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Report card after Wimbledon.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 5, 2010

Player Points Titles Record $ Tourn played Rank
Nadal 10,745 5 47-5 5,506,278 10 1
Djokovic 6905 1 31-10 1,507,962 11 2
Federer 6885 1 31-9 2,887,135 10 3
Murray 5155 0 22-10 1,696,422 10 4

20 Responses to “Report card after Wimbledon.”

  1. Dee said

    Wohow! So sad to see Federer at #3. I guess it has to happen one day. Sad Sad Sad ( can’t find a face) Hope he finds his rhythm again.

  2. sperry said

    Isn’t the spread going to get much greater? I don’t follow such things, but I remember Fed defending tons of points, and Nadal defending few. I wonder…anyone out there know the greatest point differential between first and second? Cuz’n… i tink it’s gunna be obliterated soon.

    • Sergeant said

      Sperry, do you mean the greatest point differential of all time? That must have happened some time around the end of 2006, when Roger won 12 titles. Converting to the current ranking system, first and second players would have earned about:

      Federer: 15245 pts
      Nadal: 7915 pts

      for a differential of 7630 pts. If Nadal wins the USO, the world tour finals, Canada, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris, he could reach 15000+ pts this year. Of course, he wants to keep his knees as healthy as possible for the USO and has the year end no. 1 virtually secured, so we know winning all those masters 1000 is not his goal.

      • Claire said

        Don’t know how much that matters!

        Federer didn’t have such high year end numbers because he repeated his wins from previous years – so he didn’t add or subtract many points each year
        I.E. He won a lot of big tournaments each year so didn’t gain points. ex. – he won some GS consecutive years so he didn’t gain any points! He got “0” points many years cuz he won USO 2006 and then wins it again in 2007 – so Federer doesn’t gain any points ever thought he won the GS in 2007.

        Nadal may have so many points because he didn’t have any many points to defend from 2009 – ex. he didn’t play Wimby last year so he got 2,000 pts. this year and had “0” points subtracted. Now if Nadal didn’t play USO last year “0” points earned and then wins he’ll get another 2,000!

        So I think players should be penalized for not playing the previous year due to injury or deciding just not to play that year. Of course less points should be subtracted from players who were truly injured.
        I think this should be done because I think the point of ATP rankings is to compare how player did previous year.

        So if a player does terrible previous year – he can add lots of points if he does so much better next year! Ex, – if a player doesn’t play at all one year and then comes back next year – any tournament they play points will be added and not subtracted.

        But don’t they freeze points – like Justin Henan and Kim Clisters – they start with points they had the year the retired.

        I would say getting the whole points – 2,000 doesn’t mean that much for Nadal. It isn’t a real comparison because he didn’t play last year. If he played last year, it would reflect how much better Nadal did from 2009. I believe that’s the thinking behind rankings – points reflect how much better you did than previous year.

        I think when a player skips a tournament one year ( 0 points) and plays and wins tournament next year points should have points subtracted (i.e. maybe 500 points subtracted if just didn’t play tournament previous year.) I think less points should be subtracted for a player who doesn’t play due to injury.

        The whole reason of ATP rankings is to compare last year to previous year.

        So if a player didn’t play 2 GS’s and wins those GS’s the next year – he gets 4,000
        Say Federer won 2 GS’s in 2009 and also wins the 2 GS’s this year – he will gain “0” points.
        Is that fair to Federer? I don’t think so!

        So I think the player who just decides to not play a tournament the previous year should be penalized by having points subtracted when they decide to play that tournament.
        Of course, the player that doesn’t play due to injury should get less points subtracted.

  3. Claire said

    I guess the points for tournament at end of year for top 10 players really reflects how they played for current year?

    I think that’s how #1 should be determined- no carry over points. What other sport carries over points or games won previous year?

    • Jenny said

      It’s difficult to know what to think about all of this, Claire. Does one clear all the previous year’s points and start from scratch at the beginning of the new year, no defence of previous points? I’m not sure whether that would work. It’s certainly the non defence of points that seem to be doing the damage to many a player.

  4. BonnyBee said

    Already looking forward to 2011 rankings since it seems like 2010 race has already been decided (emphatically). One way to be sure to climb rankings lists is to miss half a year with injury and/or to play terribly, then make a big push the following year. What is astounding to me is the consecutive weeks/years at #1 that Roger & Pete Sampras were able to accomplish, coming back year after year to defend successfully. Rafa seems miles ahead of everybody else right now in confidence and ability, and it doesn’t seem quite fair that from April through July next year if he doesn’t win everything again, if he just makes Semi-Finals of a few of those tournaments, he’ll lose points.
    I like the idea of grading victories differently. If you beat someone higher ranked, should be worth more than beating a tomato can. Or if you barely beat a tomato can, shouldn’t be worth as much as a 6-0, 6-1 win over a seeded player.

  5. Claire said

    I guess the race for the 10 ten to play year end tournament (can’t think of it’s name) is a reflection of how players did in current year, right?

    • Sergeant said

      That’s correct, Claire. The problem with that race is that it is only stable until after many tournaments have been played. In this case, it took three slams to rank the players reasonably. At the beginning of the year it can give very unexpected ranks like Stepanek and Robredo in the top 5 around March 2009.

      • Jenny said

        Agreed, Sergeant. Keep going with the Race stats, a good comparison with official ranking come year end. I think at the beginning of one year we had Murray as #1 on the race chart.

  6. sperry said

    I agree it’s screwy to win at Wimbledon and get zero points, because you defended your title. Didn’t they try a different way of ranking players and have it fizzle? Part of the “problem” (I think it is easily solve-able) is that they like to seed by rankings, and at the beginning of the year, the rankings could easily be very screwy.

  7. Claire said

    How about this:

    2010 points an 12/31 – 10,000
    points earned at end or 12/31/2011 – 6,000 then 10,000 – 6,000 = 4,000 (points at end of year (12/2011)

    I think this way is similar to what goes on all year but the points subtracted at year end from previous years total points! I think this would be a better comparison between players as they progress through the year!

  8. Sarah said

    Okay… First of all I don’t remember so many posts about the points system when Roger was number one. There were posts; but not so many. Second, I believe change is good. So if you have a better, fairer, way to compare and track progress, why don’t you submit it to the ATP? I believe Roger, Novak, and Rafael all are part of the players’ management?

  9. Sarah said

    Total U.S. Open purse to top $22.6
    Associated Press

    WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The U.S. Open will offer the richest purse in tennis history, with its singles champions each earning a record $1.7 million.

    The U.S. Tennis Association said Thursday the purse for the year’s final major will top $22.6 million, an increase of $1 million from last season.

    The purse for men’s and women’s prize money is up nearly 7 percent from a year ago. Each singles champion can also make an additional $1 million from the U.S. Open Series, 10 summer tournaments linked to the U.S. Open.

    The two-week tournament at Flushing Meadows begins Aug. 30 and ends Sept. 12.

    Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press

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