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I have added………..

Posted by tennisplanet on July 7, 2010

…………an image to your mailbox based on what you said you look like here – for the ones available. Some of you mentioned what you look like but had no mail box or some were other way around. Check for results here.


70 Responses to “I have added………..”

  1. Sergeant said


  2. Jenny said

    Thank you TP, but I’m not seeing anything!

    • bluechyll said

      I think you have to click on peoples’ mail boxes to see the changes, for example, M now has a picture of Halle Berry in her mail box, Sol has Courtney Cox, etc…

  3. bluechyll said

    There’s a picture of me in my avatar. That’s about all I’m willing to reveal… at least for the moment 🙂

    • Bettyjane said

      Yes your avatar has intrigued me like no other Bluechyll!!

      • bluechyll said

        Ah, I like a bit of intrigue 😉

        I must also compliment you on your excellent avatar, Bettyjane! Is that dog yours?

      • Bettyjane said

        Many thanks Bluechyll. That’s my English Setter Henry. He’s a character, caught here in a rare moment of NOT barking.

        So it sounds as if you will eventually be revealing more of yourself to the freaks. You have an artistic sensibility and we eagerly await more!

      • Jenny said

        LOL NOT barking. Henry and Rob would make a good pair, but then Collies are renowned for barking!

      • Bettyjane said

        Dear Rob, hope he is happy and well! And enjoying lying in front of the new kitchen stove. (or will be, once the cold weather returns!)

      • Claire said


        We need to get our dogs together – my dog also has A LOT to talk about! She loves to “TALK” to the other dogs as they pass her window! 🙂 :), She’s a multi-poo (Molly)!

      • bluechyll said

        One of my favourite quotes:

        ‘A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself’

      • Jenny said

        One of my favourites:

        ‘Dogs have masters, cats have servants’

      • bluechyll said

        So true, Jenny, at least most of the time anyway. I had an orange cat who sadly passed away at the end of last year, and he was the most adorable loving little cat ever, and he was so tolerant, unlike most cats who will attack you if you go anywhere near them.
        I still miss him… He was bought for me because we both had orange hair.

      • Jenny said

        Love your picture, Bluechyll. Adore ginger cats, we call them marmalade here. Actually I’ve never owned a marmalade cat. I have to say all of my cats have been really great in temperament, bar one, she looked very beautiful, chocolate box, but nobody messed with her, she would swat you for no reason, and yet she would never have a pop at the dogs. Long haired black with blazing emerald eyes. She died a few years ago at 19yrs and I miss her too. Horrible time when our pets pass away. I still think of my first dog, a big shepherd/lab cross.

      • bluechyll said

        Thanks Jenny! My cat was actually called Ginger, I know, originally huh? I named him when I was around 6, so who was I to know better 😆

        Your cat does sound beautiful, but I guess you should never just a book by its cover eh?

        It is a sad time when pets die, but I couldn’t live without one, so that makes up for it I suppose.

      • Jenny said

        I was brought up with cats, got my first dog when I was 17. He was a rescue, I learned so much from him. Actually, he came to our wedding! When our pets died, we said ‘never again’ were we going to put ourselves through the pain of it all. When our last Lab and little crossbreed died within months of each other, it nearly finished us off, it was around 3yrs after we rescued our current dog.

        It was funny, when we rescued our female I referred to earlier, she was the most beautiful cat in the cattery, aloof, but that didn’t bother us too much. I asked how long she had been there – 10 months I was told – after a week at home, ha..ha.. we understood why!!

      • DK said

        Ladies (Bluechyll / Bettyjane, etc.): no revealing, please! This is family-rated website from now on… Unfortunately!

    • Ricke said

      My son bought this little plaque for me: LET ME BE THE PERSON MY DOG THINKS I AM.

  4. bluechyll said

    TP, Could you please add this photo of me to my mailbox?


    • Sol said

      Bluechyll, thanks for the pic. You’re very pretty. and it’s so nice to put a face on a name.
      [And I’m so jealous of your hair ;)]

      • bluechyll said

        Thanks Sol!
        I was actually a bit nervous about doing it, I didn’t want to ruin the mystery 🙂
        But now that I’ve done it I think it was a good idea. How about you? Any chance of you putting up a photo of yourself?

