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Have you visited the Lion’s den lately? I’m in complete and total freaking awe.

Posted by tennisplanet on July 12, 2010

When I visit the zoo, guess where I spend 50% of the time. Check out the ‘Big Cat Diary’ on, I think, Discovery channel.

Click here.


8 Responses to “Have you visited the Lion’s den lately? I’m in complete and total freaking awe.”

  1. Jenny said

    I used to watch ‘Big Cat Diary’, I think it was originally a British production and used to be broadcast on one of our terrestrial channels, so it’s moved to Discovery? A good watch if you’re into big cats.

    • extranjera said

      On every day at teatime a few years ago. We used to be obsessed with it at work. I’ll never forget when they were focusing on the cheetahs and one of the mothers went missing, it was horrible. We were all really upset.

  2. Ricke said

    TP. My son volunteers at the San Diego Zoo and feels the same way you do. He love the lions! He is a recent college graduate looking desperately for work in the field of biology. Keep your fingers crossed for him; he is a great kid and I AM VERY PROUD OF HIM.

    • Jenny said

      My son wants to work in tiger conservation, possibly in India, he does have a degree, but just hasn’t been able to get a foot in the door, so to speak. Best wishes to your son also, Ricke.

      • Ricke said

        Same to your son too Jenny!! It’s kind of a Catch 22. They won’t hire him because of lack of experience, yet how does he get experience if no one will give him a chance? He is trying to pay his dues by volunteering, even then they rarely let him do any animal husbandry. He mainly gives information to the tourists. Very frustrating……..

      • Jenny said

        Exactly the same for my son, Ricke! At one time volunteer work with animals was easy to get, even in the domestic animal sanctuaries, few kids wanted to muck out enclosures, pens, handle raw meat, other unpleasant stuff etc., so they pounced on volunteers who were willing to do the dirty work in all weathers, even for a pittance and a meal. Today it’s a different story, as you say lack of experience etc. So now we have a situation of my son, who wants to work with wild animals, is good with them, willing to muck out, he keeps plugging away, but works casual bar to be financially independent. Let’s hope they both get there in the end.

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