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Federer and Mirka vacation photos.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 10, 2010

Biggest gut contest?

God, can you please @$!% and %^&* and *%!$ Nadal.


69 Responses to “Federer and Mirka vacation photos.”

  1. ymd said

    I don’t care how rich she is now, there is no excuse for being that heavy and wearing a bikini. Have some some self respect and do some situps.

  2. Jenny said

    I’ve seen a lot worse on some beaches in both ladies and gents, and some women don’t trim down that easily after pregnancy.

    • ymd said

      She looked that way pre-pregnancy,wear a one piece or get lipo, but she looks sloppy and there is no excuse for that.

      • bluechyll said

        She seems to have a relatively firm behind though 😆

      • MARIE said

        “She seems to have a relatively firm behind though.”

        That’s because she’s lying down. You might get a different picture if she were standing. I remember an older actress saying that she looked best lying on her back, because it looked like she’d had a face lift.

        I assume they’re not on a public beach, and if these are paparazzi pics she wouldn’t have expected her bikini clad image to be posted on the internet. But it’s not a good look.

      • D.S.G. said

        Since you don’t have a mailbox, ymd (**ahem**), I hope you will see my comment to you here. What you wrote the other day under the “Rules,” I believe, is STILL making me laugh whenever I think about it!!

        ….the shut your mouth comment x2. infinitum…

      • D.S.G. said

        I meant x3.

      • M said

        My first thought is that it’s not likely she picked out her outfit specifically to please you.

      • bluechyll said

        Considering the top half of her bikini doesn’t even match the bottom, I’d say that’s a fairly safe bet, M :]

      • Chicago Fan said

        Both of your comments are quite harsh, Ymd.

        People are allowed to enjoy themselves in life, even if they are not perfect–according to you.

        Those in glass houses…

      • ymd said

        I don’t live in a glass house.
        She looks sloppy. There is no reason to look like a slob.
        Believe me, she cares about what others think.

      • ymd said

        DSG: Click on my name. It’s not only a great saying but a great home accessory.

      • DK said

        Maybe YMD is on to something with her post at 1:03 pm on Jul 11th… Self-moderation! If you wanna say more that what some others are willing to see, provide a link to it.

        This is, as consultants say, a win-win: people get to express their (off-the-beaten-track) point of view, thick-skinned species get to read the uncensored stuff, those who are fain-hearted don’t have their senses offended, and, best of all, TP is absolved of all responsibility.

  3. Stella said

    maybe she’s pregnant again. Where are they. Neither seems worried about skin cancer.

    • M said

      “Neither seems worried about skin cancer.”
      Stella, that was my very first thought.

      I’m dealing with a nasty sunburn right now (and I’m one of those “always use SPF 30+” types — I just forgot to re-apply after exercise class, and spent the rest of the day in the sun, and that was all it took) — and I thought, “Well, either they really are bulletproof, or they really think they are!”

    • Dee said

      I can see Sun screen in Fed’s hands. I mean it’s a tube so I think it’s sun screen.
      What I’ve noticed was neither of them looked relaxed.

  4. sperry said

    What if Mirka is ok with the way she looks? Why does she have to satisfy the public?

    • bluechyll said

      I agree Sperry. And honestly, I don’t think she looks too bad, especially for someone who has recently had twins!

    • M said

      She doesn’t. Both she and Roger seem fine with it, and their opinions are really the only ones that should matter, imo.

      And really, the woman did give birth to *twins*, and they’re just coming up on a year old.
      IMO a lot of folks have been brainwashed of late into assuming baby weight is just supposed to come off in five minutes, if you’re in the public eye.
      Who was it that admitted that in order to flatten her stomach again quickly for some part, she worked out *five hours a day* for three months straight? Was it Britney? Sarah Jessica? Who was it — does anyone remember? This was fairly recent.

      • Bettyjane said

        Yeah M, it was Sarah Jessica Parker. And the Buffy actress Sarah Michelle Gellar also remarked that actresses have personal trainers that keep them in shape and that they work really hard at that every day.

        I really wish there were at least one photo of them smiling.

    • banti said

      she looks fine.

  5. Claire said

    sorry gototennis doesn’t have photos?

  6. Anonymous said

    To the ladies who are dissing Mirka.

    She can look exactly what she feels like looking. If you’ve got a problem, don’t look at her. Ever wondered that she spends exactly zero time thinking about you but you feel the need to evaluate and criticize her body. So go ahead but at the end of it she’ll still be far richer than you and she’ll wake up next to Roger Federer every morning. So…. get a life.

