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Fallen Roger Federer ready for new life after tennis. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 6, 2010

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19 Responses to “Fallen Roger Federer ready for new life after tennis. From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. Stella said

    really puts the current owner in an unfair position. Pity he couldn’t get a new event in the way Djokovic and Ferrer did

  2. ymd said

    I felt bad for the owner also, but this is a good way for the owner to drive up the price of the tournament. From the standpoint of money, it’s sounds like a smart move, finally!, for a tennis player.
    “But this will be no play-thing for the multi-millionaire local superstar – the tournament would be the first of a portfolio of tournaments owned by him. Sources within Federer’s management company have admitted that he is looking for serious and long-term investments.”

    “he has discovered that losing is hellish.”
    I don’t think he is too broken up over losing anything this season. Travelling around with a convoy this season may be getting old, fast and it’s not like it can change.
    Why the big deal about the press conference after he lost last week?

  3. Jenny said

    Valencia 250 had been in existence for years on clay, I have a feeling Juan Carlos was involved then, I could be wrong, but he is an astute businessman who already had his academy and luxury hotel. Officially local boys Ferrero and Ferrer bought into the upgraded 500 tourney in 2009 when it switched to hard court and the Agora building of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. I wonder who the current owner/set up at Basel is, Sol?

  4. M said

    I think this is fascinating. Nole has an ownership stake in Belgrade, and, as Jenny points out, both JCF and Ferru own and manage the Valencia tournament.

    Why wouldn’t it be appropriate? Wasn’t Roger a ballboy there as he was growing up and training? He’s a fan of tradition. Why wouldn’t he want to extend his legacy there? Perhaps Brennwald doesn’t want to run the tournament forever.

    • Jenny said

      I think it would be appropriate for Roger to make a bid, afterall there’s no sentiment in business. I believe Roger was indeed a ball boy in Basel so is no stranger to it’s traditions. Surely this is isn’t the first time Roger has started to look at future investments, Juan Carlos started when he was 23!

      • Jenny said

        How old is Nole – 23, he bought in at 22.

      • M said

        “Juan Carlos started when he was 23!”

        Role models. I wish other athletes & entertainers here thought/planned that far ahead.

      • Jenny said

        I think some folk are more business minded entrepreneurs than others at a young age. I believe Nole has also gone into the restaurant business.

  5. Dee said

    He has to retiere one day so it’s good to plan ahead. I know william sisters been doing it for a while now. I would say, why not bulid his own Venue and start a new tournemnt! I am sure he would have many sponsors.

  6. Toddyy said

    I think it’s surprising he hasn’t had more long-term business investments already. The Williams sisters have books, clothing, jewelry on QVC, they both own a share of the Miami Dolphins, etc.

  7. Jill said

    “bit the head off one poor newshound’

    Awwwwww, my heart bleeds, journalists are always so lovely. LOL.

    • Sol said

      Yeah, ditto that, Jill.

      Cry me a river, Alix whatsyourface.

      Those journalists deserve the same treatment they gave Fed, and therefore should take it like men when he tells them in his own subtle way to shove their stupid questions. The “poor newshound” was so laughable it takes away any credibility the author of this article has, if she had any.

      • Jenny said

        Thirded! Some of these hacks are something else, one can certainly understand why some players get sarcastic and thoroughly bored with stupid questions time and time again, it’s like a record. I rarely bother to listen these days.

  8. Sol said

    On the issue of buying the tournament, I think it’s a good idea to associate his name with this tourney. We all know that the fact that he plays there every year attracts thousands of tennis fans as well as people who aren’t interested in tennis. So what better place to invest in than the place where you first started dreaming about becoming a tennis star?

  9. MM said

    I’ve enjoyed Fed’s time and will miss him gliding over the court

  10. Somebody Else said

  11. Somebody Else said

    How do you like my magic trick? A post with nothing on it!

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