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Toronto / Cincy key to winning the US Open?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 13, 2010

With Federer’s decline taking away the ‘granted’ factor for the first time at the US Open in years, ‘managing’ the back to back mandatory Masters events @ Toronto and Cincy may prove to be the determining factor in who wins the title this season. Maybe this is the time for Federer and Nadal to play smart and ‘let’ the second tier ‘threats to the US Open title’ play themselves deep into both tournaments – in extreme heat – to hold the fuel card over the competition on the big stage.

With the race on for the most Slam titles after Nadal’s win at Wimbledon, it’s time for the big two to throw these two bones to the hungry crowd chasing them in exchange for keeping the fight between them alive on the big stage. Nadal specially can use the added fuel on hard courts of New York to break the pattern he has been living with for five freaking years. Granted you need the momentum and couple of Masters titles to feel good going in but with so much at stake for both Nadal (career Slam, No. 9 and three majors in a year) and Federer (Duh!!!) on that US Open title, I wonder if both will come out with a plan other than winning both Toronto and Cincy.

I think Federer is at a point where maybe even one (definitely two) more Slam will take the wind out of Nadal’s sails as far as ‘most Slams’ is concerned. No 16 as it is seems so far-fetched even when Nadal appears unbeatable. No. 17 may just do it for Nadal to look elsewhere to gain ground on Federer. Besides, nothing like winning two Slams in a year for Federer to push back that ‘R’ word – temporarily.


4 Responses to “Toronto / Cincy key to winning the US Open?”

  1. Growltiger said

    This is what Federer has been doing for at least three years. He’s been playing in the lessor tournaments and not tanking but he doesn’t go all out as he does for the slams. To suggest that Nadal start doing that might damage tennis. Nadal didn’t play Davis Cup for Spain and Span got taken to the cleaners by France — worse record of any team. Maybe if they’d had the luxury of knowing Nadal was on the team, the pressure wouldn’t have been so great.

    Following the strategy proposed suggests that Federer and Nadal can win the US Open, however, that wasn’t the case last year in Fed’s case or in other years in Nadal’s case. There’s Murray who played beautifully in New York two years ago, Soderling who is always a danger man, Djokovic who if he can keep his head from exploding can beat anyone. Berdych is coming on strong and Isner looks very good to me. If a player isn’t determined to win a tournament, he shouldn’t enter it. It isn’t fair to the fans.

    • Jenny said

      It wasn’t Spain’s weekend in Davis Cup, it happens. Rafa couldn’t play, the Spanish team have won ties, and the DC Cup [2008] without Rafa, so there was no guarantees they would have won last weekend with him, especially on that surface which favoured France.. The Spanish guys have a strong support network within the team anyway. The French players played inspired tennis.

      • TGiT said

        You’re kidding, right?

        Tsonga did not even play and the French wiped the floor with three wins.

        Why does the surface favor France? Can we stop adjusting wins and losses by surfaces? If Fedal can win on different surfaces so can everyone else.

      • Jenny said

        Spain did win the 2008 DC Cup on a hard surface in Argentina without Rafa, the team have also won other ties on hard courts. Obviously their favoured surface is clay. With all due respect, but what has Tsonga got to do with it? He was injured, couldn’t play, but we all know he can be streaky. The surface chosen by France was very fast and favoured the big servers like Llodra and Monfils, that’s why they were chosen by the captain. The lefty Llodra in the zone can fire aces at will and is probably one of the best vollyers in the game today. Imo, I thought Verdasco could have done better, he is more of a hard court player, but again Llodra is a 3 slam champ in doubles and has won singles titles too, he and Benneteau would be the clear favourites in the doubles rubber. Ferrer has won all his singles DC rubbers bar three in the last 2 years, so he’s no slouch either. If you watched it, you would know his match with Monfils went to five, with a breaker and a 7-5, it was not a one-sided affair in straights and highly competitive and which could have gone either way, a fact borne out by the comms.

        One could argue that the Czech Rep were gonners without their top players, Berdych and Stepanek. Because of it, Chile were the favourites even without Gonzo, they had the experienced campaigner, Massu, but the Czech team still beat them.

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