    • M said

      Anon, I’m in full agreement with your sentiment.

      However, I’m not entirely sure it was a lady that was dissing Mirka.

    • ymd said

      It’s hard to miss her considering her pic is right there. According to someone I know from Vogue, she cares very, very much about what people think of her, especially those with money and/or in the fashion world.

      I am going to start eating junk food in order to snag a rich husband. If only my mother taught me that earlier.

  7. Chicago Fan said

    I think the comments about Mirka’s figure are harsh. First of all, she’s had twins. Secondly, unless, one has a perfect body themselves, then they have no cause to engage in body snarking. And even if you do have a perfect body, why criticize someone, particularly when you don’t know them?

    I think that Mirka is pretty, I also think it’s refreshing that Roger did not feel compelled to marry a supermodel. It speaks volumes about his security in himself and his love for her.

    • MARIE said

      “I also think it’s refreshing that Roger did not feel compelled to marry a supermodel. It speaks volumes about his security in himself and his love for her.”

      I know this a standard refrain of many Federer fans, but Mirka could just as easily be evidence of Roger’s insecurity. When you look at players like of Nadal & Djokovic, both these guys are in long term relationships with independent and ambitious young women, and both have express pride for their respective partners for these characteristics. I know Brooklyn Decker takes a lot of flack on this blog because of the way she looks, but the modeling world is not for the faint of heart and Andy seems very proud of her determination and her accomplishments.

      In contrast, Roger seems to need someone whose life revolves around him and his personal and career fulfillment. I don’t know any sane, secure person who wants anyone dogging their every step.

      • Jenny said

        I speak as a woman first, the fact that I’m a Fed fan is irrelvant. People choose partners for different reasons, generally the first attraction is usually looks and/or chemistry, other aspects should follow if it’s right, in other words, lasting love. Of course there are arranged marriages in certain cultures. The important thing I think, is longevity, being together because you both want to be, faithfulness and contentment in a relationship. Some guys prefer the slim, willowy petite type, blondes, brunettes, redheads, others go for the more rounded lady, does it really matter other than to those concerned? Let’s see if Nadal and Djokovic are still with the same partners 8/10 years down the line, nobody knows what will happen, but what I have found, looks alone don’t keep couples together and it certainly didn’t stop Tiger Woods and other well-known personalities from straying.

      • MARIE said


        Your post is defending a assertion that was never made. My post had nothing to do with physical charateristics. There was only one reference as such, a quick aside about Brooklyn Decker. It’s interesting that you zeroed in on that aspect, when my post was about character/personality differences.

        I ceratinly don’t know if Nadal or Djokovic will be with the same woman in 10 years, though they are both in relatively long term relationships. But both seem proud that their current girlfriends are pursuing their own goals, which leads to personal enrichment and growth.

    • Jenny said

      Apologies if I misinterpreted your post, Marie. Infact, I should have posted it separately rather than a direct reply to you.

      • MARIE said

        No worries. Actually the first line of my follow-up was a mistake, as you certainly weren’t defending anything real or imagined in my post.

      • Sarah said


        I agree with your post about Brooklyn. The posts about her ALWAYS seems to be so negative. I think it is just jealousy. She is a very pretty, successful model.

  8. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

    Federer’s muscle mass is ridiculously low for a top ranked tennis pro. He had that critical mass on his shoulders a few years ago.

    • M said

      Sir V, I haven’t seen recent stats but during the Olympics I remember Roger actually outweighed Rafa by three pounds (Roger weighed in @ 191, Rafa @ 188) with both of them at 6’1″.

      And those of us who’ve seen Roger in the flesh know how slim he is. I know Roger does Pilates, and I do too — at a much less accomplished level, I have no doubt — and know it can find muscles you didn’t even know you had.

      It takes enormous core strength to be a good tennis player, and my thought is that Roger carries more muscle strength in his internal layers than most of us. I’m sure he still has his critical mass.

    • Dude said

      You got a point SVA.

      That belly of his is extra baggage. I dont think the core muscles can do anything to counter the impediment posed by flab. Muscle strength has nothing to do with mass, but flab for any professional athlete/tennis player is unacceptable.

      I hate to say this, but Roger has the physique of someone in their late 30s. And I feel his slowing down on court has something to do with his current physical state.

    • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

      M, his bone density is certainly heavier than Nadal’s. It’s his physique that’s in question here. I’ll be surprised if he wins another grand slam relying on that. I remember seeing him up close and at play last year and he looked better, more filled out. This year he looked vulnerable and a good part of it is physical which would afect his inherent core strength. I was surprised to see how less physically imposing he looked compared to 2009…like a happy, contended, yet anorexic GQ model. Kind of like a male Daniela Hantuchova who I also saw from close range this year. Difference is, hantuchova has a round face while Roger looks gaunt.

      When you stop looking like you mean business, it’s an invitation to allow the rest to roll you over. There is a difference between having a lean & hungry look and a starved one. Nadal had that look at the 02 last year and he was spanked by everyone including the russian patient – davydenko – a player Nadal toys with on court.

      Dude, he does have a bit of flab in his midsection, it could be he’s off training for a while now. A late-30s physique is a tad harsh, I think, although I agree his court movement will be affected; even if by a small margin which is big enough at that level.

      Watch Federer’s video being interviewed by Mary Carillo after beating Roddick for the 150th time. That was in 2006. His shoulders had more muscle mass and his chest was impressive without being overly muscular. Keywords: federer puting roddick in his place.

      I hope federer’s back and leg will recover well enough for him to get back to his best physical shape. His future grand slam victories depend on it.

      • Jenny said

        Well said, great comment, Sir V 🙂 I also agree, Roger has heavier bone density than Rafa, he’s a bigger frame.

      • Dude said

        I remember an old snap of Federer in training(maybe 06/07 IW), where he is showing off his torso. He actually looked reasonably muscular in that snap.

        It could be that he cannot work-out full throttle bcoz of his nagging back. That would explain the reduced muscle mass as well as the flabby lower torso. In this current phsical shape, I dont see Fed doing any better. Im sure Fed and his team are aware of this problem, but there is little they can do before the end of this season, unless Fed decides to take time-out for a few months. Now that would come at the cost of losing points & ranking. But at this juncture in his career that would be the wisest thing to do(imho).

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Agreed. Better to take time out now citing injury reasons than to chug along on the fumes of past glories and hoping for the best. This move has its short-term consequences; for one,he would be forfeiting around 2500 odd points and with the other top-tenners stepping up, that would keep him out of the top-10 by the end of the year. At this point, I wonder if rankings mean anything to him than to winning more slams. An irony, since winning more slams could bring him back to No. 1. But to do that he needs to get back in 2006-07 shape. There is no harm in taking a step back now to advance three steps forward in 2011. The lack of match practice may get in the way of his AO defense, but he will be ready by wimbledon and for the rest of the 2011 season.

        We can only speculate. He should just ask Paul the octopus and be done with it!

      • Jenny said

        All good points Dude and Sir V. It’s a hard choice, Fed will drop more rank if he takes a real break to get fully fit, but by the same token, this could be his best option in the short term.

        As you say, Sir V, “Better to take time out now citing injury reasons than to chug along on the fumes of past glories and hoping for the best”

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Well Jenny, he is in a position to take that break. With his record, he can easily choose which way to go. Of course, his stubbornness is legendary and he will continue to play on with a high risk factor of diminishing returns.

      • Jenny said

        Absolutely right, Sir V. When I said a hard choice, I was building in his stubborn factor! This is a situation now when a creaking door does not last the longest and he can’t just rely on talent.

      • Dude said

        SVA & Jenny, spot on about his stubborness, but hadnt Fed ridiculed drop shots in his early days only to use it in his career defining year – 2009.

        Now suppose Fed takes a 3-6 month hiatus and comes back 100% fitter and with a few tweaks to his arsenal. Although he would have fallen in the rankings(say 10-15), I think the Fed of 06-07 would annihilate the opposition (except if he runs into Nadal where anything is possible). And if he can add 2 slams per year for the next two years does it matter if he out of the top ten?

        I guess we will have to wait & see how RF handles this situation.

      • Jenny said

        Dude, As I recall, Fed was no fan of the drop shot, he rarely used it, I can’t be certain, but I think he felt it was a cheap shot, and now these past months he’s used it sensibly to his advantage and I loved it! Others over-use it, imo, and it can come back to bite them in the butt. I must admit, I get some pleasure out of the bite from overuse 😈 especially if one of my guys gets drop-shotted too often!

      • Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi said

        Bang on Dude and Jenny. I remember also watching him deploy the sliced backhand lob against Bozo in round 3 wimbledon. This is something i didn’t see in the previous years against soderling and garcia-lopez. Imagine if he had used that in the FO finals in 2006-07…

        While he’s adding to his arsenal, so are the others and you can bet Nadal will be even more dangerous by AO, 2011. 3-6 months would be ideal in his case. Trouble is, he might realize this a year down the line when he’s probably out of the top ten and is hit with a title drought.

