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Federer wants to buy Swiss indoors. From Claire. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 6, 2010


I found this on Blick – Switzerland newspaper – site above doesn’t take you there.
To get to article:

Google – Bick Switzerland newspaper -translate this page.
then : go to sports – hit on Federer’s picture -then hit on Federer’s picture again – right upper side of paper.
this will take you to more articles about Federer and below article is on this page!

This was dated July 4, 2010

Actually, it is obvious: Federer and the Swiss Indoors in hand. So was speculated for some time, whether in future the most expensive sports event in Switzerland will play a role. It is now clear: Federer does not want to be any role, not ambassadors or director. He wants to buy the Swiss Indoors, although he is far from a retirement as a player thinks.

SonntagsBlick knows that the champion looking for other tournaments. Various events will he win as investor. His IMG Management is to just as little information as to Federer’s interest in the Swiss Indoors.

Roger Brennwald, the founder, tournament director and rights-holders of the events from waves. “IMG is applying for ten years at the tournament, even from abroad there are many interested parties. My tournament is very popular. But I do not currently sell. ”

That unlike earlier not to IMG, Federer wants to invest but does currently nothing in the decision.

Although burning wood does not exclude that his years at some flagship reaches the shift lever. “I can well imagine one day. But he is supposed to still play tennis. I have a few projects that I want to realize the. Like the new hall. ”

For burning wood, the Swiss Indoors for more than a tournament. The occasion is no less than his life. “We are a family. Since it is about many friendships. The tournament is my city, my country, my life story. ”

Roger Federer certainly has enough wealth to buy this tournament easily. And his passion for his first love is so great that Brennwald think of worse candidates could, he should at some point but getting tired. Even if he some years the reins in his hands yet, he says: “When the day comes, I sit down at a table with Roger, no question.”


One Response to “Federer wants to buy Swiss indoors. From Claire. Thanks.”

  1. UM17 said

    Amazing, must be a bot translator. “Burning wood?” Bahahaha…

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