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My take on World Cup final.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 11, 2010

This was the ONLY match I watched as I expected to see the best soccer world has to offer. Instead it was the same old bore – from start to freaking finish. What a freaking total and complete waste of time – which I could have utilized more productively doing ……..ummmmmmmmmm – never mind.

-The coaches were shown sending verbal and non verbal messages. To freaking whom? You mean there are some designated players who are supposed to stare at the coach throughout the freaking match for instructions? And if that’s true, how long does it take for that brainy coaching tip to percolate down to the very last freaking player considering they are not really eating pizza around a TV screen at any given time?

-How come a player hits his ‘things protruding’ shoe into another player’s chest without even attempting to make it look as if he was going after the ball – and not get thrown out of the game? Instead he gets some colored card flagged for players tripping each other.

-And doesn’t Morgan Freeman not only look like Nelson Mandela, he actually looks a better Mandela, Mandela?

-And if soccer is not the number one sport in China and India, doesn’t that automatically disqualify it as the world’s most popular sport?

-Spain clearly looked a better team as their passes were crispier, sharper and far more intelligent. Other team was bigger in size and appeared to impose that trait more than the intricacies of the game itself.

-There were some young good looking girls in the crowd. Were they abandoned, estranged, lost all zest for life? There are far more attractive ways to commit suicide.

-I liked that ‘sportsmanship’ corner kick when the goal keeper barely grazed the ball.

-After nearly every whistle from the referee, the players crowded around him to force him to change the decision. That happened like a 100 freaking times. Shouldn’t you give that up after No. 5 if it’s having no affect?

-The referee looked more like an athlete than most of the midgets playing the game.

-And can someone freaking ‘manage’ the shameless ‘acting’ after every foul – specially knowing that people will be shown the replay to uncover the stupidity?

-And of all the years the event has been around ONLY eight countries have won the title – from Europe and South America ONLY? That should boost the ‘global’ image.

-And the fans were all in their seats watching so quietly. Is that ‘required’ for the finals only?


21 Responses to “My take on World Cup final.”

  1. Jenny said

    Sorry, footie World Cup fans, but we didn’t watch the final, okay the first 10 minutes. I know it was a massive event, it was on three of our terrestrial channels, lol we chose to watch an episode of Criminal Minds instead. Congrats to Spain though.

    • M said

      Hee hee. Jenny, you didn’t watch David’s (Argentina-winning) match against Youzhny? 😛

      • Jenny said

        I watched nearly all of that, bar the first few games, M! What do you think..ha..ha..! Thank you so much for posting the clip which I found today 🙂 Great tennis.

      • M said

        I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s so great to see David in wonderful form.
        And of course, once more he returns home a national hero. 😀

  2. ymd said

    The vuvuzelas are all gone from our lives now, right?

  3. Stella said

    I didn’t watch as I can’t stand the noise of those horns so I had the live score up on my screen as I did something else. Of course I didn’t know if the automatic refresh was working as the whole time it said 0-0

  4. Dee said

    Lowest score in a final. Esky got up at 4am to watch. School term started today!Good luck to him at school.

    • MARIE said

      I’m surprised he was able to stay awake, it almost put me to sleep by the end of the first half and that was in the afternoon in the US.

      • Dee said

        Hehe! It was all decided between Son and Dad.I was waiting to say ” I told you so” But everything went smoothly. He went to bed @ 8.45pm and I heard he was woken up at 4am as pre planned. Well this morning over a cup of tea I watched replay!

  5. O said

    In some ways it is most exciting, because it might be the only gigantic game the WHOLE freaking world come to compete, and there is no need to be a few meters tall, or a few hundred tons heavy. The winning goal that Spain scored was barely valid because of outside position. It’s unpredictable because the Dutch could as well slip through once like that. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best, and a lot of weaker nations are making much welcomed progress.

  6. Ricke said


  7. Adrian said

    I respect your opinion, TP… but given this is a TENNIS forum and given that it is likely that most people on this site are American (I’m just making that up! I have no idea!), I will just keep reading your nonsense and smile!! :)))

  8. wonderland said

    Actually football is the No. 1 sport in China (in amount of money or audience) but the national team sucks.

  9. ricky said

    That was not the best match and it was boring, yes and I don’t say that because I was for the orange but because it was disappointing,
    Sorry to have brought up the Idea of this thread, but I must say that along the way to the final, I’ve seen beautiful games, the US were great, the Germans were the best I thought and the Uruguayans excellent. I’m sure (haven’t been able to watch) the small final on saturday was better than the final, Argentina-Germany was the match, should have been the final!
    And like elsewhere a final can be disappointing, depends of the alchemy. These two teams know each other a lot, and chance is always a factor! (Spain tends to be very lucky these days)

    • Jenny said

      The Spanish community in London were certainly celebrating big time in Trafalgar Square 🙂

    • extranjera said

      I was really disappointed in the quality of the game and how dirty the Dutch were playing. That kick in the chest Alonso got (poor Xabi, he’s always getting fouled) really should have been a red.

      There have been some great games and goals as Ricky said.

      All I can say from Madrid today is oooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuccch!

  10. Bettyjane said

    Well at least it didn’t end in penalty kicks. (Why no sudden death like in hockey!!)
    Maybe tennis should start doing something equally stupid. Instead of tie-breaks, you have an ace shoot-out.

  11. D.S.G. said

    Many thanks for the World Cup thread. I LOVE the World Cup. And I LOVE the vuvuzelas. Did y’all notice there was a high proportion of Catalan names on Spain’s team? I thought the referee did a great job and I loved the way he ignored the complaints.Did you notice that after the presentation of the medals the Dutch coach removed his as he was walking away. Hissssssssss. What was that all about? I would love to have seen Ghana win. South Africa did a marvelous job of putting on the games and Africa just opened up for me. It was all wonderful.

  12. Lama said

    Don’t you know that the worst “soccer” matches are usually the final ones???!!!
    Never expect to enjoy a final soccer match, as all the players tend to be very careful and scared, every team want to score a winning goal and that’s it.

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