        For falcon’s sake, fed, first get some meat on those bones!

      • Jenny said

        For falcon’s sake, fed, first get some meat on those bones!

  9. Caro said

    It took me THREE years to return to a decent body size after the birth of one son… and I am active! Mirka looks preety good to me… her skin is gorgeous and fair, hope she’s got the sunscreen on. As to Fed, I don’t see any belly, he looks slim to me. Big disappointment: no kissing photo! Come on, Rog, kiss her!

  10. Somebody Else said

    I’m probably all alone on this one, but despite not being in optimum shape, Mirka still looks cute to me. She’s like an adult cherub and she’s not morbidly obese, thank goodness.

    Federer doesn’t seem to care about tennis. I hope these weeks on vacation have given him time to consider how much there is still to gain by staying fit and playing on. Hope he and his trainers get together very soon.

  11. ClayBuster said

    It looks to me as both are clearly annoyed by having those paparazzis around – and rightly so. What a nuisance it must be to know that those vultures are always chasing you around, especially when you’re on holiday and want to enjoy a leave from the camera eye.

    To those dissing Mirka’s body: she’s a woman in her 30-ies and has had twins only a year ago. And knowing she never was the slimmest of all, she looks perfectly fine.

  12. Stella said

    maybe when you’re confident in where and who you are it’s not important what you look like. I got invited to a party last winter . In a house worth over $6 million . Was very worried what to wear as my smart/casual is dept store smart casual and not designer. Anyway the host was in a faded t shirt and jeans that had paint on them. ( not designer paint but paint from a project he was doing) and he was perfectly happy and confident in himself and gave a great party — and he looked a mess. I’d have been mortified if I’d been seen in public like that.

    • ymd said

      Why would someone invite people over to his home for a party and not be bothered with wearing clean clothes?
      Great party or not, the host was sending a message on how he felt about his guests.

      I don’t understand the whole it’s okay to look like a slob thing. It’s not a money or weight thing.
      Why is it so hard for people to wear clean clothes and clothes that fit them? People that cannot be bothered are not confident, but arrogant.

      • Stella said

        I think it’s an arrogance of ” look at all I’ve got — I’ve got it made”. found this several times, the richer they were the older the clothes– although those jeans when new probably cost $hundreds while my capris new were $19.99 at Belk

  13. RafaFan said

    Oh come on TP you look worse than Mirka and you did not give birth to twins last year! No? LOL. I’m sure the lousy pictures are photoshoped.

    • jett09 said

      “Oh come on TP you look worse than Mirka and you did not give birth to twins last year!”

      😆 😆 😆

    • DK said

      RafaFan is Double-Dog-Daring TP to post his pic to (attempt to) prove he looks better than Mirka.

      Will TP take up the challenge (and start scrambling for fairly old pics of Brad Pitt laying around), or will he try to ignore the growing chorus or pleas, requests, demands, and dares?

      It’s on!

  14. Claire said

    I think Mirka looks fine – actually she doesn’t look as heavy as I thought she was!

    Federer – didn’t he say several times he wanted to gain #1 spot? I think it’s very important to him.
    I also think they are ticked by having pictures taken – I know I would be!

    Federer doesn’t look like tennis player that in in top ten!

    My friend an internist is the doctor for George Bush senior – he and his wife were invited to Bush’s home – George opened door with holes in his sweater, Barbara dressed casual. My friend looked at the photo’s in the room and had to remind herself she was talking to former pres. – she said they were just “regular people” Maybe some wealthy, well known people go out of their way to seem like “regular” folk?

    • Stella said

      just saw a photo of Carrie Underwood going through LAX on the way to her honeymoon in an ill fitting t shirt and cut offs. Most of us would feel a need to be reasonably smart if we knew people would be looking out for us

    • Sarah said

      “Federer doesn’t look like tennis player that in in top ten!”

      Not with that gut!

  15. Manal Ismail said

    Despite all, i am still laughing at that 2nd photo with that praying caption….TP, u r a brilliant sod!

  16. Bob said

    I think that mirka looks GREAT!

  17. Scotty said

    Come on Bob, Mirka looks pretty sloppy. I think Fed needs to take cues from James Blake on how to snag hot, classy women. Now that guy’s a stud. GO NALBY!!!

  18. bob said

    scotty,mirka is truly a beautiful woman.Roger is a lucky man to have her.

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