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Close up of Nadal’s watch.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 6, 2010


13 Responses to “Close up of Nadal’s watch.”

  1. Blake said

    ….And it could pay for my house and then some, just like that.

    Yet I have absolutely NO idea what time it is?


  2. Stella said

    how on earth are you supposed to tell the time? Maybe you go to Dollarama, spend a dollar on a black watch that has a face, 12 numbers, 2 hands, tells the time and runs on the same battery for 2 years and costs you $1.00

  3. M said

    Well, it’s supposed to weigh about 20g, with a movement weight of only 3.83g, since even a slight shift in weight can change a tennis player’s game.

    And I don’t know if it says 1953 or 0753, but it says one or the other.
    The hour and minute hands are the ones with the arrows on the ends, you guys. Geeeezzzz!!! 😛

    • UM17 said

      Of course, getting him to play in it is the ultimate contract, but…it’s kind of weird, no? A bit of an eyesore?

      I love a man with a nice watch to accent a nice forearm and hand, but this one don’t do it for me. I think Fed wins with the Rolexes…and I guess they’re too heavy to play in, but Fed doesn’t swing with his watch hand anyway. 🙂

      • M said

        I’ve seen Roger wear his watch at some USO practices.
        It actually looks kind of cool, when he has on one of his sporty shirts, with a spider on it or something, and his Rolex.

  4. Anonymous said

    This is so Nadal!

  5. Jenny said

    I reckon it’s either 08.53 or 20.53.

    • Stella said

      surely it has to be 7.43 Jenny as the short hand doesn’t quite come up to the 8 mark

    • Jenny said

      At first I wondered that, Stella, but see the 6 marker. You could well be right. Goodness you would have to get used to it wouldn’t you.

  6. Tweedle-Dum said

    HEY! That watch belongs to Richard Mille!

  7. Sarah said

    A half-million dollar watch and nobody knows (with certainty) what time it says. 🙂

  8. Manal Ismail said

    but then again , who needs to check his time when one can play 11 hours and more?

    Yea i concur with M, i think it shows 7.53 (am/pm).

    It has the “swatch” feeling but at 1000sss times more expensive. Why cant they just cover those little mechanical system behind the hour and minute hands?

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