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20 Of The World’s Most Spectacular Roads. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by tennisplanet on July 9, 2010

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5 Responses to “20 Of The World’s Most Spectacular Roads. WOW!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Jenny said

    Wow!! I know the road in Snowdonia, there are a number in the UK rural like that.

    • Stella said

      I did a road in the Lake District last year that looked nothing special but in reality it twisted and turned, was hardly wider than the car and the passing spots were so steep that I couldn’t do any hill starts.

      Having said that those pictires were great — I’ve driven nos 2,3,6,14,16,17,19,20. The No10 of the frozen river is dramatic — we can drive about 5 miles from home in winter and the Ottawa river ( not quite as wide as the one in the photo) is frozen so we can drive on it. Also there are people out there in huts on the ice, doing ice fishing with a fire going and their giant SUV out there on the iice for the day.

      • Jenny said

        Have you been to our Peak District in Derbyshire, Stella? I’ve been driven on some hairy mountain passes in Switzerland, beautiful but very scary.

      • Stella said

        I think I was there as a child on caravanning holidays. 2 years ago my Mum and I flew to Newcastle and then drove across to the Lake district.
        Hubby and I have always loved driving trips and have been in the Swiss and Italian alps scaring ourselves silly on all those “tornantes’
        We had a vacation in Colorado a few autums ago and the roads there in the Rockies are spectacular with steep drops down. The roads through the Canadian Rockies are different though. Rarely are there drops but you often are in valleys looking up at the huge peaks rather than looking down. The train through the rockies ( Rocky mountaineer) is spectacular as it goes overall sorts of bridges and stops in the middle of them for you to look.
        We’re saving up to take the train ride through the Copper Canyon in Mexico which is supposed to be wonderful.

  2. sperry said

    Any “best 20” that doesn’t include Tioga Pass (through Yosemite)….well…I don’t know.

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