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Looks like Lopez is expecting it. Feeling it?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 10, 2010


44 Responses to “Looks like Lopez is expecting it. Feeling it?”

  1. Jenny said

    Who is the other guy? Fernando?

  2. M said

    I’m happy for France, since they haven’t won since 1923, or something, but I wish the Dynamic Duo had won their match today.

    • Jenny said

      I was happy for France too, they deserved it. Felt for David, Feli and Fer. I’m afraid the glam boys left it too late to mount a challenge in doubs. Fer is just not good at the net and that would play right into Michael Llodra’s hands.

      • M said

        Your boy Llodra is even getting some U.S. press! Who says America doesn’t care about tennis? 😀

        “My legs felt heavy this morning,” Llodra told TV. “But when you wear the jersey of the France team, you can’t afford to feel sorry for yourself. Today, I felt great when serving.”

        http: // www. usatoday. com/ sports/ tennis/ 2010-07-10-davis-cup-spain-france_N. htm

      • Jenny said

        LOL I wouldn’t say he was my boy, but I do like his s/v tennis and him, his first serve and net skills were key this weekend. Thanks for the quote, M. 🙂

      • M said

        Of course you’re welcome!

        BTW, I notice more people are posting links right away on the site. Are links to articles not held in moderation anymore?
        (I notice WordPress has made some other changes, when I get comments by email.)

  3. D.S.G. said

    Did y’all see that movie a while back about a young Irishman who stowed away on a huge ship bound for New York,…the actor was Leonard Somebody and he was quite attractive. In the end he froze in the water. Did anyone see that movie? Anyone?… Anyone?

  4. BonnyBee said

    More fun in the sun….

  5. Bjornino said

    LOL TP u are the best 😀

  6. Rick said


  7. Somebody Else said

    Verdasco: “There’s no T in Y.M.C.A., you imbecile! Let me show you how to do this…”
    Lopez: “Suuuuuuuuuuupperrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”

  8. M said

    You all are funny.

  9. Jenny said

    For all the wits on this thread. Don’t they play this at the US Open?

    • M said

      LOL. They do indeed, Jenny.

      I’d put in a vote for it getting removed from the playlist this year … before some crazy fan forgets he has beer in his hand before he does the “Y” with the rest of the crowd.

      • Jenny said

        It always makes me smile when they play it.

      • M said

        It is definitely a crowd pleaser.
        Maybe the DJ can just make a suggestion that everyone put down their drinks prior to joining in the chorus. 😛

      • Jenny said

        😆 I love it when the players walk onto the court when it’s played, faces expressionless looking straight ahead! Have you noticed that, M?

      • M said

        Cracks me up, Jenny! I never mentioned it to anyone, ever, ’cause I didn’t think anyone else would notice. (Should’ve trusted you would, though – you have the magic eye!)
        Always so funny. 😛

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