usually, all the macho stuff and the showing off and the spitting kinda turns me off.

      • Jenny said

        That was a quick response, Sol! LOL Yes which ones, not into the spitting either.

      • Tweedle-Dum said

        I am very suggestible, so now that you mention it, I don’t think I like them as much as I thought I did…. but I do remember some nice faces from Italy. Speaking of spitting, I heard a commentator talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. He said something like “Ronaldo isn’t doing too much on the field but he did win a prize for “best guanaco.” (An animal of the camel family family who lives in Patagoia and has a habit of spitting). Oh, I LOVED that!

      • Jenny said

        Good one.:lol: Don’t Llamas have a good spit too?! A need for shades I think, you wouldn’t want that landing in your eye! Not looks wise but Sergio Ramos fascinates me, it must be the hair and he’s kind of elegant!

      • Sol said

        Lol, Ronaldo is probably the one I can’t stand the most. And I heard an interview he made once for the bbc, the guy has about 2 nerve cells which he probably shares with his team mates.

        Ramos, Jenny? He does have a…special look.
        I think Casillas is ok. Or maybe it’s cause we never see gim spit since the camera is never on him. I don’t know.

      • ricky said

        I like Ramos a lot! Even if I’ll be orange on sunday

    • Jenny said

      Ah, Sweet Girl – Hi! I’m so sorry about Foxie, my thoughts are with you. Rob and Star are fine, thank you. Star pulled a muscle last week, goodness knows how he did it, he’s a house cat! I was truly worried it might have been osteo sarcoma like my previous cat. Vet basically ruled it out as far as bone was concerned and an Ibuprofen shot seems to have done the trick. Love to Foxie 11 who has landed well and truly on his feet!

    • Sol said

      Well, that just blew your cover. So I might as well say, I missed you DSG.

      Sorry to hear about Foxie.

    • dee said

      hello there. we’ve been inquiring about you many times.Nice to have you back.I remember you came back soon as TP took moderation off.Then you disappeared again.Any way well come back.

  16. RafaFan said

    What a lovely retro-style thread with almost 70 posts! 🙂 It’s great to know that DSG is fine. Greets to her from another reincarnated poster who is lurking too. I also like DK’s point of view! So funny and true! No? Or should TP change his parole to: YOU DON’T NEED ULTRA-THICK SKIN TO VISIT THIS SITE? No no he’s not gonna change his trademark because it seems that TP already loosened the twit filter! Banned aka names aren’t blocked anymore! Great! Thank you Mr. TP.

    • Tweedle-Dum said

      Are you SURE, RafaFan? I’m so nervous about giving it a try through the twit filter. If it doesn’t work, I will cry. (Gulp) Wish me luck…

    • dee said

      The other person who disappeared is Brook.

      • Jenny said

        Yes, she was a great Roddick fan.

      • Ricke said

        Yes, I miss my one other Roddick Fan. Perhaps I should put something in my will that when I pass on my husband or children must post it on Tennis Planet. That way you know I am gone, not just banned. Never mind…….way to morbid. Shhhh……great to have you back DSG! Missed You. I’ll keep your secret quiet……

  17. Tweedle-Dum said

    That didn’t work so, if I appear again, it will be as Tweedle-Dum and I hope I can stay in.

    • RafaFan said

      This is what TP posted a month ago:
      “If someone is blocked, their name if used in a post, will alert the system to pull the entry aside.”

      The post is only put away when the blocked name is used in the “name” field. If you use a blocked user name in the body text it’s not affected by the system. A blocked name should work in the name field if you use i.e. D S G or D.S.G instead of DSG. Why don’t you try it, just for fun? No? LOL

    • RafaFan said

      If you can’t stay with your new aka name we could establish a NEW BLOG for the banned TP users! OPEN TENNISPLANET FOR FREAKING ADULTS! FOR THE BANNED. LOL. Where else can these poor souls go? They need a shelter to express themselves freely! Heard of Human Rights? Heard of Freedom of Expression? Everybody could start a thread! If we have a problem with each other we can discuss our points. In real live there is torture and war. It’s freaking strange if in a virtual world we cannot even say what we think or how we feel. Or did Kim Jong-Il(l) take over the web? Geeeezzz. 😉

      • Claire said

        I think the main reason is the people who use unpleasant language, can’t have a nice,adult discussion on an issue, etc. The people who act like that are very immature and not adult like!

        Having said that, look what went on between M and me. M, I’m truly sorry that I got out of hand. The thought did cross my mind that TP would band me! I’ve learned my lesson. It also (probably) was very upsetting for other’s when someone writes such things. I want to thank all those who reminded me that I shouldn’t spend my time saying such things.

        I’m starting to think of us as a family and people visiting hear just to say mean, is uncalled for!

        “In the real life there is torture and war!”

        Isn’t is so nice that we can visit this site, laugh,share our passion for tennis, learn more about the sport,etc. and maybe forget(for a little while) all bad things that go on in the “real” world!

      • RafaFan said

        @Claire: I’m starting to think of us as a family and people visiting hear just to say mean, is uncalled for! Yeah this site is “almost” like a family. And TP is the father of this family. Do you think that a father bans his sons and daughters because they say silly things? Husbands cheat on their wifes (and maybe viceversa, lol) and it happens that they stay together. Heard of Clinton? Oh sorry to mention him he was not cheating. No ban there. He was doing what every man wants and deserves. LOL. Many of the banned from this site were not just visitors but family members from the beginning. True family members. Am I kidding? Huh.

      • Jenny said

        Rafafan, I only know of one lady who may have been banned and that was years ago, she was warned because of the content of the majority of her posts, but to no avail, she wasn’t disrespecting other posters and TP, or using bad language or a troll, she just had her knife into a player who she disliked in a big way, it was turning into a hate campaign and overstepping the boundary, imo. She may well have disappeared out of choice because folks were getting understandably very upset. The poster who was banned because of me was fairly new to the site, it was TP who felt it appropriate to take action, and his right. Many genuine posters just move on out of choice, change of circumstances, and haven’t been banned at all.

  18. Tweedle-Dum said

    I guess it’s Tweedle-Dum for now. J’espere

  19. ricky said

    wow what an intense life-death, life after death, last will and so on philosophical post… Interesting!

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