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Is Spain on a roll or freaking what?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 11, 2010

Tennis World’s No. 1.

Back to back NBA champion – Pau Gasol.

World Cup champions.

European Cup champions?

Any more?


13 Responses to “Is Spain on a roll or freaking what?”

  1. Blake said

    They’ve lost the Davis Cup for this year tho 😛 Otherwise, yeah… but they’ve been doing pretty well the last few years really, especially ’08.

  2. Vikram said

    And they will potentially win the Tour de France (Alberto Contador).
    Talking of coincidences, is it not weird that Spain beats the entire world in soccer except losing to Switzerland…Is there not a resemblance to one such rivalry in tennis?

  3. M said

    Psst – TP, you included Tennis World’s #1, but left out Tennis World’s Wimbledon 2010 and Roland Garros 2010 champion?

    (And was there something about Formula One? I don’t really follow it, so I’m not sure …)

    • xeres said

      Few years back in Formula one , Fernando Alonso from Spain was the champion for two consecutive years. Right now it doesn’t look as if he’s going to win.

      There’s the Majorcan kid Jorge Lorenzo in MotoGP,he leads the championship standings as if now and looks like he’ll win this time.Last year he was runner up.

      Here’s a coincidence

      2008 : Nadal wins Wimbledon and Spain are crowned European champions

      2010 : Nadal wins at SW19 and Spain are World Champions

      • Anonymous said

        Adding to 2008: Nadal wins Olympic gold and RG in tennis.
        Carlos Sastre (Spain) wins the Tour de France.

    • Somebody Else said

      M, isn’t that included under “tennis world’s no.1” ?
      He should have done a list outline, right? 😉

      • M said

        Hee hee 😛

        I think our elite players can be Number One without being Wimbledon or RG Champion, which was my point.
        In 2008, even though Rafa won the Channel Slam, wasn’t Roger still ranked #1?

        Rafa did not become #1 until August 18 of 2008, I don’t think.

      • M said

        My *real* point being, I guess, that each of those achievements is unique and special and so should perhaps be separately acknowledged.

        (So yes, I guess you’re right! List outline next time. 😉 )

      • Somebody Else said

        Ah, yes, good point. Catching up in points is another challenge, I suppose. I think if you can manage to capture RG-WM in one summer you pretty much are no.1 for that year at least, unless maybe some other player also manages two bookend slams and then some. But Rafa’s on a roll, and I think he’s got perhaps the sharpest learning curve of any player I’ve ever seen. It’s really something to see. God, IF ONLY he had a one-handed backhand! I’d be in tennis heaven!

  4. O said

    2010 : Nadal wins at SW19 and Spain are World Champions
    >>>Same energy nutrition, unstoppable.

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