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Murray’s showing at last two Slams accidental?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 9, 2010

At both tournaments Murray was not only the clear favorite, he had lost just one set before meeting his match – validating the hype. But despite the momentum he was taken out in straight sets playing just enough to keep it close. That’s when both Federer and Nadal were not exactly rampaging their way through the draw.

Considering Murray literally had Federer’s number before the fall, you have to fault Murray’s ability to mentally handle the pressure. He even had Nadal on the ropes at the AO despite a seemingly great showing from Nadal. To all that you can add the statistical evidence that points to a ‘not so bright’ future if you have haven’t cracked the Slam code by the time you turn 23. Additionally the pace with which the game is moving towards the treetops only adds to the momentum moving southwards – fast.

You get only so many shots at breaking through the barrier until the wall hardens for just being there forget about outside influences. I am sure there must be some numbers on cricketers who scored 99 runs multiple times in their career without EVER scoring a century. After faltering a couple of times just inches off the target, the mental block it erects only gets harder to pierce with every miss from then on. The silver lining is that it’s been Federer and Nadal holding him down leaving some wiggle room.

Bottom line: He HAS to win the upcoming US Open title preferably after beating both Federer and Nadal to restore confidence before it gets away from him – forever. He is making Djokovic look like some maverick.


10 Responses to “Murray’s showing at last two Slams accidental?”

  1. evie said

    I feel for the guy. Fed or Rafa have won something like 22 of the last 25 slams. That means a hell of a lot of people have been shut out. Credit Murray for making it to two finals in that time. I think he’s the only one to make a final appearance more than once. Federer only had to beat Philipsouss (sp?) to win his first slam. Rafa had to beat Mariano Puerta (who??). They both would probably have beaten much better players, but they didn’t have to. Can you imagine Fed having to beat Sampras in his first final or Rafa having to beat Kuerten? (Nole had to beat Tsonga, for godsake. Way easier.)

    I don’t know if Murray can handle the pressure; he’s had some odd losses, esp in last year’s USO. If he got a little lucky, I think he could do it. But probably not if he has to beat either of the two slam monsters in the final.

    • Jenny said

      I agree, Evie. The only thing I will add, Andy needs to play more tennis imo, including DC which he seems to avoid, get match tough, the only two who have played less tennis are Fed and Rafa, Fed is 28 and Rafa is prone to tendinitis so they have to be careful and cherry pick. Delpo, Davydenko have been injured, they can’t help that. Hewitt was playing a couple of months after second hip surgery and winning a title. Andy took his loss to Fed at the AO badly, and I felt for him at the time. He lost heart, pulled out of another tourney at short notice, chose not to defend points at the beginning of the season, played half hearted in others and he has had reasonable draws from what I could see. He is talented, but imo, no more than many other players on the Tour who have lost to Fed and Rafa on more than one occasion over the years, how do you think they feel?

  2. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    This is the image of a future grand slam winner. Seriously now!!!

  3. Chicago Fan said

    I think Andy has it in him to win a Grand Slam. He has the game. He just hasn’t been to sustain it. I think his best shot so far, was at the AO, but he ran into a Federer, who was keen to win another.

    I think his best chance will come on hard courts–either the U.S. Open or the AO.

    • Jenny said

      If he does win a slam, I agree, the US or AO are his best bet as you say, again much depends on the draw and his consistency. There are a number of dangerous banana skins who can trip him up other than the other top guns.

  4. Bettyjane said

    We all know that Lendl was a late bloomer in this regard. I wanted to see exactly how old HE was when he finally pushed through and read that he was 24.

    Murray LOVES NYC—he’ll probably break through here.(I live here)

    • Jenny said

      Andy has always said this about NYC and the US Open, I believe he has a home in Miami too. Francesca Schiavone at 30 was a fine example of a first slam winner this year.

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