      • Sol said

        Uh, no.
        People think I look like Courtney Cox, so why ruin a good thing, you know? 😉

    • Bettyjane said

      Expect a rush of admirers to pay homage. Your photo is beautiful.

      Didn’t TennisFreak or someone have us take a poll about adding photos of ourselves? This was over a year ago I believe. I thought most of the freaks said yeah. But nothing came of it.

      • bluechyll said

        Thanks Bettyjane!

        I’m waiting for the day when TP finally decides to reveal himself 😀

    • banti said

      Bluechyll how do you say cutie in Aussie?

      • DK said

        You say: “Nice b00bs” (if memory serves)

      • bluechyll said

        Cutie will do just fine, Banti. But if you want to sound like a real Aussie, you can always say ‘oi, mate. Check out that fine lookin’ sheila over there’, or something along those lines.

        DK – ‘Nice b00bs’ will be fine too 😆 😆

    • Stella said

      lovely photo. thanks. I’m going to add one for me

    • Ricke said

      You are adorable! I wish I could find a photo of me that I liked. Not real photogenic!

    • dee said

      Hey Lucy You are absolutely gorgous.Your Nina is a bit of a show off. Naah, Really, She is adorable. Esky wants a pet dog but we don’t.Hmmm

  5. Blake said

    Haha TP, you can use the image of me that I upped to the About You thread if you like.

    Though you realise if a few of us are willing to have our faces known publicly, you absolutely should also 😛

    • bluechyll said

      Absolutely seconded!!

      Blake, hopefully we’ve started a trend, and a few more faces get revealed 😉

      • Blake said

        Haha, one can hope so 😉 Though I don’t mind if people want to remain anonymous, it’s just more fun knowing what everyone looks like 😛

  6. dee said

    This is going to be fun.Well I think I might send you my real picture.

  7. Stella said

    TP can you use this photo for my mailbox please?

  8. sceral said

    I clicked on my box and see nothing. If TP post his picture, I am posting mine…

  9. DK said

    Okay, having checked out the pics of both Blake and Bluechyll… I can’t be the only one thinking this? Here we have two young, attractive people, seemingly single, in the same country, sharing a passion for tennis… Y’all know where I am going with this?

    Let’s get them to meet at AO’11! This will be the second attempted Tennisplanet pairing, after Sol and Bjornino. We are still working on this one – all is not lost. Imagine Courtney Cox on the arm of a tall, darkly handsome vampire – they would wow the crown not just at FO’11, at the Oscars too!

    The dynamics is the same – ladies are Fedfans, gents are Rafa guys (hmm… and they say women are smarter… go figure…). Opposites attract, no?

    • Somebody Else said


      Sorry to crap all over this fantasy. 😉

      • Somebody Else said

        …there are still male Fed fans out there, of the hetero persuasion too. 😮

      • DK said

        Come one SE, you are just p155ed that no Ana-looking babe from Hawaii has surfaced on the site so far!

      • Somebody Else said

        I don’t have a type, but who knows, maybe you’re right?
        So far we have quite a fine-looking cast of characters on this site. 😉

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      Why, I like the way you think, DK. May heaven’s choicest blessings be showered on the young couples!

    • Blake said

      Haha, appreciate the sentiment DK but I think baby BlueChyll is a little too young for me 😉

      • bluechyll said

        Hahaha, watch who you call ‘baby’, grandad! 😆

      • Jenny said

        😆 My husband still calls me ‘babe’!

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        He’s a good man, Jenny. And Jenny, you’re a good woman. I have spoken.

      • Ricke said


        You are very handsome and look like a happy, positive person. Did I mention I have a 22 year old daughter ready to graduate and she loves to travel? Australia you say???? Maybe she’ll look you up if she’s ever in your country. LOL! We mothers never stop meddling.

      • Jenny said

        LOL! We mothers never stop meddling.
        I’ve given up on my son, he travels too!

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