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Wonder what is / will be motivating Nalbandian going forward?

Posted by tennisplanet on July 13, 2010

Is there any freaking mystery to that? Del Potro refused to take – was it less money? – at Davis Cup matches creating a rift between him and Nalbandian. That was injury. Insult came right after that lob from Federer sailed long. For rock people, Nalbandian has never won a Slam – despite reaching one final and three semifinals. Not enough? Until 2007, Nalbandian had a 8-8 H2H against Federer in his prime – on Federer’s favorite surfaces.

Del Potro, by winning the US Open, not only made Nalbandian look bad, he moved the rivalry up couple of notches. For freaks who haven’t yet transferred to the rock from the womb, both players are from the same country – hence this tension. Geeeeeeezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalbandian even took heat for his participation at Davis Cup, didn’t he? Nalbandian may be likened to Roddick in how he is now left to salvage his career by teaming up with others to corner glory – and compensate for years of heart ache on the singles tour. However, once Roddick achieved his Davis Cup colors by helping US win and by being always there for the team and the country, his singles showing did actually improve – sometimes significantly. Can Nalbandian follow that path too or just Davis Cup and maybe doubles is what he has left to make waves now?


19 Responses to “Wonder what is / will be motivating Nalbandian going forward?”

  1. Jenny said

    Don’t forget David’s career has been plagued with injury, he had a serious hip problem long before anyone knew about it. He missed out on 2009, was playing sub par before it, and has had about three injuries this year [tears] post op. As they say, talent alone won’t win matches, a player has to be fit. A fit and motivated Nalbandian can beat anyone and I wish him good health from now on. Delpo has won a slam, but Nalby leads their H2H 3-1.

    • M said

      I saw a description elsewhere of the fact that David, coming off rehab from his hip surgery, still beat Youzhny in straights despite not having played a match in competition for about three months (to paraphrase).

      As a fan of Polito’s, I hope with his own current troubles he takes a lesson from his countryman and team elder in what it seems to take to “stay the course”.

      • Jenny said

        I think Nalby has recovered fully from his hip op, M. It was other injuries that were thwarting him since then. As you know, he’s had problems since January, [unrelated to his hip], tears etc in his hamstring and I think abdo, he may have been compensating to take the strain away from his hip. As you know, he had to withdraw from a number of tourneys, including Wimbledon and the French. He beat Dani Gimeno Traver in Buenos Aires, but at the same time pulled a hamstring during that match and had to withdraw from the following match. I recall he made a special effort to play at the last minute in the lst round DC tie with Sweden in March, played doubs and also secured Argentina’s win in the final singles rubber.

        I don’t know what you think, strange that Argentina have produced so many talented players over the years and yet their health seems to let them down each time. To name but a few, Coria, Gaudio, Monaco, Acasuso, Nalby, Delpo.

      • M said

        “I don’t know what you think, strange that Argentina have produced so many talented players over the years and yet their health seems to let them down each time. To name but a few, Coria, Gaudio, Monaco, Acasuso, Nalby, Delpo.”

        I’m glad you pointed it out, Jenny, because I think it’s spooky, and I used to think it was weird that I thought that, so I wouldn’t mention it to anyone.

      • Jenny said

        It’s a weird pattern, glad you noticed it too, M. Okay, Coria lost to a countryman [Gaudio] in the 2004 French, but we all know he should have won, a case of the head deserting him and of course premature retirement due to injuries. Acasuso, talented but can barely string two matches together these days because of injury. Monaco, broken ankle, pneumonia, and more recently an injury.

  2. xeres said

    Is it just me…doesn’t Diego Forlan look like Nalby’s long lost twin ?
    Forlan was seriously into tennis before he quit to play football so that he could pay his sister’s med bills

    • Jenny said

      I can see where you’re coming from, although I don’t think Forlan is of Armenian heritage. Nalbandian’s older brother, Javier, also a coach [Schwank I believe] is dark haired, but you can see the likeness to David.

      • Bettyjane said

        My husband is of Armenian descent and has one of the two typical “noses” that’s pretty standard. David’s fairness makes me ask if his mom is another ethnicity entirely?

      • Jenny said

        Interesting, are there not blue-eyed blonds of that heritage, Bettyjane?

      • Bettyjane said

        Not in HIS family anyway. And it’s a large family. All rather swarthy-complexioned and dark eyes.

  3. Ricke said

    He is one of the best ball strikers I have ever seen. I wish him the best and hope he gets his Slam one day. Other than his serve he has more natural talent than Roddick and we all know how I feel about Andy.

    • Jenny said

      You know I have every admiration for Andy too, he has maximised and is a great competitor, a DC stalwart, and has won a slam and many titles, but I have to agree re Nalby and his talent, some of his angles are scary at times, he plays tennis chess.

      • Bettyjane said

        I agree with these remarks. I used to pull hard for David, unless he was playing Roger. But his game is very Mecir-like with those angles.

      • M said

        Tennis is chess with muscles. 😛

      • Jenny said

        And a tennis brain, no! 😛 Unfortunately, they don’t all have that crafty guile.

      • Jenny said

        I remember those early Roger/David matches, Bettyjane. Gut wrenching for die hard Fed fans, including me!

      • Bettyjane said

        Yes it was terribly unsettling to have a player have Roger’s number. By that standard alone, I guess you could say he is the GOAT.

      • M said

        Not just Roger, but Rafa as well, as both you ladies know. I’m not sure, but I think David still leads their head-to-head.

      • Jenny said

        Actually David and Rafa are 2-2, but one was a walkover to Rafa in 2009, Barcelona. Roger leads 10-8 now.

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