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Who is doing what on other’s favorite surface?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 7, 2010

Details Federer @ FO Details Nadal @ Wimbledon Details
Titles 1 Beat Soderling. 2 Beat Federer and Berdych
Finals 3 All against Nadal 2 Both against Federer
Five setters 4 Haas, Delpo, Sargsian, Kratochvil 7 Haase, Petzschner, Federer, Soderling, Youzhny, Kendrick, Federer.
Attempts 12 6

One Response to “Who is doing what on other’s favorite surface?”

  1. Vr said

    What are you saying this means TP? That Rafa on Rogers’s surface is better than Roger on Rafa’s. That doesn’t need a genius. But, what one has done outside clay is the key for now and future in the goat conversation (not withstanding H2H issues) Of course the outcome depends on Roger’s mind and Rafa’s knees. Former more than than latter as Roger is the better all round player on record-so far. That sounds like hedging bets, but it’s is not. It is stating facts. Like everywhere outside tennis, time is the judge and five ten years from now, we will be applauding Roger’s genius and achievements while the naysayers will be citing Roger’s luck that Rafa wasn’t healthy enough to challenge these great records. Same story as Graf and Seles.

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