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Another tennis scandal? You can bet on it! British hopeful Richard Bloomfield faces probe. From Ymd. Thanks.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 10, 2010


Another tennis scandal? You can bet on it! British hopeful Richard Bloomfield faces probe
By Mike Dickson
Last updated at 12:06 PM on 9th July 2010
Richard Bloomfield will need no reminder of how it is possible to get unwittingly caught up in the whiff of betting scandals that have involved modern tennis in the age of online gambling.
The British journeyman’s sole other first-round win on the main tennis tour was at Wimbledon 2006, when he defeated Argentina’s Carlos Berlocq in straight sets, only for the match to be investigated due to the weight of money placed on him to win.
Now there are questions about his victory over Christophe Rochus at the Hall Of Fame Championship on Rhode Island, although there is no suggestion Bloomfield is implicated.

No conclusion was reached about the Wimbledon win, illustrating how hard it is to get to the bottom of these cases. Berlocq appeared to be carrying an injury and word of that may have got out – probably the most innocent explanation of what happens when the betting markets go awry.
The defining match over this issue was that between Russia’s Nikolay Davydenko and Argentina’s Martin Vassallo Arguello, in August 2007 at the Poland Open in Sopot. Strange betting patterns that went against the run of play suggested that, minimally, inside information was involved and $7million was wagered. This exposed a matter that tennis had known about but ignored when betting on the sport was exploding.
After an independent report which concluded that no game was more naturally set up for corruption, the Tennis Integrity Unit was formed. The department, headed by former Met Police detective Jeff Rees, has yet to successfully prosecute but deterrents may be the best form of prevention.
Last year there were at least a dozen suspicious matches although this season there looks to have been a fall in questionable activity. A watch-list of certain players exists and tennis can no longer be accused of wishing the problem would go away.
The culprits usually fit a pattern, of being towards the back end of their careers and ranked between around 70 and 120.
Tour officials will be concerned that in 2009 there was an outbreak of suspicious activity after Wimbledon at smaller ATP events while the world was looking the other way, and they will be keen to avoid a repeat.

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2 Responses to “Another tennis scandal? You can bet on it! British hopeful Richard Bloomfield faces probe. From Ymd. Thanks.”

  1. saras said

    Its a shame

  2. ymd said

    “A watch-list of certain players exists ”
    Never knew that existed.

    Players who gave interviews during the Davydenko problem mentioned they were approached at tournaments either on a practice court, lounge, or locker room. That means someone from the inside is giving the mob(and it is the mob) access to the players. That was never cleared up.

    A Russian women’s player was approached throw a match. She didn’t throw a match, but she was too scared to go to officials about it. Officials found out and suspended her. Kusnetzova made a good point about how a player would be insane to report a mafia member approaching them.

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